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Posted on Saturday, March 1st, 2008 at 6:56pm CST by 1caaa47d

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I ordered flowers from on Feb 2, 2008. Paid an extra 10 bucks to have guaranteed delivery on Valentine's day. Valentine's day came and went with no delivery. Called customer service the next day. They refunded the money to my credit card but not even a sorry or what can we do to make it right. Wife was disappointed. I ended up finding out from the shipper that the flowers were never even sent. Pretty sad that on the biggest flower day of the year a flower company can't even deliver it's own product. I would not recommend and will never use them again. I am making sure that everyone I know is aware of my bad experience.


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260d88d8, 2009-02-10, 12:28AM CST

I agree - do a google search for

"Proflowers complaints" and you'll see thousands of people who are outraged and want to sue the company for a misleading recurring charge on their credit card and bad products.

Best idea is to search for a local florist and order directly from them - if price is an issue, ask if they can match an FTD advertised price and they probably will. FTD and Teleflora take up to 40% of a florists' sales price in fees/commissions so a florist will give the best service and freshest flowers to people who call directly.

88af3f18, 2009-02-12, 10:53AM CST

When I got them on 2/14/08, they came in a box, so I had to put them in the vase myself. That is not mentioned in the ad. Then when my husband saw the balloon he flipped. He paid $15 for a cheap, 6 inch dime store balloon. Do not use pro flowers.

6ffebae0, 2010-02-13, 02:52PM CST

DO NOT ORDER FROM "" I ordered flowers on 2/8/10 for Valentines Day and now I find out that the flowers are "delayed" and "may not arrive on time!" Terrible customer service!

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