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Posted on Monday, March 10th, 2008 at 5:34pm CDT by 9be03e6e

Product: Five Star Commercial Roofing, Inc

Company: Five Star Commercial Roofing, Inc

Location: 1119 South State Rd 3
Hartford City, In, 47348, US

Category: Other

Five Star Commercial Roofing, Inc of Hartford City Indiana refuses to honor thier warranty. Our NEW $12,000. roof now has several NEW leaks as well as the original leaks. They have made a promise 5 times to come and inspect and repair the problem but have yet to show up. I caution anyone considering Five Star Commercial Roofing, Inc to look elsewhere for a roofer.


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cc783eb4, 2008-03-11, 09:10AM CDT

Upon seeing this complaint, we searched our database for $12,000 roofs sold in the past two years. We contacted all of the customers that met this criteria, and none of them had any leaks. Due to the fact that this "customer" has chosen not to be identified and our system is a seamless system, we believe this post is erroneous. To learn more about our system, please go to We can provide plenty of satisfied customer references in any of the areas that we do work in upon request.

00c18d9d, 2009-02-21, 07:34PM CST

I have a 26 thousand roof put in 08 it has five year warranty. warrant is not bieng honored. several leaks on it already. company is hoax and cheating customers. contact me at [email protected] for any additional information.

36c0f19f, 2011-04-29, 11:11AM CDT

Five starr roofing does NOT honor their waranty.Our company had it done few years ago.We were not asking to come and get the job for free.Just to come to inspect.I've been calling them for a month:Nick or Kevin ,who schould be handling this NEVER calls back,I can't ever get Nick on the phone -always meetings.Well,Since they can't do what they promised-please bussiness owner stay away from this company.You will regret.

a42e833c, 2011-05-02, 01:32PM CDT

I have had a similar experience with Five Star Roofing. They installed flashing on My roof, and half of it fell off within days. It took them over 2 weeks to come back and fix it. Now a section of the other half is falling off, and they refuse to do anything about it. We have had some harsh weather and they said that it is because of the weather, without even looking at it. I do realize that they did not give me a warranty, but you should back up your work. If you are not able to do the job...then DON'T do the job.

edb0b957, 2012-10-30, 02:25PM CDT

We had a $52,000 Flat roof but on in 2010. I have had to call them 69 times since they put it on. 24 to report leaks and 45 follow up because no one returned phone calls as promised or no one showed up to fix the roof. They have been out maybe 12 times and it still leaks. We have more leaks now them before they touched it. BBB said they can't do anything. Good luck choosing them.

jay a., 2014-05-28, 01:44PM CDT

The worst decision I have made in business was to agree on a new roof from this company. The roof was leaking from the beginning. They showed up to patch it and leaked again. and again. and again.

edb0b957, 2014-05-28, 02:11PM CDT

I have had 5Star Commercial Roof, LLC install a roof on our Church and ,like others,we have had more leaks than before they installed the roof.The new roof was promised to not leak for 20 years total. It is far worse than the old one was. I have called them 30 times to make an appointment to repair the leaks. I also made 75 more calls because no one showed up for repairs or because no one called me back as promised. This ,I feel, Was a $53000 money grab. I will not recommend this company to roof a dog house. I have told them this. It seems they don't care that they have a crappy product. After 4 years it still leaks. We have 5 years on the install and another 15 on the product. After the first 5 years, we have to pay a $50 charge for then to come out and attempt to repair the roof. See the plan yet.

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