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Posted on Saturday, March 1st, 2008 at 3:04pm CST by 6c4adbcc

Product: LCD Flat Screen TV

Company: Philips

Category: Consumer Electronics

Beware of the Philips brand LCD Flat screen HD televisions. Ours failed after a two years of operation. It can only be repair at the Philips Repair in Arkansas.

There was a prepaid repair charge with the following stipulation. If the set could not be repaired they would refund the prepaid repair charge and provide a comparable new or refurbished TV.

The total cost of the prepaid repair and shipping was $479.00 I thought this was a bit pricy, questioning Philips QC and so stated in a letter to the CEO of Philips in Amsterdam Netherlands. Within 7 days, I received a call saying that they had received my letter and would be refunding my money. I ask about the status of the TV and the caller said she did not know, that I would have to call the repair facility.

Knowing that the shipment had not arrived in Arkansas at the time of the call (UPS Trace) I waited 3 weeks before calling. When I did call I was told that the TV was not repairable and they had refunded my money. True, the cost of the prepaid repair and shipping had been refunded and received about a week prior. I was also told that they would not be sending a comparable TV because they no longer made one. Their conclusion was the I was out a $1,300.00 TV.

About one week later I received via UPS a large carton that contained what appeared to be my TV. Included were new cables, new remote control, and a shipping sheet/work order where it was checked off as repaired 1/30/08. I was confused. If the set could not be repaired why the expense of sending it back. If the set was repaired why tell me it was unrepairable.

Upon attempting to use the set I discovered that it no longer received the HD cable signal. I call the cable provider, they checked their system, sent a technician, provided new cables, retested the cable box, reprogramed the remote, and concluded that the set was not working properly.

All of this run around and lack of complete information from a single souce leads me to not recommend Philips products.


fc20a16a, 2010-01-14, 10:00AM CST

I also purchased a philips 42 lcd tv .tv broke after 6 months called philips and it took 2 months before they sent a repair man,7 months after fixing the tv broke again.called philips and thy stated they could not help me due to product being out of the 1 year does not stand behind the defective products they sell.

saania a., 2013-02-13, 12:10AM CST

my philips 42 lcd is not displaying pictures,it appears with blank screen,,help me wt to is brought from france to pakistan.

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