Guthy Renker - Ripped off for $300

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 2:03am CDT by 114907d5

Product: Malibu Pilates Chair

Company: Guthy Renker

Location: 12 Ponderosa Cir
Palm Desert, CA, 92211, US


Category: Other

I purchased an exercise chair from Guthy Renker for 6 monthly payments of $50. They charged me the first month and then I started receiving notices saying I owed the full $300. I called over and over to resolve this and was told it was a glitch and to disregard it.

Then they sent it to a collection agency, even though I was paying for it and was never even remotely delinquent. They said this was also a glitch but that they couldn't do anything about it. The only way to have them fix this issue and get my account out of collections is to return the chair.

Will they pay for shipping? No. Will they even send me a box? No. The chair is big, heavy, and doesn't fit in any standard box. The only place that has one that fits it is UPS, and they have one that is too big and would need to be modified. The box costs $44. When you add modifications and packaging, that brings it to approximately $100. Then about $200 to ship such a heavy item.

So what Guthy Renker told me was my only option is to pay $300 to send back a $300 chair so that my name might be removed from collections where they accidentally sent me in the first place because they refuse to do anything else to fix this. The last supervisor I spoke to actually had the nerve to tell me that I purchased the chair in good faith and they fulfilled that. So to Guthy Renker, it is apparently good faith to mess up your customers' accounts, repeatedly ingnore requests to fix the issue, send the account to collections when it isn't delinquent and then make the customer return a giant piece of exercise equipment at their own expense...then, and only then, will they try to fix my account and call off the collection agency.

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6b6eb073, 2009-07-20, 08:29AM CDT

I would like to make a new complaint!!!

Youthful Essense!!!

I purchased the kit last month. Paid on line . all ok.

Then on the 16th July they zap off 56.00 Pounds from my account again! no goods were orderd!!! Who gives them the right!


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