Dish TV - Very Bad Service from Dish TV Service in India

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 1:52am CDT by 0d6e22d9

Product: Dish TV Service

Company: Dish TV

Location: Noida, UP, 201 301, IN

Category: Other


Following is the information I would like to share Dish TV Service in India, so that you can think before using Dish TV service

Issues that I faced so far:

1. Customer care guys doesnt know the

information clearly. Always misleading. Subsequently this creates hell lot of problems

2. Always they say, it takes 4 - 24 hrs to resolve a complaint. and that never happens even after 24 hrs. If we ask the status of the complaint after 24 hrs, they will give us another complaint for tracking the previous complaint. This list goes on increasing until we speak to senior person. By that time it takes 5-6 days

3. It takes 5-6 days to renew a package (following step (2))

4. We need to furnish the same details about the packages I want / transaction Number / other complaint details again and again. (very annoying)

5. They dont even provide the services for the days spent in following up the complaints (usually 6-7 days). This means we get service only for 22-23 days in a month


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