Castle The Window People - Castle The Window People - Very Bad Service

Posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2008 at 1:32pm CDT by c476d609

Product: Windows

Company: Castle The Window People

Location: 109 Gaither Dr
Mt Laurel, NJ, 08054, US


Category: Other

I recently got my windows installed through Castle, the window people. Don't ever go with this company. The Sales guy comes with a very smily face and tell you all the stories that Castle Windows are great, blah.. blah...

The service is so terrible. 1/3 of the money was taken after the order was taken, 2 months go by, no communication about when the installation will be done. Windows got installed but terrible job was done to install them. Lot of parts were not the right ones. Asked to schedule other an other appointment to fix. Scheduled the appointment but the person who came didn't got all the items. So, had to schedule another appointment. This process continued for 6 months. In between, appointment scheduled but nobody showed up and called customer service and was told that no service person was available and wasn't sure who scheduled the appointment. Meanwhile, the cappings of the windows came out automatically and the insulation showed up (very awkward). Ordered half window screens and got full screens and continued to call customer service about that for 8 months and finally got a message that the manufacturer doesn't produce half screens and cannot do anything about that.

Overall, these guys tell lot of cock and bull stories and when it comes to actually delivering the windows, these guys suck. Don't ever do any business with them.


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74da15db, 2008-05-26, 10:12AM CDT

YOur comments show that you are not an honest person, 1/2 screens is the standard. It is ashame that such a forum is utilized by competitors, and dishonest people and not by those who it was intended. Goes to show that when anyone is allowed to enter and post on a site that anyone will and anyone will throw out unsubstantiated claims and be total dishonest in order to damage a companies reputation. Should be law that you have to provide proof and this site can be singled out as a big reason for necessary regulations in order to stop the abuse.

9f0bff06, 2012-08-03, 04:18PM CDT

1/2 screens are standard and my experience was amazing. I would share my experiences for calling them or having them back out but in 1.5 years I haven't had to make a call. Nice try on trying to give these guys a bad rating. I got a gift certificate for hooking my sister up with windows and a door.

7fc1a572, 2013-03-12, 04:22PM CDT

March ll, 2013

I'm having problems too. I sure wish I had read the complaints. They installed all windows but one, the picture window, they claimed the measurements were wrong. When I called the next week to ask about the picture window no one knew anthing. I'm still calling. I should had use window world

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