Dunkin Donuts - Worst Customer Service Ever!!!!

Posted on Saturday, March 1st, 2008 at 10:35pm CST by c93bcb94

Company: Dunkin Donuts

Location: 16822 Union Turnpike
Flushing, Ne, 11366, US

URL: http://www.dunkindonuts.com/

Category: Other

I needed to study for my midterm exam. A place where's it's warm, opens late, and caffeinated. So I've decided to drive to the local Dunkin Donuts--BIG MISTAKE. I got in, purchased coffee and chose a small table at the corner of the store, where I would less likely to be disturbed. An hour later, there was a shift change. I'm not sure if the new person is of manager status or just another hourly paid grumpy rude worker. She comes up to my table, and said (verbatim)--"I need this table. You need to move to the other side (points to the noisy side), this side is for customers who come and go."

NOWHERE in the store is there a sign that says the room has two separate areas. Surprised, I had replied "I've been here for a while, why do I have to move." She looks at me as if I were stupid, and said "that side is for studying, this side is for people who come and go."

Frankly, I was too stunned and angry to think logically. I should've stayed where I was and told her to stick those donuts up her ass. But I'm a peaceful person. I was already tired from studying all day and had no energy to put up a fight. So I moved. I shouldn't have but I did, leaving her with the satisfaction of bossing customers around.

This will be the last time I ever step a foot into that store, and the last time I'll ever be a Dunkin Donuts customer. With this kind of customer service and attitude, it's no wonder even when Starbucks is closed for training, no more than the regulars went to Dunkin for coffee.


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