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Posted on Friday, June 6th, 2008 at 9:10am CDT by 00a6defa

Product: Education Services

Company: ECE

Location: PO Box 514070 Milwaukee WI 53203-3470 USA
Milwaukee, WI, 53203-3470, US


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I used ECE services to evaluate my grades and diploma and was extremaly disappointed. ECE was paid for a shabby, dishonest product, they have a lack of good faith and reluctance to provide courteous service.

!!!!!!Before contact their services, Please go to the Better Business Bureau - Wisconsin, first!

this company have 22 complaints IN THE LAST MONTH and a UNSATISFACTORY RECORD!!!


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eadcd74d, 2008-06-09, 09:36AM CDT

I absolutely agree with the respondent above. Presently I m going through a hellish experience with this company (Educational Credential Evaluators, ECE), and their Ms. flaming president, It is an absolutely unprofessional organization, with no business ethics. Their customer service is absolutely ridiculous, long-long - long waiting time, I contact the Better Business Bureau-Wisconsin, and yes! They have a lot of complaints (19+), was late for me, I will not get any refund back ($215).

2d65f3b0, 2008-08-05, 10:35PM CDT

I used to feel the same way as you, and it took me years to realize I was wrong. I have shopped various educational credential evaluation services, and due to my continuing education over the years, have had numerous evaluations done based on my education. ECE is the ONLY place that attempts to be responsive about my concerns and questions. As I am now learning more about US education, I have to admit that ECE is one of the only places that actually knows what they're doing. It's really the main reason why everyone accepts their reports. I did not historically always agree with their reports, but that's because I was naive to think that a regular 3 year diploma after high school in another country should automatically be equal to a bachelor in the US, among other issues (I study in France and also some technical training with associations in England before coming to US). I also think they are sometimes not willing to recognize all of the schools in other countries that we would think are respectable, but now I know it's because they need very specific type of recognition from the country's government. Even when I questioned them saying "non credit" or "not recognized" about some of my education, they were always willing to discuss my case with my US schools and employers and in the end everything ended up ok. ECE reort is same quality as almost any NACES member, and customer service is actually more better than any other. And the only reason things tke a while sometimes is because they get so many applications. I went personally to the ECE when I was in the midwest, and I admit I came in very hot headed and like I knew everything, but my evaluator and the vice president at the time explain to me and I respect that. Other people I know went through ECE as well and some were upset but I know ECE knows more about evaluating education from around the world than anybody, even you or me. We can't be mad just because you don't get perfect easy result. Places like ECE are trying to put our education in context of the US, and for me that was hard, but I am not from the US. Now I understand better. I have seen training from ECE at US college last year, and I can probably explain to you what happened with your credentials and why. If I get more exposure and experience I may try to become NACES member and open my own credential evaluation company! Please help me practice! :)

With regard to bbb complaints, I have learned now after almost 20 years here that those don't mean anything. I can complain on bbb about any business and so long as I choose not to accept the business' explanation or proposed resolution, the complaint can remain unresolved. People that are just unhappy, whether they are in the right or wrong, can try to "use" bbb to tarnish your record. I complained about ECE 3 times a long time ago, and it took over seven years before I realize how wrong I was even though I thought different at the time. That is what happen sometimes to me with customers, I have a business here (just retail for now). "Unsatisfactory" don't mean nothing with the bbb. But I understand your feeling, but people need to be realistic and get more education about reality.

3a286776, 2008-10-17, 08:28AM CDT


ECE, steal YOUR MONEY , they have a very bad reputation, they took advantage of the naivety of Immigrants ... BE CAREFUL!!!

c343798f, 2008-12-01, 04:47PM CST

If you want to really be heard, you need to forward your complaint to the Chair of NACES ( Her name is Ms. Bedil ([email protected] )

NACES is an association of private foreign educational credential evaluation services committed to formulating and maintaining ethical standards in the field of foreign educational evaluation.

Good Luck!

876c16a6, 2009-01-18, 12:53AM CST

Sadly, ECE is unprofessional and does not even follow its own published ethical practices.

I received a favorable foreign PhD degree equivalency from ECE. Two years later, when I asked for more equivalency certificates, I was told ECE changed its mind and no longer certifies the program from which I graduated.

ECE's "guarantees" its evaluations for 10 years on its website, so this ECE turn-around speaks volumes about how bad ECE appears to be.

The US umbrella fraternal organization of foreign education evaluators, NACES, is merely a loosely organized club of evaluators. NACES appears to have no clout, no reviews or disciplinary actions, just a "code" members are supposed to follow. No entity reviews the activities of NACES.

Many credentials evaluators have signed financial contracts with organizations to provide credentials services, so many organizations unwittingly endorse services that may, in fact, not be deserving of the faith people place in these credentials companies.

In my case, the university where I teach ignored ECE and reviewed my dissertation, interviewed my US-based faculty reviewer (a tenured associate professor in a major US state university), received notarized copies of appropriate documents from the Ministry of Education in the country where I obtained the degree in residence, etc.

ECE was also provided these materials. In short, my employer, a major US state university of 23,000 students, declared by its renewal of my contract ECE's incompetency.

In short, my advice is that you should try, if possible, to do the credentials evaluation directly with your employer or prospective employer. It's not that difficult to do the same work as a 'professional" evaluator would do.

Blind faith in an evaluator like ECE can be harmful to you and your career. Bypass ECE if you can.


9c5e5567, 2009-02-11, 12:04PM CST

My experience was terrible I was studying an online program in the US and they needed an evaluation of my high school transcripts.I sent my transcripts to that address and ECE claims that they never received the letter that contained my transcripts. Now I have lost my 75 dollars fee.

f54fba84, 2011-05-23, 11:20PM CDT

They screwed my evaluation as well. As a result of their erroneous report I missed deadline for the university. And have to wait one more year(!).

Let's get back to them and sue them!

Tony S., 2013-07-10, 10:25AM CDT

ECE is the worst agency I've ever met. Without providing any service, they ask for the payment. What a scam company! We should file class law suit against this company to eliminate this practice!


mohammed f., 2014-11-20, 08:04PM CST

hey i want to ask you guys about the ECE and WES

how are their work also if i call their number did they will answer me or i have to be on the hold for a long time hope you guys give any information about both of them

thank you my name is Mohammed Fallatah

Sootaga F., 2015-03-31, 07:03PM CDT

Please, I need you guys help. I was graduated with B.A degree in Economics from the Iunivesite o Samoa in Apia, Samoa in 1984, I want to know what the equivalent of my degree in US system.

Olena N., 2015-11-18, 01:33PM CST

I have been working with evaluating for a while and I can say that ECE is the greatest company ever!!! They are so helpful! They make the customer experience individual and always resolved all my issues. I recommend them to everybody! I was requesting several copies and always got them on time. My evaluations were done within 2 weeks without any problems. ECE continuously working on improving its service and there is not a single complaint I can make. I had a lot of trouble with schools to receive the copies, so ECE was even sending a contact information to them! What is more, once ECE returned my money for the report as they informed me about the online service! That was amazing!

Thank you ECE for being there for us! I appreciate all the work you do and your customer service is excellent!

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