American Express - Amex Changes Rules

Posted on Sunday, June 8th, 2008 at 7:11am CDT by 134147ae

Product: Business Gold Card

Company: American Express

Location: US


Category: Other

I charged one purchase of about $8,000 to my Amex Gold business card.

Before approving they called me and told me it was a charge card not a credit card, and that based on my past patterns this card would not support the $8,000 charge. They made me pay $4,000 by bank transfer before approving the charge. BUT this is not my complaint, I can understand this and they do disclose the information I was just suprised that it happened.

The problem came 3 weeks later...

I was billed for the balance, and the due date was June 1. On May 29, they called me and asked me where the payment was. They informed me that my account was on HOLD and I could not charge any more.

This put any recurring charges I had set up to the account at risk. I ended up making a payment in full by the end of the day.

The complaint is that they changed the rules. After sending me a bill with a due date of June 1, they called and insisted on payment by May 29. They spouted some mumbo jumbo about why but I think every reader recognizes that what they did was chaneg the rules in the middle of the game. If they wanted charges paid by May 29, they should have told me so up front, not last minut holding a gun to my head.


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