Asko Appliances Inc. - unable to repair

Posted on Friday, March 14th, 2008 at 3:21pm CDT by 804a8e4a

Product: asko washer 6461

Company: Asko Appliances Inc.

Location: P O box 851805
Richardson, Tx, 75085-1805, US

Category: Other

This unit has had several service calls under warranty, for failing to pump out,burned wiring, circuit board failures.Currently the 4th service call for the same problem, without getting it repaired.The Asko service tech has replaced all the electronics TWICE per Asko requirements.This machine has been down for 5 weeks.Today the Asko tech replaced every eletronic component again,per Lee Dietz,regional service manager,orders.Mr. Dietz also told their tech to replace the washer if this still did not fix it.Guess what? Still no go!No one at Asko will talk to me and only about half the time to the tech.Mr. Dietz never answers his phone and customer service says he has to sign off on the replacement.The process will take at least 10 days.Their tech recommended they replace it long ago.So by the time we get a functioning washer we will be at nearly 2 months without a washer if everything goes the way they say it will.That will be the first time Asko ever kept their word.With all the other failures we have had on this unit we have been unable to use this washer for almost 4 months since we owned them. Asko customer service is lip service.Asko is overpriced and the most finicky machines I ever owned.Asko machines are no better than any other that I have owned and inferior to many I owned.Performance is lack luster and as long as it takes to run a cycle,I don't see how they can save energy.I welcome any Asko rep or tech to contact me about this washer,but they can't because won't answer the phone to find out who I am.Well back to the laundra-mat with my bag of quarters.


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