Persian Dream Catcher Cattery - In Collusion with Bad Cat Breeder Angelia Schultz of Trinket Persians

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2008 at 3:10pm CDT by 0dc879a6

Product: selling gravely sickly kittens/cats

Company: Persian Dream Catcher Cattery

Location: 30 Forest Court
Medford, NJ, 08055, US


Category: Other

1st Complaint Against:

Breeder: Karol L Priest------------Advertises in: Terrific Cats

Cattery: Persian Dream Catcher

Address: 30 Forest Court

City: Medford, NJ 08055

Phone: 856-983-1737

Fax: 856-983-1541

Email: [email protected]

Complaintant: Public

Date: 3/11/08

Our "sources" reported that Ms Karol L. Priest is best friends with Ms Schultz of the Trinket Persian Cattery that sells very sickly & diseased persian kittens. Because of this Ms Priest is in collusion with Ms Schultz, and this interaction associates them as [working together] in collusion therefore both selling sickly and diseased kittens. Causing a great deal of financial hardship & emotional devastation to their buyers.

Our "sources" reported that Ms Priest travels from New Jeresy, to Ms Schultz's home in Georgia to find out how Ms Schultz's cattery operates. This is where Ms Karol Priest has obtained her breeding stock in her own cattery from Ms Schultz's sickly & diseased stock.

Ms Schultz breeding stock is located in the front of her garage that all the cats were outside, only to come in for kitten delivery. To read more about the Nectar & Trinket Persian cattery please visit our sister site Trinket Persian Cattery Info.

We will be following the same procedures on excately how CFA determines suspending their memebers from their privileged services, if a breeders assists in helping the suspended breeder register her kittens under another name.

If CFA finds out after their breeder has been suspended from registering their kittens with CFA and another breeder is working with that particular breeder to get that suspended breeders kittens registered, then that breeder assisting that suspeneded breeder will also be suspended from utlizing the privileged CFA services also.

So be it with Ms Priest who owns the Persian Dream Catcher Cattery. If Ms Priest can prove she has none of Angelia Schultz breeding lines in any of her cats that are used for breeding and sold to buyers, her name will be removed from this site.


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75d707df, 2008-03-21, 03:08PM CDT

If someone knows how to stop this insane

woman from making up stories and putting them on the internet, I would love to hear from them. You will notice the complaintant is "public". It really is Rose Marie Zizzo. She has been sued for slander, and libal. The cases have been won. How do you stop someone when the courts can't seem to. There must be someone out there who can help stop this woman from trying to ruin people's reputations. It is illegal! Please go to www.pedigree-catbreeders to read about this woman, whose sole purpose in life seems to be to ruin peoples lives. Ask for my references. Talk to my vet of 30 yrs. You must be careful when buying anything from the internet especially a live animal. Feel free to email me with questions or concerns.

10d6e159, 2008-06-28, 08:13PM CDT

No one has to prove anything to you Rose Marie Zizzo, kicked out of CFA for animal welfare issues of your own. You should tend to your own problems you nosy busy body! Take care of your own cats and let everyone else worry about theirs. (She has nothing better to do than make hundreds of these posts all day long, what a demented mind!)

Unfortunately for you Karol and everyone else, no one has been able to stop Zizzo, but the police are looking for her, sadly she is HIDING! Why are you hiding Ms. Zizzo if you have done nothing wrong? Why have you repeatedly lied to the court about where you live and everything else?

You got the web address wrong for the site that exposes Zizzo for what she is

the correct address is

Rose Marie Zizzo is an internet predator! Cyber-stalker, and cyber-bully, as you can readily see by all the domains she has purchased in other people's business names, the hundreds of false posts all over the internet and all the threatening harassing nasty emails she has sent, posted here on this site. We are serious in our attempt to warn you about dealing with this person. Help put an end to this kind of behavior! See the Daily News below for info on the conference in NY on cyber bullying. Write to your congressman, get the laws changed, or you could be next!

Apparently there are many different types of stalkers, as listed on this site (

Ms. Zizzo best fits the description of a "Troll"-

Troll. The Troll's purpose is to be given more credibility than (s)he deserves, and to suck people into useless, pointless, never-ending, emotionally-draining, ranting discussions full of verbal loops and "word labyrinths", playing people against each other, hurting their feelings, and wasting their time and emotional energy.

These are some of her websites,

CAT-BUYERS- BEWARE.INFO,,, (new) (another new one) where she attempts to sell her own ring worm covered cats

These sites exist in NO official capacity!

457ad06a, 2008-08-31, 04:34PM CDT

i have purchased first 2 "teacup persian cats from angelia schultz.she was on the telephone very nice and send me pics and description of the cats and told me the age .i wanted to try to breed smaller cats in my private cattery in the bahamas.when i flew to atlanta to pick up the cats -it was a quick handover,since i had to catch a return flight.back in the bahamas ,i found out that the male had ringworm and when i took him to the vet ,discovered ,he only had one testicle.i contacted mrs schultz and she claimed ignorance,but offered me a free replacement male.she told me her "mean neighbors "are forcing her to sell her cats since she is not zoned for commercial business.i even felt pitty for her since i thought how i would feel if i wold have to let go of my cats -i would rather move!!!!so,since i this time opted for shipping the cat to my home in va ,where i would then pick him up,i thought about that shipping would be the same if i got one more cat and asked what else she might have to let go off.she offered me a teacup 4 1/2 lb white persian queen and since i really needed a white female ,i said ok.on the pic she send me,the cat looked tiney but ok-not the greatest features ,but ok-and she gave me a free black /white bi-colour .

since i have received the cats last oct,angelia has not responded to any of my calls or emails.both mails as well as the white cat had ringworm already 2 times.and it keeps comming back!!!also the white cat -for which she charged me $2500 has terribly runny eyes-not visible in the orig pic,and cant gain any weight,she is skinny ,no matter what she eats .her physique frail and non persian looking.the first "teacup male with one testicle -though i did get a replacement anyhow-was told weight 5.2 lbs......yea,he was skin and he is a healthy non teacup -regular 7.5 lbs

as for ever getting any of the last 3 cats birthdates ,no i have no idea ,how old they are.

6cfd1c02, 2010-12-26, 10:17PM CST

I am not sure who you are,and where you get your sources, but you seem like a nasty person and are trying to hurt and destroy someone's business. We have the loveliest kitten from Ms. Karol from Persian Dream Catcher, who is in perfect health. In addition to that, she keeps all her beautiful cats and kitties in her home under foot with her family. Her kittens are healthy, adorable, well suited for families, given plenty of love and attention. I totally disagree with your statement and find it disgraceful on your part. Our kitten is in perfect health from or own vet. In addition to this we are long time cat/ kitten owners and are extremely impressed with her kittens and the adorable healthy kitten we adopted from her kittery.

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