Staples - DO NOT BUY STAPLES PROTECTION PLAN (Date of Purchase Coverage or Extended Service Coverage)

Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 at 5:15pm CDT by c2658527

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I purchased this Lexmark printer (X8350) on 06/14/2006 when I was living in Florida, at time of purchase I also purchaed their protection plan (or date of purchase coverage), for the first year my printer was working fine. Until Nov of 2007, my printer can't print colors any more, so I call the Staples customer service for help, and they replaced my printer with a refurb one.

The replacement printer was working fine until around March 08, 2008, the LCD screen just dead, so I call Staples for help, and this time they give me the run around thing, at the end they told me they can't help me, because my printer was replaced before, and that fulfill the warranty and the protection plan, which its not even going to end until 06/14/2008. So they CANCEL my protection plan on March 12, 2008 and for some reason they put in another request to cancel this protection plan AGAIN on March 19, 2008. So now I'm left with a printer without a screen, the reason I purchase this printer is also to use as photo printer and fax, without a screen how am I suppose to do that?



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7df86e5c, 2008-03-23, 08:13PM CDT

Sorry, but next time read the literature on what you buy- this is right there in the brochure you are given at staples when a plan is sold. ONE replacement is considered a fulfillment of your contract, and the replacement printer needs to be re-insured to be covered under warranty.

c80da5a7, 2008-06-23, 12:54AM CDT

I work for staples and in our defense... NO MATTER WHAT AND WHO you buy your warranty from or for once you use your warranty for a major repair or replacement the warranty is done... bestbuy, circuit city, office depot... EVERYBODY's plans are like this... READ THE FINE PRINT NEXT TIME... and please dont be mad at staples... not our fault... we do what everyone else does

981c733a, 2008-07-19, 07:08PM CDT

i perchaced a casdin black luxur chair for 79.99 and went on line for the rewards number #3767843067 the warranty is no good that i paid for. what in the world do i do about this i now, im going to call and e mail the bbb and make a complaint on staples. and they lost my account.

e75af1ce, 2008-08-14, 01:57PM CDT

I feel your pain on July 9, 2008 I sent my laptop in for repair. For a week I heard nothing from them. I had to call and each and everytime there was a different story. By the end of the month and 50 calls later I was told that they were looking for a replacement. A week later, I called the company because obviously communication is not a strong point, they offered to replace my system with a downgraded version and when I refused the rep seemed to have gotten upset that I didn't accept just whatever from them. I was then told that a cash card (good only for Staples) would be mailed and it would take 7-14 business days. August 1, 2008 was the day this card was supposed to have been issued. Today is the August 14, 2008 and nothing. I spoke with Staples at 1:00 pm cst and I was told that the card was returned because it did not have the correct apt number. These people verify address with every call and now they tell me they just mailed another card on August 12. Now tell me why the could not overnight the card? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE STAPLES ESP PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!

cac6d809, 2008-09-25, 04:41PM CDT

I too am a victim of StaplesESP. I would not recommend this extended warranty to anyone. It would be fair if the details of their plan are disclosed clearly before purchasing one. The fine print is not very friendly. The Staples sales associates are eager to sell these as they are most likely compensated for the sale. The sales people however do not disclose any negative information. They make the warranty sound like a bargain you can't live without. I paid $290 for the warranty on a laptop that cost $649.00 which is about 45% of the cost of the product. I purchased two laptops/warranties. If I were told the truth of the disclaimers I would be better off keeping the money and if something happened then I would have saved enough to buy another new laptop.

If they replace the product, the warranty is over. If they want they can give you a refurb, used non-oem parts or a Staples Gift Card which is worthless as the replacement costs may be higher than what you originally paid. Especially true if you got a good sale price.

To add to this, there customer service is atrocious and incompetent. They are friendly but do not follow through. I have been waiting over 2 weeks for a return box to show up for a broken laptop. Three one hour long phone calls and still can't even return it for repair. This is for my son, a college student who desparately needs it now. I could have bought a new laptop with a new factory warranty, not have to wait most likely over a month for a repair and had it right now. I paid almost $600 for grief and aggravation. I have learned my lesson. I hope this comment helps someone save themselves the grief.

BUYER BEWARE!!! Save your money and time. DO NOT PURCHASE A STAPLES ESP.

53ff2381, 2008-11-07, 11:12AM CST

i purchased one too and it says on the protection plan that it gives u one full replacement and that is the fulfillment of your warranty. i only paid like 29 bucks for my warranty on a 200 printer so i knew they wouldn't just keep replacing it. thats common sense, not to be rude but they gave u another printer that you used for another whole year. just think without the plan you would have been spending the price for a new printer instead of the little money you paid for the plan. don't take it out on staples, they saved u the price of buying a new printer. be mad at lexmark for their product and their rising ink prices.

1bb61c16, 2009-10-12, 11:42PM CDT

I got the same thing for my printer today. It says clearly on the first page of the brochure, "ONE-TIME REPLACEMENT IF PRODUCT CAN NOT BE REPAIRED."


4937f4ed, 2010-03-09, 03:57PM CST

When I bought my computer in July 2006, I also purchased a 3-year extended warranty from Staples. At six months the computer crashed giving me only a blue screen and high pitched whine. I called the local Staples and was told that THEIR warranty began when the manufacturer's warranty ended and they wouldn't even look at it. The 800 number customer service told me the same thing and I had to return the computer to HP for service. Now it has developed another problem and I'm being told that their warranty began on date of purchase--exactly the opposite of what they said originally. So the extended warranty isn't one. And they managed not to honor it when it was supposed to be in service. Either way you look at it, they had to be lying either the first time or they are lying now. (NOW it says on their site that the warranty starts with purchase date--it didn't in 2007.) Anyway, Staples has lost my business.

801c502c, 2010-03-18, 10:17AM CDT

I bought Epson Stylus NX415 printer on the 3- 17- 2010 for 2years plan.


40aa64cc, 2010-04-15, 05:19PM CDT

What more do you want? They replaced the one that broke... So you expected a service that replaces your printer as often as necessary for 3 years? Your crazy man.

26058581, 2010-11-01, 02:15AM CDT

4 years of coverage isn't available on any printer at staples. Also, you're an idiot.

384a4241, 2010-11-02, 12:01AM CDT

I work for Staples. The contract clearly says that replacement satisfies the agreement. You can however purchase another plan on the replacement printer. Pretty much standard for service plans.

Linda, 2014-08-08, 12:04PM CDT

I bought my granddaughter a Kindle Fire HD in Oct 2012, and also purchased a 2 yr accident warranty. April 2014 she spilled water on it. I called the Staples number on warranty plan, she gave me a claim number, and told me to go online to get the UPS label to send in. I sent it in and two days later got a Staples gift card for full price to purchase a new Kindle. I am very happy with Staples replacement plan. I also purchased a two year warranty for the new one.

Sally P., 2014-07-21, 07:18PM CDT

I have to agree.. Staples and the product replacement plan really sucks! I recommend you not get it! I got it for my nook and it broke in one year so I called to try and get it replaced. At the store I was told I didn't need to mail it out and it would just be replaced by gift card. When I call they tell me that I have to send it back and use this reference number they gave me in order to get a label but I have to provide my own box out of pocket. Finally I go to try and do as they told me and it didn't work so they gave me a second reference number that didn't work again! Then they call me to tell me that my gift card has already been used. Then I call back and they tell me that they put it under someone else's plan and have to restart the whole process again but at this point a month has gone by. They really do suck and it is no longer 24 hours and none of them speak english! Save yourself the trouble, you will end up having to pay the price with your time!

Linda, 2014-08-08, 12:08PM CDT

I purchased a Kindle Fire HD for my granddaughter with the 2 yr. plan in 2012. After 1.5 yrs she spilled water on it. I got out the warranty info, followed directions to call, I received a reference number to ship defective one back along with shipping label, and received gift card for price of a new one just two days after I returned defective. I purchased new warranty plan for replacement also, and recommend the plan.

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