Verizon - Failure to deliver promised $200 Gift Certificate

Posted on Friday, March 21st, 2008 at 5:22pm CDT by cca5a57c

Product: Best Buy Gift Card

Company: Verizon

Location: PO Box 29491
SHAWNEE, KS, 66201-5491, US


Category: Telecommunications

As an incentive to switch to triple play Verizon FiOs, Verizon flaunted a $200 Gift Certificate from Best Buy. It was communicated when I had installation in the month of January 2008, the 22d of which month I received a confirmation letter for the package. On February 1 I received a letter specifically discussing the Gift Card. I registered on the Internet for it on February 8.

The representatives initially told me it would come within two weeks. When it did not, they said it would come any day because it is stated in writing that the period is 2-4 weeks. After 4 weeks had passed, I called again and the rep said in reality it will take longer. I had not been told this before, certainly by not the offer. I have called twice since then. One rep told me no longer than six weeks. It is now March 21, six weeks, 42 days. The card has not even been mailed, they tell me! Disgusting! And one of the reps was frank in telling me it will be mailed by the slowest, cheapest means. Others have lied to me and said they would do what it takes to expedite it.

I am particularly disgusted because I wanted to replace a broken portable CD player before my trip to Mexico, leaving the morning of March 27. It looks virtually impossible for it to arrive by March 26. I do not particularly want anything else from Best Buy.

I recall when Verizon three times did not show up when I made appointments to switch to DSL from cable when I lived in Manhattan years ago, so I gave up. In the suburbs, I thought perhaps they had improved themselves over the years, and they did show up to do the FiOs installation, amazing. However, they have screwed up royally on their gift agreement, or perhaps they just hope people will forget about it over time and not think of complaining.

I have no customer loyalty to Verizon. What kind of company cannot even mail a scrap of paper!

I want the $200 Gift Card overnighted immediately!


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9cc6c82d, 2008-04-02, 12:03PM CDT

My story is a little different I had my bundle installed on 1/25/08 It is now 4/1/08 and I can't even get the welcome letter. Made tons of calls to Verizon they give you a BS line and make you wait forever on hold on the telephone. Promising you will get the letter but it never comes. Bunch of excuses. What are we suppose to do to get our $200 BestBuy gift card?

9cc6c82d, 2008-05-05, 06:51PM CDT

I just received my $200 BestBuy gift card today. I have no complaints about verizon other than they took so long to deliver.

9cc6c82d, 2008-05-05, 06:54PM CDT

Today 5/6/08 I received my best buy $200 gift card. Have no complaints other than they took so long.

1cbdafc5, 2008-08-08, 10:06AM CDT

Do you have a copy of this advertisement? Please forward a copy. Verizon is giving me the run around. I have not received my $200 BB or AE card. I too have called several times w/no luck. I have even reported this to the BBB and still no luck. Thanks.

681df7e8, 2008-08-11, 06:10PM CDT

I fought with Verizon for almost a year before I got my $75 gift card. I finally got a hold of someone who did a "three way" call so that they could talk to me and American Express". I did get satisfaction, but it took FOREVER! ASK FOR A VERIZON SUPERVISOR!

4a437d60, 2008-11-20, 02:47PM CST

I signed up for the triple play deal after being promised $200 in gift cards. After six months and not receiving the cards, I called them. After over a dozen phone calls I finally got one $100 gift card from them, but was told I had signed up too early and was not eligible for the other $100 gift card. (I signed up on 11/30/07 and the promotion stated that you had to sign up between 10/1/07 and 12/15/07. Don't fall victum to Verizon's lies. Its all a scam. I'm filing complaints with BBB, State Attorney General and telling every one I can about this.

ca5cfcd9, 2009-01-02, 02:17PM CST

My parents installed verizon fios in February 2008 and didnt recieve their $200 Best Buy giftcard until August 2008. some 2-4 weeks that took.. My mom was on the phone back and forth with people trying to get it. If they cant provide it within the time they say, they shouldnt advertise it. Simple as that. Amongst other verizon complaints, they have terrible customer service and do really shady things. They've got a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

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