SIRIUS - SIRIUS Billing Issue

Posted on Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 at 5:30pm CST by 27a9b921

Product: SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Company: SIRIUS

Location: US


Category: Other

In April or May 2007 I became disgusted with

SIRIUS because of the way they had decreased

the programs I mostly listened for. I phoned

their number and spoke to a rep, stating that

I wanted to cancel my subscription right then,

instead of waiting for it to expire in June 2007. The rep stated she would change the billing to not automatically charge me again,

when the term expired. After that I received

some letters and phone calls begging me to come

back, but i threw all the mail away. In January

2008 I get a letter from their enforcement dog,

NCO Financial, that I must pay thirty-some

dollars. SIRIUS's NO-HELP desk tells me that my

account was automatically renewed and I owe money for the additional months. An email from

SIRIUS says the really sympathize with me BUT

they cannot help me now, so sorry. In other words, it's like being charged for pizzas I did

not order. That's what NO-service is like in

America: they're equiped with computers, but they cannot get simple things right. SIRIUS, I

hope you go under. Reader beware.

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96c2462b, 2008-03-12, 07:30PM CDT

Very similar situation I called NCO and told them I'm not paying. They said there going to send the bill back to sirius and they don't report SIRIUS collections to credit reporting agencies

Did you pay NCO

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