Sprint - Sprint's Service is Hardly Service

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 11:08am CDT by 448a3300

Company: Sprint

Location: Sanford, FL, US

Category: Other

I delayed making a public complaint until after I talked to the store manager one-on-one, to give the company the benefit of altering my previous opinions.

I have been a Sprint user for two and a half years. Despite the high price, the service was reliable. I had several problems with billing mistakes in the past, but most were fixed after several phone calls. When my contract ended, my daughters and I did some research together on a new plan. We went to the local Sprint store, purchased all new phones, and set up a new contract- or so we thought.

Originally, one of my daughters was on a seperate plan. This was to change and have the entire family on one. Two bills later and that is still not solved. To make matters worse, when transitioning between the two plans I was explicitly told that I would be charged a fee to keep my text messages free (under a limit, of course) until the new plan took hold.

Well my two bills have both been over $600. Both of my daughters rely on text messaging, and rarely use any plan minutes. I looked at the bill and the 'fee' never went into effect, I was being charged for every message. To top it off, the next bill I was charged for unlimited text messaging, but was also charged for every message sent.

I called the company directly for help first, was given a $160 discount, and informed the store I purchased the plan from was responsible, not the company itself. The gentleman I spoke with was as helpful and polite as he could be, and reinforced that store policy is to charge a fee for a 1,000 text limit during transitions. I went to the store directly and was met with harsh personal criticism over how I have raised my two A-student college students.

I have never in my life been so insulted. My bill problems have yet to be reconciled, the plan I signed up for (previously guaranteed at $150) has been altered to a minimal $220 a month for the same service, and I am talking with several local cellphone companies so that I can immediately switch plans.

I highly recommend you think twice before considering Sprint.


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