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Posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 11:09pm CDT by fe453f76

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To whom it may concern:

I ordered a computer online from Tiger Direct on February 21st 2008 and paid for the purchase with through my Pay Pal account. Five days after I ordered the computer I got a e-mail stating the product shipped and I should be getting a tracking number. I waited three more days and never received the tracking number, so I called to Tiger Direct and spoke with a customer service rep named Nakeitha and she advised me the order was canceled because they did not have the parts, what surprised me was the fact that no one contacted me to advise me of this, oddly even though I received the e-mail stating it was processed. This rep then transferred me to another rep you placed a new order for me, supposedly using the same authorization of $1080 that was processed through Pay Pal. I called back two days later and was advised that I could not use the same authorization code and I needed to recharge the new purchase amount to my account, which I could not afford since they still had the original pending from my account ($1080). I contacted my bank and they advised me that I needed to have Tiger Direct fax a letter stating the order was canceled so I could get the funds released, otherwise it holds to my account for 30 days. I emailed back and asked again for them to fax the release of funds and got a response from Landry stating that the issue was with Pay Pal, I told her she needed to just fax the letter to my bank and I gave her the phone number and case number and reminded her that it was not to be submitted to Pay Pal. I then received a email back from Ricardo advising me I need to re-read my previous emails telling me there is nothing they can do about it (which a simple fax two weeks ago would have resolved my issue). I need Tiger Direct to know I do not appreciate the irrelevant and condescending tone I received from them, they should have called me to advise the order was canceled and then they could have cooperated with me in regards to getting the pending charge released. I still do not have access to my funds, I have missed out on several sales on their website and again I feel like they do not care that I can not spend my money. The list of names are of Tiger Direct employees I have communicated with and all I want is my funds released and I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase my items at the previous sale price.






Just to list a few, why weren't any of them able to fax a simple letter? Why is it that a 10 year customer of the company, who has been a promoter with my professional and personal contacts gets the treatment I received.

Glen Wooldridge

23 Sutton Court

Bettendorf, IA 52722


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