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Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2008 at 6:39pm CDT by yvette k. p.

Product: 07 chrysler pt cruiser convertible

Company: greenbrier chrysler plymouth jeep-eagle


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I brought my car in for repair service to have the front seat cover replaced and to have them replace my sun visor bumpers that have fallen off. I've owned this car less than a month. I purchased it used with 16000+ miles on it. The car is still under factory warranty & I also purchased the extended warranty they offer at this dealership. Anyway to make a long story short, when I got my car back, the rubeer bumber installed, wasn't the same, it didn't blend in with the car at all. The seat they repaired, is now in worst condition than it was before they repaired it. They broke the side panels that are connected to the seats. Today, 6 may 08, I finally got a chanace to bring them the car. I've been calling this dealership service dept since the 4th. I've left several message with the rep (Kimberly) at the service dept. No one called me back. I've called repeatedly for a manager & was put on hold each time for 15+ min. this is ridiculous. I will bring them this vehicle on Monday & leav it with them. I've spoken with the bank & I don't ever want to have any more to do with the type of southern hospitality I received from this dealership.


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a679ca76, 2008-11-03, 02:41PM CST

I just had a nightmare repair from their body shop Greenbrier Collision Center. I've also met two other people with horrible experiences as well. I have yet to find someone with a good experience at any Greenbrier location.

2bd99bce, 2011-08-01, 10:05PM CDT

I recently received a call from that same car dealer, Southern Chrysler at Greenbrier. They told me that Chrysler had a recent recall on radiator fans and they invited me in for a free inspection. They were able to see me the very next day.

Later that day the service tech called me and said she had some "bad news". She said my radiator fan "motor" was bad and needed replaced. She said she could order it and I could bring my car back later in the week to have it replaced. When I went to pick up my car, the engine light is now on, the Air conditioner is blowing hot air and there is a loud noise coming from the fan area. I went back inside and they told me these were all a result of my fan motor being bad. The new fans were heavier and I guess they also meant noisier. The A/C won't work because the fan motor has to be running to allow the A/C to function right and the engine light was the result of the bad fan motor as well.

My issue with this facility is, if my fan motor was bad my engine light and A/C would not have been running when I drove it there for them to inspect. My car ran perfectly fine. Now all of a sudden they have their hand out wanting money for a repair that I truley believe was caused by the mechaninc tinkering and replacing the blades, (which were under the recall).

The service writer seemed surprised when I refused to let them do the work. I told her that I no longer trusted them and had lost faith in them because of this and a previously unanswered concern that I had with them once before.

This dealership has an automated phone system that calls you within a day or so of your visit and it asks by a response of YES or NO if you were happy with the service. If you say NO it tries to conect you to a real person, then it either disconects you or it tells you someone will call you back. Don't hold your breath, no one calls you.

If you write to the dealership via their website with a concern as I did once before, it also goes unanswered. My only option was to call Chrysler Corporation. I received a call back the very next day and to finally hear a caring voice was refreshing. They recomended that I personally call the dealership's service director named Robert and give him an opportunity to evaluate the situation.

Reluctantly I did. I was only able to reach his voice mail but I did leave a detailed message. That was 5 days ago. So I have learned not to hold my breath with Southern Chrysler. It looks like my 6 year relationship with them is over. The nice lady from Chrysler Corporation called me back today to follow up. She was dissapointed that Robert had not called me back and asked me to call him again. I declined. I am not chasing anyone who just doesn't care about me.

Sam Walton once said that "The customer can fire you at any time, all they have to do is take their business somewhere else and in some cases you won't even know that you were fired. It is the customer who complains that you should cherish because they are giving you a chance to fix the problem." Looks like Sam was right. My concern fell on deaf ears.

Goodbye Southern Chrysler Jeep. You have been Fired!

547dd897, 2012-01-14, 06:34AM CST

I will probably never buy a Chrysler product.

My son bought a 2000 Chrysler van. He needed a car to get to college and for other travel purposes.

The van developed a gas leak. I took it to my mechanic who found it had a recall. I called two different dealers in my area. The first dealer denied there was a recall on my son's van. The other dealer said after looking up some information that my son's car was repaired.

I called my mechanic back and he faxed me the information on the recall. There were TWO different issues with gas leaking and he told me to ask what repairs were done because the car should not have the problem a second time.

I called Chrysler and a woman said she would check to see what repair was done. When she got back on the phone line, the tone in her voice changed and she told me, "the recall was fixed in 2003". That was it.

I called my mechanic and told him to fix the car for my son.

I picked it up yesterday and the mechanic told me that the reason it took longer to fix than it should have was because he had to order the "RECALL KIT" for the fuel rail. He gave me the old parts and told me to fight Chrysler because this was a SAFETY issue.

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