National Yellow Pages Online - National Yellow Pages Online - SCAMMING CUSTOMERS OVER THE PHONE

Posted on Friday, March 14th, 2008 at 11:41pm CDT by 33e657cb

Product: National online listing

Company: National Yellow Pages Online

Location: 43410 North Kilbourne Rd, Suite 183
RUSSELL, IL, 60075, US

Category: Unauthorized Charges

On March 13, 2008, I received a rude phone call from a representative named Gordie (phone: 866-270-6697 ext 601) demanding payment on an invoice. I asked him what he was referring to and he said that he was calling from National Yellow Pages. He needed a fax number and would fax the invoice. I told him that I had never received any invoice from National Yellow Pages and I didn't know what he was referring to.

After a long sigh, he said that I had purchased an ad in National Yellow Pages and it had been running since 02-14-08. I asked him if this was a joke. He became quite angry and said No, it was not a joke. I asked him to just cancel the order and I was certain there had not been such an order placed anyway. He continued in his rude manner, and informed me that this order could not be cancelled. So I told him to fax a copy of the invoice to me and to put a number of someone higher than him on there as I would need to get this straightened out.

I did receive the invoice via fax, with of course no number to contact any superior. But I question why I get a phone call one month from this alleged purchase with an extremely angry man on the other line. Why didnt I receive any notification prior to this phone call.

I remembered speaking with National Yellow Pages and found my notes from 02-14-08 when I spoke with a Valerie at National Yellow Pages and then a Shannon. On my note, I have Shannon's phone number ( 866-270-6697) and I have where he works in Quality Control. When I had orignally

spoken to Valerie (the one who made the cold phone call), she quoted me a price of $389.00 for a national listing ad and told me that she would mail out information for us to review prior to this purchase (after I asked her for information to review-it was not originally offered). I had already told her that we only have ONE location and we are local, so we didn't need to be included in the National Listing. However, she continued to talk to me about putting our business in the listing - so because she had told me that I could review documents prior to purchasing, I was ok with everything.

She then transferred me to Shannon in Quality Control. He talked about the listing and gave me a reference number. I did not authorize a purchase, though I did tell both Shannon & Valerie that I was authorized to make purchases for this business.

Today Gordie called back - he spoke with the owner of our company. He played back the recording of my conversation with Shannon. During the recording, Shannon's explanation of the fact that I was in fact authorizing a purchase was crystal clear the first time, which right off makes me truly believe that this tape has been tampered with. Because right after he says that, you hear me ask him to repeat himself. This is because I could not understand a word he said - he was WAY too quiet.

He does repeat himself and on the tape I say yes. I feel completely and utterly scammed. Because I was told that I would be able to review this information PRIOR to purchasing it. And I was lied to.

Interesting how the only recorded conversation is the one between myself & Shannon - but there is no record for when Valerie tells me, after I asked her, that she will send out documents to review before I have to make any decisions.

I checked the mail for weeks, and because I never received anything, I figured that the initial call was a scam and nothing would happen.

I am so disturbed by the whole ordeal, I don't know what to do. When I try to even look National Yellow Pages Online up on the internet, nothing even shows.

How can I trust this?

The owner has since paid for this listing by credit card over the phone with Gordie.

I think this is absurd. I know how businesses run. And when something like this happens, you write it off. Therefore, I am asking for a refund in full and I am contacting the Better Business Bureau. Something needs to be done to people who think that they can make cold phone calls and charge people's accounts.

The truth is...the more I think about what happened during this telephone call...the more I remember telling Shannon that I did NOT want to make a purchase at this time.....

I have NO doubt that my tape was edited so that it could make National Yellow Pages Online look "legitimate".


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e5ec9b31, 2008-04-03, 03:39PM CDT

This client has been repremanded by her boss (owner) of business for overstepping her boundaries of authority to advertise her company with our firm. She is trying to save face with her boss by slandering our company in the process. IN NO WAY DID WE EDIT HER RECORDING REPRESENTING HER ACCEPTING ADVERTISING FROM OUR FIRM. Her boss/owner of their firm paid us a lesser amount becuase she claimed she was a small business and could not afford the commercial rate.

By keeping this posting online without first contacting our company for our position is inviting a civil suit against "" for slander.

We suggest you govern yourselves accordingly.

6839a073, 2008-05-08, 11:29AM CDT

The EXACT same thing happened to me. I am so aware of flim flam people that there is no way that I agreed to the things they said I agreed to on the recording. I own the company, so at least I had the option to tell them to shove it and not pay it. I tried to cancel it at first and got the same angry phone call. To top it all off I can't even find the web page.

e8e78cf2, 2008-09-17, 11:44AM CDT

I work at a software company in NJ and I did get the same call. when they called again and confront me with the tape I realized that they cut off part of it (the Part I said I am not purcahsing and paying anything). I Then told him over the phone that this was a scam and a good one and told him that I will report them to the business bureau.

He had the nerve to call back and say that we will hear from their legal department. when i aksed him to give me his company's address he hang up the phone.

cc2cf822, 2008-09-24, 10:22PM CDT

I've recently ran into this same problem. I was an admin asst. for a company in Nov. '07, and got a call asking me to confirm with yes/no answers our address, phone number, etc, in order to update an existing listing. At no point did they ask if I was authorized to make an order, or if I wanted to. After receiving an invoice, my manager threw it away, and proceeded to berate the collections people who called (from the NYPO). Today I got a call from one of them claiming he was going to send the entire matter to court, and I could be summoned to Illinois, and that if the case went to court we would owe over $2,000 - but that if we paid by credit card over the phone before 5, it would only be 452 and some change - and then he said "but forget the change." Excuse me? Since when is a legitimate business allowed to forget the change on a legitimate invoice? A manager returned their call and they played a recording of me answering yes to the questions "Are you authorized to purchase this ad?" and "Do you want to spend $389 for this ad?".

It just boggles my mind that these people are able to go home at night feeling good about what they do with their lives.

8daba431, 2008-11-11, 12:15PM CST

National Yellow Pages Online tried to pull a fast one on me too. I told the "accounts receivable" person that I would not pay, that it was fraud, and that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau. He asked if I was threatening him. I did file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and NYPO never responded. BBB suggested that I contact the small claims court in Chicago, where the business is located. I called them and they were noted interested in doing anything unless I wanted to sue them. I have not heard from NYPO since. Good luck.

95d8f862, 2008-11-20, 10:04PM CST

I went through the same thing last year and they have been calling to collect the money... yes $389.00... if you go to and submit a complaint that this company conducts fraudulent sales and unethical practices. I have done it and you can do to help this company go away.

bd81e373, 2009-01-07, 02:23PM CST

I was just contacted again by national online pages regarding an alledged invoice that I never authorized. Rather than go into a long story, I contacted the FCC and made a formal complaint. They advised me to contact an agency that works directly with the FBI - INTERNET CRIME COMPLAINT - IC3.GOV. Be persistant with the FCC as they only represent the consumer but will look into some issues which the rep suggested that this was one such issue. I was also told to contact my local BBB, PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION AND THE FCC.I am now going to call NOP and advise them of what I have done. Good luck. SLR, Delaware.

a08b3951, 2009-01-15, 02:34PM CST

My company was contacted during the beginning of November 2008. Fortunately, I work for a government operated office and told them if they want their money, they have to go through the city. We have received a few calls since then, one time being today (1/15/09).

Since I was the one who supposedly "authorized" the sale in the first place, they played me the recording (far too choppy for a landline call), and there were several parts of the recording missing. As I knew of the scam after the inital call in November, I let them know I knew how they operated business. The person on the other end said they were being misrepresented and no longer did business with that company. In rebuttal, I said then that makes whatever contract null and void, but the person kept pressuring me, even threatening legal action against me personally. After a few minutes of arguing defiantly and being downright cocky, bringing up a countersuit for harassment, the person hung up on me mid-sentence.

Hopefully since I work for a government operated entity, there might be more liablity in their regard and it will help shut them down eventually. From what I have read through various consumer report sites, they do not present legitimate lawsuits against anyone, so do not worry in that respect. They have been barred from doing "business" in Canada. I can only imagine America is next on that list.

410ddd93, 2009-01-27, 10:55AM CST

I just got off the phone with a Steve MacDonald from National Yellow Pages online. I paid, by credit card, 389.99!!!

In October, 2007 one of my employees supposedly excepted this service. We all know she was slammed. She is a graduate of Villanova, on a full scholarship, and is working on her PHD.

I never responded or even opened the bills because I never ordered this service. They sent it to a debt collection agency. The bill was now at $587.33. I called the debt recovery company and they had me listen to the tape. They also told me that the online yellow pages are "a dime a dozen". I asked for the phone number to Nat'l Yellow Pages Online. That is how I reached Steve MacDonald. I asked him what their web address is:


Someone needs to stop these illegal authorizations. It is hard enough to stay in business. I

c25c22ce, 2009-01-28, 11:56AM CST

I also was scammed by this company and paid an invoice for $443.99 with our business credit card. Does anyone know if I can somehow retrieve our money we paid to these scammers? Please respond if anyone out there has any advice. Thank you

994663c5, 2009-02-19, 10:47AM CST

Same deal hear too. We have spoken with the company twice now. The first time we called them as one of our stores had received a bill that they faxed over to us.

Essentially the person that contacted one of our store misrepresented themselves as one of our vendor and asked our assistant manager to verify some information. Once this information was verified our store shortly after received a bill which that fax over to us at our corporate office.

The individual they had verify the information they need to bill us was not someone that is authorized to make advertising purchases, when we contact National Yellow Pages Online we explained this to them. They proceeded to play a tape of the conversation they had with our store's assistant manager.

The tape that was played for us was scratchy sounding and didn't flow well. We have no doubt this tape was edited in one way or another. We explained to the lady we spoke to that the tape was difficult to hear and that we had dealt with similar companies in the past. We flat out told the representative that this seemed like a scam and the rep hung up the phone.

Once this took place we contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They attempted to contacted National Yellow Pages Online 3 time and there was no response.

National Yellow Pages Online contacted us again yesterday. We explain once again that we were not going to pay this bill based on the previous conversation we had with them and their inability to respond to the BBB. The rep that contacted us this time attempted to us confusing jargon, but we continued to refused. We explained to them that we had attempted to search them online and was unable to find a legitimate website. They denied over and over again that the BBB had contacted them and that they were anything less then legitimate. We asked for an address that gave us a P.O. BOX. We demanded a physical address, they couldn't provide one. Over and over again they attempt to change the focus of the conversation. Finally they told us our advertisement would soon be renewed and we would owe double and then hung up.

This company is a SCAM!

80cbd88c, 2009-03-02, 02:37PM CST

There are a few of these 'National' internet marketing companies out there scamming businesses. Report these people to the Better Business Bureau and more importantly at -- they need to be shut down and prosecuted. Whatever you do, DO NOT pay these bastards!

65c3f319, 2009-06-18, 07:15PM CDT

I just got a call from Tom Davis a few minutes ago. He asked for my name and fax #. He also asked for a credit card # because according to him; our office owes them $589 for an online ad that ran 3/08 until 6/09. He said we actually got 3 months ad free. $589 has to be paid today and that I should sign the fax that he's going to send me today. If not paid today; our ad online will automatically renew and we will be charged again. I asked him who authorized and who signed this contract. This man said it was me and it was in audio and it is a valid contract. I went online right away while talking to him and saw all these complaints. I hung up on him right away.

7fe44c3c, 2009-07-30, 05:21PM CDT

The same thing just happened to me. I never signed up for any advertising with them and they say that I did. They say they have a voice recording of my approval that they will not play for me unless we go to court. He also told me I was being "abusive" towards him when I refused to agree to pay for something that I did not order. How did this problem work out with you?

6658c429, 2009-08-12, 04:24PM CDT

I receive several of these calls each year at the business I work for. I know they are all scams because I know who we advertise with.

Do what I did, tell them you would like a number to contact them at. I did and the representative, Jason Baker, which I am sure is a made up name, said "I don't have a number I can give you."

So, I in turn asked him how a company can not have a phone number for their supposed customers to reach them at. He told me he'd have their legal department call me. I told him I had nothing to say to his legal department.

Eventually, I got frustrated and just told him to "fuck right off." At this point, he was getting frustrated because he knew I was not a dummy who would buy into his bs...

I hung up on him and he called back. He told me he had a customer service number. I told him I had nothing to say to customer service. He replied, I will need to have my legal department call you. I assume this was his way of trying to intimidate me.

I told him I am gonna tell them the same thing I am telling you, "fuck off, I got work to do." He hung up and that was the end of it..

I am now going to send a letter of complaint to the Connecticut Attorney General. The number they called me from is (203) 681-9554.

d0e10880, 2009-08-27, 04:11PM CDT

What they do is play something different in the background than what they are asking you for. That's the part they record. When I asked the lady to be quiet and let me listen to the recording, she played it again and interrupted it before the payment part. I asked her to stay quiet and let me listen to the whole thing, and she said "one moment" and hung up. It was a close one. That is an unbelievable way to make money, even in this economy.

e6982056, 2009-10-22, 03:06PM CDT

I just got a similar phone call with a similar recording of my voice and a faxed invoice, with heading of Buisness Info Solutions and an address that googled as an Atlas Gear Co in MI. I'm calling the Better Business Bureau now. If anyone can help please contact me.

bff791b2, 2009-11-30, 02:49PM CST

So, I worked for this scam company in the spring of 2009. They are actually based in Montreal Canada, they use fake names(even I didnt know their real names) and yes, everything is a complete scam. But man alot of people actually pay...scary actually...I worked there for 2 weeks before realizing how bad it actually was...and people in Hawaii are especially susceptible to this scam, and actually pay more than anyone else. I have a license plate somewhere at home of the female who runs the op. If anyone is interested in it, Ill try to dig it up for you. as a little insight. the company DRS or Debt Recovery Services is in fact the same Org as National yellow after screwing you the first time, they get the same person Now a rep for DRS not Yellow pages will can and say they have to send this to the credit bureau if you dont pay... I dont know what else to say, but...sorry for being a horrible human being for 2 weeks. My penance is that Im trying to scour the internet and post this message everywhere that the scam info is. As far as I can see. there is no real way to stop this from happening, while in america. it is a canadian bred scam. the woman that manages it, does that only. there were several men who would come in every second day to check up on things etc. they were the ones who really ran it, but I didnt try to get too much info beyond that, cause these guys dont look to friendly. anyhow. get in touch if you have other questions, ill try to help out

d5d9a13d, 2009-11-30, 04:36PM CST

Today I received a call from NYPO and talked to a Steven Walker 1877 550 1754

and he said that we owed them close to 600.00 services we supposedly started in July 09. I told him that I have never signed up for this and that he needed to fax me the invoice so I could take to my fiscal department to figure this out. He was extremely rude (but I was too heheh) as I knew he was wrong.

He did have my address, phone and fax but he had the name of our old Director who has been gone for over a year. Again, he said he would fax the invoice and I have yet to receive it. I called back to see what the hold up was and I got a lady who talked very quiet and was clueless. She asked who I talked to and she said that he was on the phone at the moment and took my information. I told her to tell him that he needed to fax my supposed invoice now...she said she would and of never came. Thank God I didn't pay anything and I for one won't because I saw these complaints right away when I did my research on the company. Thank you!!

4fb38c67, 2010-01-08, 11:32PM CST

It is important to understand that the caller may misrepresent himself as the employee of a legitimate company such as and

I got such a call today. An individual identifying himself as "Mike Adams" said he was calling from to update my free listing. When I told his "quality control" supervisor Frank that I could not find my business on, he said that Mike had been mistaken because he was a new employee, and he had really called from (I could not find my business there either, but Frank assured me that I had a free listing that needed to be updated.) Frank was pretty smooth about lying for Mike, and he didn't seem to get upset when I said I couldn't find the listing he was talking about (which should have told him that I smelled a rat). It is clear that they lied about working for either company.

Somebody may be doing the same with National Yellow Pages; the Web page of National Yellow Pages Direct says, "National Yellow Pages Direct does not employ the services of collections agencies, nor do we send invoices for individual directories. Should you be inquiring as to the nature of a "collections contact," we are not the company which you are seeking. Any suspected scam or fraudulent business practice should be reported to Consumer Affairs within the office of your state's Attorney General."

I reported this incident to, and they are well aware of the misuse of their identity by these scammers.

I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice, but I think "wire" includes telephone, and it is heap bad medicine to use "wire" communications to perpetrate any kind of fraud across state lines. These people (or others like them) harass me on an almost daily basis even though I have told them to never call me again (and in violation of Do Not Call in the bargain) and I would like to have law enforcement come down on them like a ton of bricks.

If I ever find out where they are located, I will turn them in to law enforcement on the spot. If they ever send me a "bill" via the U.S. Mail, I will turn it over to the U.S. Postal Inspector because it is also heap bad medicine to use the U.S. Mail to perpetrate any kind of scam. If they are sending people bills as described here, they can be found. If they are in Canada, I am confident that the RCMP will cooperate with the Feds to deal with them.

ebaec138, 2012-01-27, 12:45PM CST

Bogus company calls me every friday demanding money and requesting a credit card payment or send him a check payment to some POBOX. I automatically this is a BS company when i requested his address , not affilated with a PObox his phone # and Tax ID#. THen he studdered and stayed silent for a while. THen i told him what happend your tongue is tied. If your a ligitamate company you must have a TAX# . Then i told its better to get a real job and stop trying to rob pple for there money.. I told him i would hang him by his balls if he keeps harrassing me. DOnt be fooled people. Watch yourselves , People out there actually will send this guy a check or give him there credit card info.

8247d2bc, 2012-02-01, 10:48AM CST

It has happened to my business twice now. We never paid them even though I heard the tape of one of my employees, but I knew it was fake and he had no authority to make the decision anyways. We never paid them and when they called us for the 100th time, I finally asked for their address so my attorney could contact them. We did not hear from them again. I believe I also told them I was going to contact the BBB.

They have just started contacting me again recently and want close to $1000! I faxed them back telling them it was a scam and I know it so stop contacting us. They still call every few days but now I just hang up. I filed with the ftc but have not heard anything.

64073f3b, 2012-06-29, 11:15AM CDT

This is a pretty common scam they've been using for years. Don't bother reporting them to the BBB, as they're not a legit business and don't care if they have a bad grade.

Report them to the FTC and your local district attorney, and don't respond to anything they say/send you. When they call, hang up without saying anything. When they fax something, just throw it away. As long as you respond, they're going to keep after you in the hoeps they can sucker you in to paying.

These people are completely bogus. Don't pay them a cent.

Heather A., 2013-02-20, 04:03PM CST

The exact same thing happened to us, except it happened three years in a row. We fell for it the first time and paid... complained to them the second time they called, but when they went to threaten us to collections and showed us a voice recording of an employee that had recently left our business; we paid again. The third time.... they used a recording of the same employee that had not been with us in over two years!!!! It was the same recording they used the first and second time! We feel like fools for falling for it twice, but this company is a SCAM! Be careful, they DO mess with recording your voice! Be careful with ANYTHING you say to them because they will change it.

Parmoth O., 2014-06-11, 10:17AM CDT

My Daughter Sent In A Form It Asked The Normal Information Such As Address, #, Categor, Etc... NoWhere On The Front Of The Form Did It Say It Was Something Other Than Yellow Page Information. When I Was First Shown The Form I Also Believed It To Be theYellow Pages.

Two Days From The Time That My Daughter Sent Off The Form I Realized That It Had Terms And Conditions On The Back. (Receiving 5 Forms In 1 Months Time, I Had A few Extras To Go Over.)

I Saw On The Back That It Was Actually A Web Site Charging 298.00 For A 6 Month Listing. I Spoke To A Representative Who Explained The Services To Me, I Then Said That At $298.00 I Found It A BIt much So I Told Her That I Did NOT Want To Use Their Service, She Simply Said Ok, And Thanked Me For My Time.

Needless To Say When They Receive Misleading Form, I Was Still Published On Their Web Page.In There Own Terms On The Back Of The Form It Says"Changes Can Be Made In Writing Or Phone Call)

That All Took Place In April, Last Week (1St Week Of June) I Received A "Past Due Invoice" For $327.80!!!!!!

After I Call Thinking Everything will Be Taken Care Of Im Told Tough Crap Basically And I Won't Be Charged For The Following 6 Months? What?

If The Service Was Canceled Before Request Was Even Received How Can They Possibly Charge Me For It?????

With The Form Not Stating ANYTHING About A Web Service.

I Call FRAUD!!!

I Wonder What's Gonna Happen When I Don't Pay? There's No Way That I'm Paying For A Service That Was Canceled Before It Began!!!

paula z., 2015-07-20, 11:43AM CDT

I accidentally filed their form, because it listed wrong info on the form, and I tried to correct it. I remembered that it said "This is not a bill", totally misleading.

In about a week. We received the invoice. I do not think I order anything from them. I called and asked for cancellation, the guy told me I still have to pay $329, otherwise they will have people chasing the fee from me.

They are !00000% shameless cheater.

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