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Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 9:14pm CDT by b186e507

Product: GS6SHEXNT00 Conquest Gold Refrig.

Company: Whirlpool Corp.

Location: Whirlpool Corporation 2000 N. M-63, Mail Drop 2800
Benton Harbor, MI, 49022-2692, US

URL: http://www.whirlpool.com/

Category: Other

I purchased a Whirlpool Gold Conquest refrigerator in July 2004. A week ago the LED display and lights went out on the fridge side. After checking the refrigerator we found that the control panel had a huge burn mark on it and plastic case it was in had a burn mark. We looked up the part as we were going to order it. What we found was pretty scary. There were hundreds of people with the same exact problem on the same model refrigerator even down to the same burn spot on the board. We thought this had to be a defect in the board so we called Whirlpool customer service. We were told that because the refrigerator was out of warranty that they would not help us. We explained how there were hundreds of other people that had the same problem and that it is a fire hazard but they did not care. All we wanted was for them to replace the board about $70.00, they refused. We paid over $1800.00 for this refrigerator that barely made it to 4 years old. I find it very troubling that Whirlpool cares so little about their customers safety that they would not budge one bit to help us unless we paid for everything. Beware of this refrigerator IT IS A FIRE HAZARD!! and whirlpool could care less.

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de531633, 2009-08-31, 01:52PM CDT

First of i have read so many reviews about how bad customer service is for whirlpool/maytag because we can't give every consumer what they want. I started with maytag and was part of the integration to whirlpool when they bought us. I want everybody to know that whirlpool is not a bad company, i am a supervisor and i work with all the call reps. So many of them are concerned and want to help you but we have policys and procedures that bind us to specific ways of doing things, or not being able to do things for you, depending on the situation. Whirlpool is very active with charities and are very customer service driving. I just thought that i would let people get a view from the other side, not an upset consumer, but a very hard working happy employee of the company. We are trying to assist you, remember that, even if we cant give you what you want. Think about that buddy. your 5 years out of the warranty in this situation here, thats like taking a car that 5 years out of warranty and asking them to do something at no charge, not going to happen.

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