American Airlines - American Airlines Charges for Their Mistakes

Posted on Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 at 7:48pm CDT by 108a28b0

Product: Reservations

Company: American Airlines

Location: US

Category: Other

I received an e-mail from American telling me that they had changes four of my six flight times. I had arranged this flight about 5 months before departure date. 45 days out, they tell me that everything was changed. I called and complained and Regina said I could get a full refund. I called another airline and found satisfactory flights and called American back to get my refund. Nichole Stokley, agent, told me again that I would receive a full refund. After enduring with her for approx. 40 minutes, a supervisor (Christine Covington) interrupted our conversation to tell me that there would not be a refund since there was no more than a 90 change in plans. After a shouting match with her, she finally looked up my itenery, she saw that she had made a mistake. NO I am sorry, just a snappy retort...your refund will be processed in 5 days more or less. She refused to give me the full refund even then, so I called back and asked for another supervisor (Elizabeth Gonzales). She was kind enough to get the full refund for me. What I dealt with for 20 minutes was an arrogant, loud, lying Christine Covington. The other 55 minutes was with an employee with about 5 hours training.


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