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Posted on Saturday, June 7th, 2008 at 1:39pm CDT by 364083b2

Product: satellite

Company: Linx Satellite

Location: 1839 N 1120 W Provo, UT 84604
Provo, Ut, 84604, US

Category: Other

A linx sales representative came to my house and asked if we wanted to upgrade our DIRECTV boxes to DVR I agrred and signed the work order what no one told me was the by upgrading they were changing my service to Dish network and that I would be charged 350.00 to cancell a service I didn't want in the first place. The "owner" Kevin said that he couldn't do anything about it and was very rude and yawning and sighing the whole time I talked to him. Hi installer just walked into my house withoue even knocking leaves his trash everywhere, and was rude. All KEVIN had to say was oh I'm sorry about that and I'll talk to him, over the phone. I don't think this guy know how to run a buisness or even care about his customers.


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72c1228c, 2008-10-28, 01:20AM CDT

This whole comment is not true. I had a very pleasant young man come to my door and helped me organize a plan that fit my needs, not to mention it was cheaper. I did have one concern come up and when I contacted Linx I received great speedy service. I never even had to speak with Kevin to resolve my problem, which in my opinion, he must doing something right with his business.

11f4ac28, 2009-07-09, 10:53AM CDT

I agree with you, linx lies. I worked for linx for over a month. They are a very shady company never go with them. It is much better to go with dish themselves. Kevin the owner charges activation fees just to make more money when you can get it for free through dish or direct! DON'T used linx.

6100279d, 2009-08-28, 01:20AM CDT

I disagree with you. I have worked with Linx for a couple of years and have never had a problem working with them. Kevin has lived up to every promise he has ever made to me. It's kind of sad when people blame others for their failure... I will continue to give high recommendations for LINX as they have ALWAYS done what they have promised to do for me.

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