Due Maternity - Terrible Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 4:52am CDT by f2603622

Product: Maternity Clothing

Company: Due Maternity

Location: 3112 California Street
San Francisco, CA, 94115, US

URL: http://www.duematernity.com/

Category: Other

Late & Complicated Order Processing

Terrible Customer Service

No response to complaints.

No confirmation of cancellation.

No notification of order delays.

Multiple contacts to obtain the same information.

The long of it:

I placed an order late Tuesday and was told most are shipped same day if the order is placed by 3pm - so I planned delivery based on the order being shipped Wednesday.

On Thursday I realized my order wasn't shipped and I was never contacted that there would be a delay so i phoned.

My credit card was being held for approval for possibly a week - fine, but you should notify if the order will be held up for a week.

So i changed credit cards and then they said they couldn't ship it Thurs because UPS had already left but promised to ship Friday.

I realized that International Shipping would be better than having it shipped to my mom's and then her ship to me since it was already a few days late so requested that.

They replied with the shipping fees and letting me know that customs/duties were up to me and asking if that was okay. I replied it was and please send my order.

I find on Friday after it's too late to ship a THIRD email asking me to once AGAIN verify the International Shipping rules. It's a long weekend so now my order will be a WEEK later than I needed it to be shipped.

I couldn't believe they didn't send me all the things needed to confirm the shipping in one email ESPECIALLY since i told them time is of the essence and let them know this and to cancel my order.

I received no response to my complaint or cancellation until i emailed again inquiring if they received either to which they simply said "yes, your order was canceled." Obviously they don't value their customers time or opinions.


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