Ecco USA - Ecco boots soles disintegrate

Posted on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 at 11:12am CDT by 34fa2b07

Product: Ecco track boots

Company: Ecco USA

Location: 16 Delta Dr.
londonderry, NH, 03053, US

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i have (had) a pair of ecco boots, insulated, gore tex lined. no problem with the water proof aspect, but the sole disintegrated and cracked in half. they did not wear out, but fell apart. i had owned the boots for several years, gave them little wear since they were only appropriate for extreme cold and snow, which fortunately wasn't happening here until this year.

ecco-usa sent me a plastic bag to send them to repair facility which turned out to be a private, contracted company. they rejected the boots saying that they were out of warranty and unrepairable. i had to call to get this information, since the web site told me that the boots had not been received.

I called ecco usa's, who's response was that i could send them in again, to their returns dept (i thought that they were going to ecco the first time) for a second opinion. they kept repeating that the warranty is only for a year. my feeling is that wearing out is one thing, disintegrating is different.

the upshot is that ecco sells for high prices, but they really don't expect their products to last more than a year (length of warranty) and at least some of their products are not repairable if they wear out. why pay such high prices when the manufacturer doesn't show much confidence in the product?

ecco = high prices for throw away quality.


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34fa2b07, 2008-03-22, 05:58PM CDT

i wrote this letter to the president of ecco-usa. they replied with an apology for the quality issue and a card for new boots at the website.

thank you ecco.

28dda9c9, 2008-04-03, 12:10PM CDT

I also have a pair of Ecco shoes whose soles have deteriorated. Rest of the shoe are in perfect like new condition. I sent them back to Ecco and was told because they were over a year old, there was no warranty. The base layer of polyurethane is deteriorating where they were unable to bond a new sole to the shoe.

I do not recommend buying these expensive Ecco shoes because of their poor quality. This is the second pair of Ecco shoes that I have had where the soles completely deteriorate.

From what I read, this is a frequent complaint of Ecco shoes having the soles deterirate. Apparently so, if they have a company just to send back the shoes to have repaired.

d1a9e0a2, 2008-12-15, 06:17PM CST

I am not that big of a sucker that I bought more Ecco shoes after my fist one disintegrated, I just had a shoe buying spree one year.

First were my City Walker Cap Toes. I only wore them ~2 times be year. After a couple of years in the box, the sole of the heel started to break off in large chunks. They had a total of MAYBE 48 hours of total ware on them! I sent them in and they were replaced.

Second was a pair of Gore-Tex Track II High. Same thing, heel started to fall apart in chunks. Sent them in and they were replaced.

Third was a pair of Life. These turned to sticky gummy goo. I really though I stepped in someones discarded gum. So I start to scrap the sole of my sole on the cement sidewalk. The gum keeps coming. Black gooey gum. It turn out to be the sole of my shoe. It DISINTEGRATED!!!!! I never wore them, and now they fell apart. I am sending them in, we'll see what happens....

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! My most expensive shoes that I never wear cannot last longer than my crappy tennis shoes that I wear ALL OF THE TIME!!! WTF

ECCO has to really get their act together.

506f3fd5, 2009-10-07, 10:14AM CDT

Same thing here, my soles are a sticky gummy mess and falling apart. Highly disappointed and will not buy another pair. Short shoe laces are one thing, disintegration is another. CEO needs to go, quality is waaaay down.

f835f723, 2010-02-21, 12:24PM CST

I got my Ecco Track boots almost 11 years ago - paid about $200 as I recall. A few months ago I discovered the soles had a little goo on them. They wouldn't easily clean, so I figured I would just wear the gunk off and went for a walk. Bad idea - hunks of the sole just fell off, and the goo clearly IS the sole, not just ON it.

From this and other posts it looks like (i) Ecco knows about a problem (ii) is not willing to admit publicly that there is a problem and (iii) for most inquiries is (quite legally I imagine) standing on the limitations of its warranty. I don't have any reason to think Ecco has fixed the problem by recently using a more stable plastic for the outer soles of its shoes; if they had, they would probably say something along those lines to protect their reputation going forward. (Some plastics are inherently unstable and will degenerate into component chemicals. I don't know if that is the problem here, but it seems a likely suspect.)

I've backpacked and hiked probably 200 miles in these things and they were still great, except now they are ruined thru spontaneous disintegration. I like these enough that I may try to have them re-soled locally, but these posts don't give me a lot of hope. I've two pairs of (younger) Ecco street shoes; guess I'll have to keep an eye on their soles now.

b88ca4ab, 2010-05-29, 02:32PM CDT

Interesting! I had an experience similar to most of the writers. The heels and soles just disintegrated after very little use. I note that there are a lot of repair places on the web, but it doesn't seem to make sense to pay $60-$70 to get the same junk that was originally supplied by Ecco. It is apparent that Ecco has a quality and/or design problem that they do not wish to acknowledge. A responsible company would bite the bullet and make its customers whole. Obviously, Ecco doesn't match the description of a responsible company. I have already told the local retailer that I will never patronize his store again for any brand of shoe and I'm happy to see that many of us are doing our bit to let the world know that Ecco isn't worthy of our business.

8e55b909, 2010-07-31, 07:51PM CDT

Same thing happended to a pair of waterproof Gore Tex boots from a reputable dealer in Maine. I had worn them a few times and one spring I worn them to do some yard work. Couldn,t figure out why when I walked in the yard why the ground seemed so unlevel. Oops, not the ground, the tread on the shoes had completely disintegrated. Fortunately the dealer that they were purchased at provided a refund because that is their policy. Thank you LL Bean!

6695e3f9, 2010-12-12, 11:33AM CST

I just had the same thing happen to me. I live in Chicago and have worn the boots infrequently every winter for about 6 or 7 years. This year I just happen to see chucks of rubber on the floor and happened to look at the bottom of my boots. The rubber in back of the boot as well as the middle is disintegrating! I thought ECCO was the best boot around. I love the boots because they were so warm, however I expected them to last longer. Very dissapointed!

b9ae47e7, 2010-12-22, 10:44AM CST

Same for my two year old shoes.

Just after one year they started to fall apart - not happy with the $200+ pair of shoes that just last a year.

My previous pair of Ecco shoes lasted about 4-5 years and I walked about 10 miles a day in them.

f8e68273, 2011-01-05, 12:01AM CST

That is sad for you, I have had three pairs of Ecco shoes and boots, all of which are about 8 years old, my boots are worn daily. These boots see no less than about 12 miles a day over concrete, asphalt, composite roofs, and other harsh surfaces. I have just recently worn through the rubber sole, down to the foam. Conservatively I'd say that is close to 30,000 miles, I barely get that out of a set of tires and they'd cost me 4 times what my track IV's did.

4405a9e4, 2011-01-25, 01:28PM CST

I had the same problem with two pair of Ecco boots. All of a sudden the soles literally crumbled. They replaced one pair, after much back and forth. The second pair (not the replacement, they did not have the same sole type) I am telling them to take back and examine. I don't want a replacement. But I will be following up with several agencies if they do not act to resolve the problem for future buyers. This is ridiculous for boots that cost over $200 a pair.

58b1ade9, 2011-07-10, 10:40AM CDT

It's not only Ecco, I've just had my third pair of Clarks do the same. These were shoes made in Europe, not China, as they currently manufacture. All three pair were $150+ and three years old. One of the pairs had only been worn about six times. The other two no more than once a month. Could be a leather/rubber issue.

17221546, 2011-11-19, 06:11AM CST

I had a pair of Ecco Track boots with the same problem of the sole falling appart. I took them to a local ecco store in Orlando and they treated me amazing! Offered me full store credit for the old shoes. ($220) I recommend doing the same thing. Good luck.

bd49834f, 2012-03-18, 01:20PM CDT

I have a beautiful pair of black, waterproof ecco boots with completely deteriorated and separated soles. They have been siting in my closet for several years, in the hopes that after many complaints, the soles would be repaired or replaced. Still no luck. The shoes are great - the soles are ##$&@##!!!. Never a response form the company or dealer, "The Walking Store", other than - Sorry". I am extremely frustrated.

324b7d7f, 2012-10-30, 09:37AM CDT

I am having the same problem as all above. It happened this weekend and I thought no problem ,I will just send them back and everything will be resolved but I am seeing that it is not that easy. I was going to buy another until I read these posts,no sense in going the ecco route again.I will still try and see what they say but once burned is enough for me! the salesman at the time told me it was a lifetime waranty

Clark C., 2013-12-23, 08:58PM CST

Sounds like this company sucks. I have the same problem as so many others in the comment department. Any rough idea what is the best measure to take. Send back for repair or bring to shoe shop and pay 75.00 as I have been quoted? Would appreciate some words of wisdom. C

Peter C., 2014-09-06, 04:25AM CDT

I've also had an experience with ECCO shoes disintegrating. The soles fell apart after 3 days of use. The shoes were purchased in Abu Dhabi and they were in storage in a cool, dark place with OTHER shoes from other makes in my she cupboard. The Clarkes, Mephisto and other cheaper makers have no issues. Ecco shoes soles fell apart. I have other Ecco shoes which lasted 3-4 years heavy use and even survive living outdoors in the rain and sun. But these Eccos' soles disintegrated. Overall seeing how many similar complaints there are, I'd say AVOID ECCO shoes. Their company is ripping people off. ECCO makes bad quality shoes, at least the one pair I have. And contacting them is impossible. No shoe should die after 3 days of use and maybe a year or two in storage. If their heel material is so poor it's also dangerous to use to walk in, who knows, you may step on a rusty nail or a hepatitis infected needle while wearing their low quality soles. And is the material not by any chance toxic when it disintegrates? So far this is the only make of shoes to have done this to me.

Michael L., 2014-11-23, 01:47AM CST

Ecco shoes are very poor quality. I have bought 4 pairs of Ecco shoes 6 years ago and I hardly wore them. Today, I was walking around the house with the Ecco shoes on and found a few small rubber pieces on the hardwood floor. The outer soles of both shoes are cracked and broken and the small black rubber and foam pieces came off the heel of the shoes and are everywhere on the floor. The foam and rubber sole on the heel part of the shoes completely came apart and are crumbling up and the whole entire heel on the sole came off! These shoes are not wearable anymore. I paid around $160 plus tax and would expect better quality!

Connie G., 2015-01-14, 05:26PM CST

I have had a pair of Ecco Gore-Tex boots for a few years that were worn maybe a dozen times. A couple of years ago the original gummy sole was falling apart so I had them replaced with Vibram soles at a local shoe repair store. I got them out this winter and find that the middle layer of the sole has completely disintegrated. The leather upper, the insoles and even the original strings are in excellent condition and the Vibram replacement sole is perfect. I took them back to the same excellent shoe repair man, and he said they are not repairable. This is an expensive lesson.

john b., 2015-01-15, 10:43AM CST

High price and poor service. I like their golf shoes, owned 4 pairs. The most recent were of very poor quality. It took numerous emails to get the return across many weeks. Finaly they offered a new pair of shoes, but only due to my persistence. The US side of their business should be repremended and replaced. Still like their shoes and hope not to have more issues, since they have no sense of urgency to resolve customer issues.

3fbc91db, 2015-01-27, 11:28AM CST

I just had the exact thing happen with my Ecco shoes. They have been worn maybe 3 times, and now after sitting in my closet for a long time, I wore them again to work and they are crumbling and a sticky mess. How embarrassing. I'm at work and can't put on another pair of shoes. I'm walking around in my socks!! I just sent an email to the company asking for a replacement or refund. Hopefully they will take care of the problem. If not, what a rip-off!!

d6ba60ad, 2015-02-23, 12:12AM CST

I was in church today and the left heel of my Ecco shoes began to disintegrate! Large and small chucks of black tar-like rubber were dropping everywhere I walked. I was there for 3 hours and couldn't leave and couldn't take my shoes off. I was so embarrassed I went back to the church later today with my Dirt Devil and a wet rag to clean up all the pieces that had dropped!

Michael L., 2015-02-23, 01:21AM CST

This comment is an update to my complaint on by Michael Le on Nov-23-2014. If the soles your shoes have broken into pieces or disintegrated, you should contact ECCO customer services at, write a letter and attach the images of your disintegrated, broken shoes as I have done. You will be contacted by ECCO customer services via email and you will be requested mailing your broken shoes to a company called NuShoes. This company will forward your shoes to ECCO USA.

After about two months, I received a complimentary pair of shoes from ECCO RENEW PROGRAM which was almost equal to the price I paid for my shoes that broke. I can only purchase online at ECCO USA.

Credit to ECCO USA for backing up their products and giving back customers who had disintegrate shoes (not repairable) another pair of shoes which are valued at almost equal to the original ones price. By the way, I still have two more pairs of shoes from ECCO. In the process of breaking. Hope ECCO's engineers and designers have fixed the problem!

Michael L., 2015-03-03, 11:01PM CST

This comment is an update to my complaint on by Michael Le on 2015-02-23. As I said before, I still have two more pairs of shoes from ECCO....Today, Mar 03 2015, I was taking a walk with the ECCO walking shoes and the outsole of both shoes disintegrated. The heel of both shoes almost came off!

I wished that I can post pictures so you can see how those shoes look like when it broken! The same way of my previous shoes disintegrated. The outer soles of both shoes are cracked and broken and the small black rubber and foam pieces came off the heel of the shoes ....

I still have one more ECCO shoes in the process of disintegrate...

All ECCO shoes I bought (6 pairs) 6 years ago, two pairs had returned to Nordstrom (a year ago)got partial credit back due to the same disintegrated problem. One pair went to the trash can, one pair returned to ECCO and got $150 from ECCO Renew Program and here is another one disintegrated!

Steven i., 2015-12-27, 07:36PM CST

I had a pair of ECCO dress shoes that disintegrated at Thanksgiving dinner. The shoes were at least 5 years old, but I hadn't worn them much. I contacted ECCO US at 877-240-2365 on November 30, 2015 and they sent me a bag to send the shoes in for evaluation. On December 27th I received a letter with an ECCO card that could be used to purchase a new pair of shoes with a value not to exceed $150. The card had to be used at their online store and I purchased a nice replacement pair on sale at $149.99 that was marked down from $200.00. Free standard shipping was also included.

Not happy to have a pair of shoes fall apart, but very pleased with the response I received from ECCO US.

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