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Posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2008 at 3:40pm CDT by af85c936

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My name is Toni Regan and this is my story about purchasing a puppy from a pet store. I totally admit, I should have done some research about this store & the breeders they use. But, my heart lead the way and I have to say at least Giz is in a loving home.

Our family purchased Gizmo, an adorable Chinapoo (Japanese Chin, Poodle Mix) in March of 2007. Our son was an employee of All Pets Club in Branford, CT. This little puppy attached himself to our son quickly, we believe he chose us rather than us choosing him. We weren't able to bring him home right away because he had kennel cough so he spent about an extra week in the store, as they had to wait for the next visit from their vet to give him a clean bill of health. When we did bring him home he still had kennel cough which our other small dog caught as well. Both were treated and cured. Soon after our son gave up his job at All Pets Club, in good terms, as it became overwhelming with school work and sports. We kept the vet that All Pets Club uses believing that would be the best thing for Gizmo as a new home was enough of a change. Gizmo loves the outdoors, we have a good sized fenced in backyard so he has lots of room to play. Gizmo cried alot for the first few months, the vet stated that he wasn't used to all the exercise he was getting and his muscles were sore. We had no reason to doubt the vet, she was the Dr. Well in June 2007 Gizmo tried to jump on our bed and fell. Since it was late vets office was closed we brought him to the New Haven Animal Hospital where he had xrays done. They prescribed pain meds. They stated Giz would be ok, although the Animal Hospital saw something in the xray regarding his spine that he would probably grow out of, but all visit information was going to be forwarded to his regular vet and once reviewed the regular vet would call us. Sure enough we got a call from the regular vet who asked how Giz was doing since the fall. We stated he was doing ok and taking the meds as needed. In November of 2007, I decided to change vets because Giz began falling often while walking, and dragging his back legs, I began taking him to a new vet that stated Gizmo was becoming paralyzed, although the vet couldn't determine why, they referred me to a neurologist Shoreline Animal Hospital in Shelton, they diagnosed Giz as missing a bone in his neck. Without this bone he began damaging his spinal cord (thus causing the pain he was in) as the 2 bones on either side of the missing bone are pinching it and it could be severed without being stabilized by either a cast or another bone being implanted. First thing I did was call All Pets Club to notify them that there was an issue and they should reconsider using that breeder. I was never allowed to speak with Jerry, so the statement about him speaking with any customers having issues is false. He passed me to either the store manager or puppy manager neither of them showing any concern or compassion. The puppy department manager told me to speak with the vet, to find out why it wasn't caught in the xray. The vet referred me back to the store of course. The store manager actually compared Gizmo to a computer!! Stating when the warranty is up you pay for your own parts!! I wasn't even asking for any money, that was the part that really shocked me, I didn't request funds at that point, I just wanted to let them know of the situation to avoid other families going thru the same thing. I then contacted the Att. Generals office and have a pending case. To this very day Jerry has never contacted me to discuss anything or refund he 80% of purchase as he states is his policy, Gizmo was purchased in March and taken for xrays in June, this is less than 6 months. I have also spoken to many other families who have purchased dogs from both the Branford and the Wallingford store and have had similar issues, where dogs are sick some deathly ill and Jerry won't even speak with them. You can read about some of these families on the WTNH blog at this address, or on the petition that was started to change this puppy lemon law at this address


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733e4fc6, 2009-08-14, 11:33AM CDT

Here's a solution: don't buy dogs from petstores.

12956f81, 2009-09-08, 09:19PM CDT

Really!! I have four dogs from there that are perfectly healthy ranging in ages from 8 months to 13 years old. I also use their vet that they use in Wallingford store. When you deal with alot of puppies you are bound to have a few issues. Same thing with doctors. Nobody is perfect, only God and you need to remember that. I am just sorry you have to deal with that but it is just like having a child born with issues. You didn't do anything to make it that way, it just happened, just like I'm sure the breeder didn't intend on that to happen- or the owner of the pet store, for that matter.

87397e05, 2009-11-01, 06:37PM CST

Whether or not it is birth defective for this one little guy, I would expect a manager to get back to it customer and at least show compassion for a living thing. NOT to do so is complete disregard for a animal. Personally i would not want to buty from them. When will the laws crack down on sales of dogs in pet stores

c2dc9e00, 2009-11-16, 06:59PM CST

My dog was also purchased with kennel cough from the Wallingford store. I took her to my regular vet, who diagnosed it and gave us a written notice to show the pet store, so they could pay for her medicine. This all happened in the first few days we had her. We left her at the store for a week, until "their vet" could look at her.

One week later, we go to check on the results, and they say they didn't even have the vet look at her, because they didn't hear coughing. We thought she'd just gotten better. Not at all; she was worse. She'd spent hours each night coughing, and we ended up just getting the medicine from our own vet.

NEVER NEVER NEVER buy from a pet store, under stricter standards are put into place. You'll end up either footing hefty bills or with a dead pet.

9395fe28, 2009-11-20, 08:44AM CST

I don't think that the original complaint is blaming the store or the vet for that matter. It's the lack of support afterwards that is the deal here. I'm sure no one willingly sold the dog with the disability, but when it was found out the store should have offered a partial refund to help pay for some of the bills. More and more I am seeing this "I don't give a crap" attitude from retailers and people offering services. In this economy it is not smart business to have this kind of attitude. I'm sure this store has plenty of "great sales and happy customers" which is all the more reason for them to go a little beyond the legalities and do that little bit extra service when a customer has a legitimate complaint. Just my 2 cents take it for what its worth...

f070f726, 2010-01-05, 02:38PM CST

We got a puppy in All pets club in Wallingford 1 in a have years ago he is great. We just got His brother 2 days ago. We broght him home he was not eating and throwing up clear. He lost a half a pd in just 2 days. He is now in the care of there vet. I did bring him to my vet. They told me to bring him back for them to care for. I am waiting to here from them.When I did talk to them they told me he was on iv. As soon as I give him to them. They told me they will touch base with me tomorrow.

91b8dbb7, 2010-02-28, 04:20PM CST

I agree that it is not the consumer's fault nor the breeder's fault. Birth defect, unfortunately, happen. However, the pet store has contractual obligations to honor in these cases. First, if a dog is sick, the vet should look at that dog EVERY time they come in until they can say with confidence that the puppy is healthy. I bought a puppy from Family Pet Center, when it was still in the Meriden Mall. he was sick for weeks before I could take him home and I am glad that they kept him so long because the vet was absolutely sure he was okay before I was able to take him home. We have had no trouble with his health since. Keeping the dog in the store is a necessary precaution even if it does cause the store a little bit more money.

If the store has you sign a contract, I urge you to read it word for word so that you know exactly what they cover and for how long. Do not walk into any surprises.

I applaud you for starting a petition and filing a case against All Pets Club because all I hear is bad things about the store. I have not and will never buy a pet from there. The only business I give them is when I need to buy fish food for my salt water fish tank.

f4801ec9, 2011-04-01, 10:07PM CDT

Well, first of all, you just funded a puppy mill with your purchase. You clearly need to do some research and educate yourself on the topic. Puppies from pet stores are cute but you are funding a business in which thousands of dogs live in disgusting, cramped, dirty conditions and when they are passed their breeding years, are usually hung, shot or killed in some other disturbing way. Most puppies are not healthy from pet shops because the "breeders" are breeding for money, not health. They do not take any of the genetics of the animal into account. You had a bad experience but it was your own doing. Do you research next time. Go to a shelter or rescue group, look on, find a good breeder and visit them and ask them questions. Educate yourself.

430f39fe, 2011-01-09, 08:53AM CST

I agree with one of the comments who pointed out that things happen in life. I have bought two cockatoos from All Pets Club and NEVER had an issue. All the time I had questions, they would answer them. I would call, go in and talk to the people in the bird area and they all were very helpful. Butch was especially helpful when I purchased my first Cockatoo and she is a healthy and happy bird. It's true that people aren't perfect and it's true that things happen that are out of our control. I hope that you will find peace with your situation and think that maybe it was meant for your Gizmo to have "chosen" you because he knew YOU would be the ones to take care of him. When people/animals are born with issues, it's hard to deal with that, but in reality, only God knows why things happen the way they do. But if we love our pets, we find the way. I'm sure Gizmo loves you and is very thankful he found you to care for him. Bottom line is everyone will have a unique experience dealing with pet stores. I find that All Pets Club is one of the best stores around that is allowed to sell puppies. If you don't believe me, just go to the mall and check out the horrible conditions those poor dogs/puppies are enduring. I hope you and Gizmo live long and happily together.

29ff6e31, 2011-01-17, 09:18PM CST

We bought a lahsa apso from the north windham store. She came home with kennel cough, we took her to the vet and was treated onour dime. 3 Months later she had a acorn sized blister on her belly that ruptured, we took her to east brook animal hospitol, where the performed surgery. She had a suture left inside her from a hernia surgery that was preformed months before we got her. When talking to scott the manager, he basically said they dont pay vet bills. But did offer a lifetime r club membership and 100 in store credit...what a guy! So now were looking into legal actions...

739dafc6, 2012-02-05, 05:15PM CST

Woah....the person who purchased the 4 'healthy' dogs was lucky. Plain and simple. I wouldn't encourage anyone to purchase from a puppy mill supporter just because someone got lucky.

Google puppy mills and see where these dogs come from. Disgusting, horrific conditions.

The other stories about health issues are more the norm. Puppy mills puppies are bred only for money. The breeders don't care if the dogs are healthy or not, they just keep on breeding them.

Yes, the person writing the complaint shouldn't have purchased from a puppy mill supporter, but at least she is trying to do the right thing by making other people aware.

b075732d, 2012-03-03, 05:38PM CST

I'm sorry for your dog's suffering. Please consider joining our page on Facebook, CT Coalition Against Puppy Mills. We have monthly peaceful protests at All Pets Club and other stores that sell USDA mill dogs. We had one today in fact! Next one is March 31st from noon til two!

a1401408, 2012-09-02, 10:33AM CDT

Tori, if you still have access to these comments, please contact me at [email protected] I would like to speak with you personally. Thanks, Bonnie

0621e416, 2013-03-27, 02:39PM CDT

12648300, 2015-05-13, 10:01AM CDT

My truly wonderful budgie whom I love very much, was purchased from this store. According to the upset vet at Kensington Bird & Animal had on an out of state leg band claiming incorrectly that the bird was older than it actually was, the band is supposed to provide the legal record from a breeder so no idea where/when this bird really hatched.

He also had contracted avian gastric yeast from his parents' feedings so shortly after purchase he nearly died one night right after bringing him home. He was so weak he was passing out, I mean no strength to move away though not yet tamed and actually needed hand-feeding to make it through til morning. A wonderful animal well worth the care, I never took him back because I loved him a lot but yes obvious problems with the supplier of this brood. He will have that chronic threat for the rest of his life now, though it's thankfully in remission currently and he's enjoying health.

Just FYI, take your bird for wellness check as soon as you buy from this store, & test their stool there. Birds have fast metabolisms naturally so a bird that has contracted AGY can die very suddenly from starvation if the parasite residing in his gut is left undetected and outbreak goes untreated, also it can take 1 or 2 testings for AGY to accumulate and test positive... but the obviously wrong leg-band casted some doubt in us both that ALL PETS CLUB had taken their animals to a vet or paid much attention to their incoming shipments.

a6c40224, 2015-07-25, 07:21PM CDT

Adopt don't shop! You won't end up with a sickly animal that comes from an abused mother. People need to do some research before they support such a horrible practice of exploiting dogs for capital...

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