Earthlink - Earthlink Customer Service (an oxymoron)

Posted on Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at 3:26pm CDT by 51d6cc3a

Product: Eartthlink MyVoice VOIP phone service

Company: Earthlink

Location: 1375 Peachtree Street, Level A
ATLANTA, GA, 30309, US


Category: Internet Services

This company's "customer service" is a laugh. I have been a customer for nearly 10 years. About 2 weeks ago, a lightning strike on my neighbor's house killed everything electronic they had. It affected only one thing of Earthlink-assigned VOIP adapter. When I got to it, it was hot to the point of being molten. I contacted Earthlink, beginning with online chat. After speaking with seven different people, they agreed to send me a replacement. A week later, I had not received it. In followup, I began with a chat (I couldn't call them except via cell because I had no home phone). The chat rep informed me that my order had been canceled. He elevated me to another level...and a special phone # he provided. After speaking with three more people, I was told that yes, the order had been canceled on their end and that they would NOT provide a replacement. They had not contacted me at all. The final person I spoke with refused to let me speak with her supervisor. As a result, I gave up. I switched my cable phone service to Vonage. I paid $19.95 for the service, But Vonage had their complete welcome package and VOIP adapter on my doorstep in two days. Now after being without my home phone for nearly two weeks (which means I also had no 911 service), I have service once again...not from Earthlink, but from a competitor. Want to hear an ironic twist? Yesterday I had an e-mail from someone at Earthlink who had read one of my "feedbacks" from a survey you send in after contacting them. This person indicated that he wanted to "talk" with me about the troubles I'd had and try and resolve things. Only problem was, he had tried to reach me by phone repeatedly and had been unable to get through. Well, duh!


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