Toyota Corporation - Toyota President Condones Defaming Italian Americans

Posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2008 at 6:52pm CDT by 526e283a

Company: Toyota Corporation

Location: 19001 South Western Avenue
Torrance, Ca, 90501, US

Category: Other

While at Halterman Toyota Dealer in East Stroudsburg, PA,I was concluding the sales transaction and to finalize it I had to go to my car for the title.

Walking to the car, a "gentleman", who I found out to be a Toyota Dealer Executive was standing with two Halterman employees. I overheard several derogatory remarks directed toward Italians. I stood there and continued to listen to the multitude of defamatory remarks.

I proceeded to ask him why he disliked Italian-Americans. He replied that he likes Italians. I asked him why he was making such outrageous remarks. He replied that he was telling a joke. He later said that he was speaking of a co-worker.

I wrote to the President of Toyota, Fujio Cho three times asking for an apology. He never replied. My state representative Mario Scavello also wrote to him requesting an apology on behalf of Toyota.

The only response I received from Toyota was from a young lady who called me to inquire about my letters. She initially said that Toyota had ho record of my letters until I reminded her that my letters were sent certified mail. She offered a luke-warm, obligatory apology.

I only wanted an apology from the President of Toyota, after all, the buck stops with him.

I went to a lawyer to file a defamation suit on behalf of Italian Americans. All proceeds were going to be donated to the SPCA'S in the areas. But, it would have cost me over $7,000. for legal fees, depositions etc. and I don't have that kind of cash.

I also wrote to the Toyota Anti-Discrimination Committee, which is a corporate group to act as a watchdog for discrimination within Toyota. They never replied.

So if you are Italian-American looking to purchase a Toyota vehicle, ask the manager at the dealer what Toyota's position is about defaming Italian-Americans.


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