Microsoft - Microsoft Using Virus to Destroy Users Data

Posted on Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at 6:59pm CDT by 33c50c5c

Product: Microsoft Vista Operating System

Company: Microsoft

Location: Redmond, WA, US


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This is my opinion based on my personal experiences and professional IT knowledge. I do not present this comment as factual information and do not intend it to be construed as such. (Yes, I love my freedom of speech)

I upgraded to Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I was greatly dissatisfied with the product so I uninstalled back to Windows XP. Immediately after the uninstall and reinstall of XP, I ran Windows Update to bring XP back up to date. After the updates were downloaded and installed I received an error message that read something to the effect that a file called "csrss.exe" was in the wrong directory and needed to be moved to the correct directory for proper operation of the windows operating system. Being the computer nerd that I am I did a quick search and found the file in another windows sub-directory and moved it to the system32 directory. Instantly after the file move I received the blue screen of death and my pc crashed. The pc would not boot up again, and I eventually discovered that the partitions on two internal hard drives and an external hard drive containing my backup files, were deleted/destroyed and there was no way possible to retrieve the data on the hard drives. As a result I lost over $500,000 worth of photographic and documented evidence in several civil and criminal cases I have been investigating. I have been certified in every Microsoft operating system since MS-DOS and Windows 3.1, and I have nearly 30 years experience in the IT field, so I am very familiar with viruses and their effects, and this virus was definitely received in an automatic update from I suspect that Microsoft uses this file to verify whether a pc still has Vista on it and/or if Vista has been deleted. Repeated calls and email contacts to Microsoft have resulted in nothing but excuses and unreturned messages. I cannot believe that Microsoft management and/or programming engineers are not aware of this issue. In fact I believe that they are doing this intentionally to sabotage people who dump their latest crappy operating system. How does a business stay in operation and make a profit when they release nothing but inferior products that require repeated repairs? That's why Microsoft uses automatic updates, because they have to repeatedly repair the flaws and security breaches in their software products. If I sold nothing but crap to my customers I'm sure I wouldn't be in business very long.

I would be very interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this type of issue, please feel free to contact me. Maybe we can put together a class-action lawsuit and initiate a Federal Trade Commission investigation against Microsoft.


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6991193a, 2008-05-08, 12:07AM CDT

You definitely do not have 30 years of experience of you believe this was distributed by Microsoft. There is no way Windows XP installation or Windows Vista installation would place that OS file in the wrong directory. And as an IT professional you should know that you should ALWAYS backup your data before performing such an operating, and that it is ALWAYS BEST PRACTICE to do a clean install of operating systems, not upgrades.

Only a rookie would do an upgrade install of one version of Windows to another. Even Microsoft admits this causes some problems. A clean format & install is the only way to go. I am certified by Microsoft on all current operating systems (XP, Vista, Server 2003).

If you read ANY EULA from Microsoft, they aren't responsible for ANYTHING. For such a legal man you sure don't seem to know what you are agreeing to.

It may have been a virus, but it was not from Microsoft.

The only way that all of the backup data on your 2nd hard drive and backup external was destroyed is if a program wrote 1's and 0's over it about 7 times.

If it was worth 500,000 dollars, I would have paid 10 grand and took it to one of those data recovery specialist that take all of the platers out of the hard drives and load them into special machines and recover data.

3b7e39cb, 2008-05-24, 09:58PM CDT

It is still possible in most cases to recover your photos. Buy an external hard disk, open it up and remove the connectors and attach them to your pc disk once you take it out. Go to another computer and connect to a USB port. This only works if the connectors are the same type.

671bf84c, 2008-05-25, 07:12PM CDT

csrss.exe is known to crash and will crash the PC

d3f79761, 2009-12-03, 09:54PM CST

If you are so smart then why don't you back up! What an idiot!

Are you saying you had $500,000 data and no backup? What if the hard drive failed?

Who are you kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

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