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Posted on Monday, June 9th, 2008 at 7:49pm CDT by 0b5a0374

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I retract my complaint

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5db36279, 2008-10-16, 08:05PM CDT

My daughter and I share an account with Amazon.com but we us separate credit cards. On October 7, 2008, I placed a long awaited (2 years)book order with Amazon.com that shipment was to arrive on the 14th of October 2008. I selected the key that would allow me to use my visa, but my daughter's banking account was charged. My daughter and I contacted a representitive at Amazon who reembeirsed her the full amount then told us to reorder the books. The second order of books were to arrive on the 15th Of October. We awaited the delivery of the first set of books because when the first order of books arrived we were to return that shipment. We followed the representatives instrutions and a set of books did arrive at our home on October 14th 2008 which we declined. The second set of books were to arrive the following day but we have yet to receive them. I phoned customer service and explained my worries about the books and the concern over the delay ( these books are difficut to get because the wherehouse runs out of them so quickly.) So when I called Amazon.com again the last thing I wished to particate in is a 1000 word sparing match to see who could out talk whom. I have experienced nothing but condescending baby talk for the last couple of days, and representatives who delay my requests to speak to a supervisor.This has been a horrible experience for me and I would hesitate to recommend Amazon.com to inexpericed shoppers. In the economically declining society of today, I would imagine that any business would try to keep as many of their devoted consumers willing to continue spending their hard earned dollars with their establishment. I expect this matter to be handled exspeediently and professional.

Mrs. Terri McLemore

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