Chase Marriott Visa Credit Card - Chase Marriott Visa Credit Card cheats customer with wrong and bogus information

Posted on Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 at 11:46pm CST by 5cb6a178

Product: Chase Marriott Visa Credit Card

Company: Chase Marriott Visa Credit Card

PALATINE, IL, 60094-4014, US


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Chase Marriott Visa Credit Card provided 0% APR on balance transfer to me for 6 months. I borrowed $20,000 on 11/2007, and I paid minium payment afterwards monthly. I paid on 1/23 for Jan's payment which was 4 days' late due to my travel.

1) My first call to customer service:

On 1/23, Right after I made the late minium payment, I called the customer service to explain the late reason and asked to restore my 0% back. I was told that he would submit a request for me and there should not be any problem to restore my 0% APR back. However, he told me to call back after 1/28/08 to make sure it would still be 0% APR.

2) My 2nd phone call:

After 1/28 (forgot the actual date), I made call again, I was told there is no previous request to restore my 0% APR, but she submit the request now and there should be no problem to restore 0% APR.

3) On 2/12, chase cardmember service wrote me a letter, I did not read it till 3/2/08

In the letter, it says:

The promotional balance is still active. However, in accordance with the term associated with your account, you may lose the promotional APR as of the first day of the billing cycle in which a default occurs. If this is the case, your next billing statement will indicate that your promotional APR has changed to your standard APR.


On 02/2008 's statement, they do charge me over $260 finance charge and $39 late fee.


If I was told that I would lost my promotional APR earlier, I would pay my full balance in Jan, 2008 to avoid furture finance change, but I just know it for sure now. I just paid my balance in full since I was told the interest is 15.99% and accumulate daily.



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4b024077, 2008-05-14, 10:20AM CDT

I have also had trouble with Chase/Marriot. I applied for my card in 2007. I never received my card and had no communication from Chase. This year, I received my first statement(I presume that no statement is sent unless there is a charge) and I was billed for an annual fee. I called to make sure that I would still get my $20,000 points if I kept my account open and they sent me a card. Customer service was unsure and said I would have to contact Marriott rewards. I did contact Marriott rewards and they were unsure also. I should have cancelled my card at that time. I have been dealing with these people for two months and have incurred two late charges. Marriott and Chase need to communicate.

3a997472, 2008-06-20, 10:56AM CDT

June 20, 2008. I just received my statement with a 68.12 finance charge on a 77.39 partial payment. Called to get the charge off since I pay on time every month and got the rudest person I have ever spoke to. Told me I had an attitude and would not give me his name.

Also, he said the finance charge was partial on another bill that I DIDN'T EVEN GET YET! This is a scam and something needs to be done!

37b9d978, 2008-08-04, 02:59PM CDT

Consumer; What part of four days past due date don't you understand? By the time you reach this stage in life to have a rewards card it is your responsibility to read all the print. I have seen dozen of thes offers before, and they all are pretty adement that "miss a payment, lose the deal."

Take responsibility for you own actions and quit bitching because you F'ed up.

02f5a131, 2009-02-26, 11:29AM CST

Love Marriott/Hate Chase..I had problems with Chase before so I am closing my account...When I received my first bill they tacked on $31.oo in finances charges this was my first statement from them. It seems they charge $23.40 to balance transfer and finance charges tacked on to that no usual grace period but this was not disclosed online where I applied in the first place. I was not even informed that was accepted or if the balance transfer went through and there was no way to contact them to close the account or change the balance transfer.

I also had a bad experience when I had a no hassle airline points card from Chase. They kept changing the rules so I could not claim my reward flight miles. It was a nightmare and very much of a hassle. I will never use Chase again for any of my credit card or banking needs.

S G., 2012-11-13, 09:16AM CST

Marriott Hotels and Chase MArriott just lost a customer becuase they wouldn't waive a $25 late fee becuase I requested it be waived in August as I am trying to setup my bank autopay. Note: I am Marriott's top 20 customers that stay in hotels and have spent over $15k in 4 months with Chase Marriotts card they requested I open and I did. I told customer service you and Marriott chain of hotels just lost a customer, the response "I am sorry to hear that..."

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