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Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 12:25pm CDT by d9557b95

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For those of you considering this service DO NOT, YOU WILL BE SORRY!

I signed up with American Home Shield (herein also referred to as AHS) on 08/09/07 and my first payment was charged to my credit card on 08/15/07 as agreed, and every month thereafter on time every time, without fail.

On the evening of 04/09/08 our water heater began to leak from the top of the tank. By the morning of 04/10/08 it began also leaking from the bottom. This of course meant that we had to turn off all hot water to our home. I contacted AHS on 04/10/08 at 11:08AM and they assigned a vendor (ARS Rescue Rooter) and I was contacted by ARS Rescue Rooter within an hour and told they would have a technician come out between 1:00PM and 6:00PM the same day. The technician arrived at 2:15PM and I took him to our crawlspace to surmise the problem. Before even making it to the water heater he shook his head and blurted out code violations (apparently the ARS Rescue Rooter illicit M.O.). To my surprise because I had just purchased the home 2 years prior and we had the crawlspace area thoroughly inspected. He made a call to AHS for approval and I waited to hear about coverage information. I was contacted by AHS within about 30 minutes, approximately 2:55PM. The AHS Rep. told me that they would cover the water heater because the problem was due to normal wear but he said that he was informed by the vendor that there were code issues in relation to the water heater that would cost an additional $900.00 out of pocket. I spoke with the technician and he stated that he could not perform ANY work without doing ALL the work due to County laws and ARS Rescue Rooter policy. I then asked the technician to provide me with a written copy of the estimate, to my shock he refused and stormed off (right across our new sod, as a mention to his mindset in regard to respect for clientele).

The proper protocol ARS Rescue Rooter (herein also referred to as ARS) should have followed as a professions is as follows; to resolved the water heater quandary; then the representative should have given me a detailed invoice (I was never given any detailed information in writing as requested) stating services performed by him/ARS Rescue Rooter and listed any concerns he felt should be addressed. He then could have pulled a permit or I could have as the home owner and any alleged code violations found upon inspection are STRICTLY the responsibility of the property owner, period. Certainly not a vendor hired to resolve an urgent situation issue by a Home Warranty Company. In truth there were no code violations as confirmed by an authentic professional and an inspector. The ONLY additional work possibly considered necessary, not under warranty by AHS, was the compression tank and that is only required if we upgrade the tank we currently had, not simply replace with a comparable item. By the way, the expansion tank is a $20.00 item retail if we had of requested a new one to be installed, and at no time did we request to have ARS to remove our old unit.

A very long story shorter; I contacted AHS to inform them of the misconduct, attempted extortion and exploitation of a client in a vulnerable situation. I was informed by AHS that I could opt for the Cash Out Option but I would have to wait. To add insult to injury AHS finally offered me a Cash Out offer of $165.00 to cover the cost of the water heater and the labor to repair it. I have since verified with the County and a legitimate plumber that the alleged code violation pointed out by the technician were in fact erroneous and I have had to have the problem repaired on my own at a total cost of $379.44 just for the water heater with labor, and this was at a substantially discounted price from a well known service provider. The lack of cooperation in resolving our issue from AHS is in direct violation of our agreement, resulting in our home having no hot water for four days due directly to the fact that we counted on AHS and as a direct result of providing a contractor (ARS Rescue Rooter) that practices illicit and unscrupulous business practices, preying on the vulnerable.

Please keep in mind that I am a GA State licensed Master Electrician and a GA State licensed Residential Real Estate Specialist. I deal with these types of situations daily with my clients as well as various trades and inspectors, including all local authorities. I have recommended American Home Shield many times in the past to clients because AHS paints such a convincing picture. American Home Shield - It seems like a good idea -- prepaid home maintenance, basically a service contract or extended warranty on your house. The AHS booklet states, Commitment to your total satisfaction, That is why we back every job we do with the unique money back guarantee shown on the back of your home warranty ... AHS guarantees that all approved covered service repairs will be completed to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with that service received, we will work with you until you are satisfied or we will refund the trade service fee. Unfortunately, I have found from many other consumers in researching AHS on the internet that too often AHS Home Warranty doesn't work out that way ... and when it comes time to deliver; AHS does not even make an attempt at providing adequate, competent service to their clientele at a time of need. I am now doing as much damage control as I feasible can in regard to rescinding previous recommendations for American Home Shield I have made to my clients.

Bottom line, I have been in no way compensated for the four days we were forced to live with cold water only in our home due directly to negligence on the part of American Home Shield. Had I realized that we would be unable to count on American Home Shield I would have had a new water heater installed the same day as the problem occurred. I know several honest plumbing contractors due to my daily field activities. In addition, American Home Shield has fallen well short of proper compensation for our water heater quandary, even at a fundamental cost level, by any standard.

After I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau AHS did send another check for an additional $150.00.

To sum up, service was never provided nor was adequate compensation; which is in direction violation of our agreement. This act by AHS and failure to react responsibly when required nullifies any and all agreements that may have been in effect prior to the morning of 04/10/08 leaving a full amount still due of $312.00.


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9eb2d7b8, 2008-07-03, 11:42AM CDT

Dear Mr. Tamke (President of ServiceMaster),

I am writing to inform you of the terrible, and more importantly, dishonest service, that I have received from American Home Shield (AHS). We are also cancelling the renewal of our AHS policy for next year. I will not bore you with the details, but the bottom line is that on at least nine separate occasions, plumbers came out to inspect and fix the problem. Unfortunately, all that they did was short term fixes (closed auger and hydrojet). I am including the receipts from each visit (it should be noted we paid at least $60 for every visit). We finally received a visit from a plumber who gave us an honest appraisal today. When he called AHS, he was instructed to leave the house. My wife called AHS and was promptly informed that the claim would be denied, although the representative could not explain why. I regrettably had to leave work at noon today (I am a Soldier) to attend to this ongoing matter. Since then, I have spoken to four different representatives, Mr. Brian Lauter being the last, and still, no one will tell me what the problem is or why it is or is not covered. On several occasions I asked that AHS work with us and do the right thing. Unfortunately, this was to no avail.

The bottom line is that my wife and I have been given the run around all day, and have been strung along from the very time this problem first surfaced approximately nine months ago. I am truly upset with how AHS has treated us and am therefore cancelling the renewal of our policy, effective immediately. Additionally, I am carefully considering contacting both the media and the Better Business Bureau. I am also considering seeking legal representation in order to obtain full reimbursement for this breach of contract.


Colin Cusack

3d21c98a, 2008-07-21, 11:59AM CDT


They are a company who who like any insurance company.

My own code of trade workman ship and how I treat a person when I am in their home to be 180 degrees apart.

Every word that I have read in the above posting are true. You see that have a cost limit that they give the venders.

So if you want to make a profit you have to fine code violation in every job you do or the vender will lose money on the deal.

Lets face it, if you are paying 400.00 a year for a contract 1 water heater would eat that up.


7a9e0658, 2008-09-11, 04:48PM CDT

How to beat home warranty companies at their own game

I have discovered how aggrieved homeowners can turn the tables on home warranty companies and beat them at their own game. Please share this with everyone you know.

I??m an attorney and after having a problem with my home warranty company, American Home Shield, I decided to investigate whether other homeowners had experienced the same or a similar problem. What I found were web sites devoted to consumer complaints on which numerous homeowners had recounted incidents of fraud, deception, and rip-offs by their home warranty company. I also found a blog written by a former American Home Shield employee and another written by a former plumber for a home warranty company. Both recounted situations that would not pass the ??smell test?? in a court of law.

I also investigated lawsuits that had been filed against American Home Shield in Georgia, which is where I live. I found about 15 cases. The majority of cases had been filed in small claims court. As I reviewed the cases, I discovered that none of the cases had been litigated. In every instance, the case had been settled to the Plaintiff??s satisfaction although the details of each settlement were not part of the case file. With the knowledge that all cases had been settled to the homeowners?? satisfaction, I realized that American Home Shield would settle with an aggrieved homeowner before allowing a case to go to trial. My conclusion is that the only thing aggrieved homeowners need to do to beat home warranty companies at their own game is to file suit. The last thing American Home Shield wants to do is litigate a homeowner??s claim and the reasons are obvious to me.

The most obvious reason American Home Shield would not want to litigate a claim is that in most instances, the cost to American Home Shield to settle a claim would be less than the cost to litigate. The average amount of a claim in the cases I found was $3,800.00. Two were for less than $1,000.00 and only one was for more than $10,000.00. I??m sure far more than the 15 homeowners who have filed lawsuits in Georgia have had their claims denied. American Home Shield wins when a claim is denied and the homeowner does not sue, which is exactly what American Home Shield is counting on homeowners not doing.

Another reason American Home Shield does not want to litigate is because the company does not want to have to defend its craftily drafted contract or its questionable business practices, which is exactly what it would have to do if a case went to trial. American Home Shield also does not want such information to become public knowledge, which is also likely to happen. Additionally, a judge or a jury would also be hard pressed to return a verdict favorable to a company that engages in questionable business practices.

The final reason American Home Shield does not want to litigate is because a lawsuit actually places American Home Shield in a precarious situation. American Home Shield would have a difficult time defending any claim by a homeowner because the company has no first hand knowledge about the claim; it would need the testimony of the service contractor who, for its own reasons, may be less than eager to testify. The only knowledge American Home Shield has is what the company has been told by the service contractor. And any testimony from American Home Shield about what it was told by the service contractor is hearsay and not admissible in court.

To defend a claim, American Home Shield would need to subpoena the service contractor who actually made the diagnosis to testify about the claim. If the homeowner has done his/her homework, he/she would subpoena witnesses who could dispute the witnesses for American Home Shield. The homeowner should subpoena one or more service companies who had been called either for a second opinion or to make the actual repairs to dispute the testimony of the American Home Shield service contractor. The homeowner might also consider locating one or more other aggrieved homeowners to testify about their problem with American Home Shield. Another good witnesses for the homeowner to subpoena would be a former service contractor for the home warranty company or a former employee of a service contractor.

Since American Home Shield has at least three significant reasons why it does not want to litigate, the best and easiest way an aggrieved homeowner can beat American Home Shield at their own game (and most likely any other home warranty company) is to file suit. The one thing for an aggrieved homeowner to keep in mind is that if he/she does not sue, the home warranty company will win. But if he/she sues, the homeowner will most likely win. And that is how an aggrieved homeowner can beat American Home Shield at their own game.

My advice to aggrieved homeowners is not to stress over a denied claim, the denial of a situation as an emergency, repeated ??band-aid repairs,?? or a delay in authorization or in the repair of an item. I would also advise a homeowner not to waste time arguing with American Home Shield but to set a reasonable deadline for the appropriate action. Upon expiration of the deadline without receiving satisfaction from American Home Shield, the homeowner should then proceed as if they did not have a home warranty and then sue American Home Shield for reimbursement. The homeowner should also remember to document every action or inaction by both himself/herself and American Home Shield. Although the disadvantage to the homeowner is initially having to pay for the repairs, the advantage is that the homeowner can choose the service contractor and the brands and quality of products. I won??t guarantee all aggrieved homeowners will prevail every time but I have good reason to believe most aggrieved homeowners will prevail the majority of time.

For aggrieved homeowners whose claims were denied at sometime in the past, you may still be able to sue for reimbursement. To make that determination, the homeowner needs to research the statute of limitation for suing on a contract in their state. In any event, a homeowner should be safe filing suit for a claim that was denied during the past twelve (12) months.

Within the next six months, instead of reading homeowner??s stories about being scammed and ripped off by their home warranty company, I want to read stories about how homeowners turned the tables and beat their home warranty company at their own game.

If anyone has any questions, I can be contacted at [email protected]

Good luck.

625248a6, 2008-10-04, 07:44PM CDT

I am sooo surprised to read this!!! The same EXACT thing happened to us with American Home Shield, we live in California. The ripoff plumbing contractor came in our home to check our water heater, claimed we were in violation of city codes and told AHS they refused to do the job unless we paid them to do the repairs. To their surprise, I called our City code compliance, had them come out and check our water heater and surrounding area. They said (and put in writing) the area was to code no problems. I NEVER received an apology from AHS nor the contractor for all the pressure and lies put on us plus days lost with cold water only. In our case we wound up paying another plumber to put the water heater in, sent the bill and City paperwork to AHS , we were reimbursed only $200.00. We've had this service (AHS)15 years!!!!! The service is getting worse and worse, less covered items and constant rip off contractors. Be Careful!!!

9f7867e1, 2008-11-06, 03:30PM CST

Absolute ripoff! Every time a technician comes, collects $55 for a visit, and finds a reeason to do nothing. electrical broke - he found something not up to the code (and what house doesn't have something not up to the code)? refrigerator broke - ice maker is not covered. garage opener broke - garage door is too heavy and only if i pay technician $500 it will magically become ok.

7d2145b5, 2009-01-07, 10:37PM CST


I had a plumbing issue and AHS sent out a sub-standard plumber who didn't even have an extension cord to fix it. After he stayed 10 minutes and collected the $55.00 maintenance fee, he told me I had "roots in my line" and left. American Home Shield called me immediately to say they wouldn't cover any plumbing issues for me in the future until I resolved the root issue. The plumber left without checking to see if the line was clear, the toilets flushed and the sinks drained. He left his dirty rubber gloves on my window seal. Long story short, I ended up calling the county, who said it was their issue since the stoppage was in the street line and not on my property line. I will cancel my policy after it runs out this year.

25b9690b, 2009-06-28, 07:46AM CDT

My parents purchased a "top of the line" Carrier A/C unit ($10,000) in January (2009)from ARS/Rescue Rooter. The "service agreement" includes 2 "free" maintenance checkups. As with the previous complaint, ARS Rescue's services has been questionable. The technicians all have behaved professionally, but I don't know if they are really knowledgeable about A/C units. I live a distance from my parents so I depend on the company to perform according to their agreement.

The first maintenance appointment was scheduled for May 19, 2009. Then on May 28th when the thermostat (more efficient we were told) registered "error", the whole unit stopped. My 88 year-old mother had been rushed to the hospital earlier. It's not been determined if it was the heat that caused her problem. My mother has many health problems so surely doesn't need 85+ degree temps in the home. The technician stated a new circuit board was needed.

ARS Rescue (of Largo, FL) came again the next day (May 29th) and replaced the circuit board, a control board, found and fixed a short they noticed outside.

Then on June 11th, the thermostat registered an "error" again. The ARS repair person came out and determined there was too much refrigerant and removed some of it. June 12th I called as it still didn't seem cool enough- they told me it would take many more hours and to lower the temperature. If finally did cool down, but then on June 27th the thermostat registered "error" AGAIN with a temperature reading of 84 degrees.

I called ARS again and reminded them that I had told them before if I had to call again on this NEW unit, that I would expect a replacement. So far there have been no costs, but if the unit operates like this in the first six months, imagine what we have to look forward to for the next 10-15 years!

I called ARS yesterday at 1:30pm and finally at 8:30pm a technician arrived and stated that turning the power off and then back on would reset the thermostat. Sounded plausible When I called my father an hour later (10pm) on June 27th, it was 88 degrees in his place. I called ARS AGAIN. The answer: we will send out a technician as soon as possible.

Last night I emailed the Carrier Corp. (mfr the unit) about the inferiority of their product, requesting a response from them and now I will go ahead and contact the local media about the failure of ARS to fix this A/C unit that poses a health hazard for my elderly parents. (fortunately my mother is in a rehab unit and my dad spends most of the day there, but the nights are very hot here in FL.)

I would NOT recommend ARS Rescue anywhere in the country, nor would I recommend Carrier A/C.

At this point, I will call a reputable company to fix this unit, as I cannot risk my parents' health, but I feel it is my duty to let other consumers know so I will get the word out to the public in all venues possible.

9dcf8fd4, 2009-08-27, 10:42PM CDT

I read reviews like these on the internet 2-3 years ago when I signed up for American Home Shield coverage. I called the company and a sales guy said he was aware of them, but that they represented a small percentage of customers and the company was working to improve. I thought he gave an honest and sincere response, so I entered into a contract. For years all I ever needed was an occasional visit to fix the refrigerator or plumbing, so it only cost me the $60 service fee. Of course, I was pumping $45 into AHS monthly--mainly in the hope that they would pay for our heat & air system if it ever broke down. It's an old gas furnace that might be original with our 40-year old we bought in 2000. I looked at my $45 as an investment towards the inevitable replacement.

But just this week our 9 year old Amana washer broke. It had been on it's way out for some time. Finally the axle gave way and the tub tilted off center, stopping mid-cycle. What happened next is a story of deceit and incompetence. First I submitted an online service request to AHS. They wrote that the Greenway Home Service in Nashville would be in touch. When no one called, I phoned them only to find out they had just ONE technician and he was booked into the following week. That was unacceptable, so I called AHS and they said they'd find an alternate repair company, which turned out to be Sears. Sears was supposed to come out on a certain morning, and when it appeared they wouldn't show up before I had to leave for work, I called the number AHS gave me and was told the tech would call me back to reschedule. But instead of calling me to reschedule, he left voice-mail on my cell phone and went ahead with the service call while I was not at home! He reported to AHS that I had overloaded the washer and broken it, so of course AHS denied the claim as being beyond normal wear-and-tear. When I told them the washer was 9 years old and had been showing signs of breaking for some time, they offered to send someone out for a 2nd opinion. In the meantime, some company called A & E Parts called saying Sears had ordered a "massive amount" of parts for my washer and asked if I wanted them. I said no, since there had been no contact with the repairman (not even paperwork was left) and I hadn't a clue what he ordered. Days later a couple of guys showed up for the 2nd opinion from a company called DirectTech in Donelson. They couldn't have been much over 20. They were sort of glassy eyed and one of them never even opened his mouth. I told them about the visit from Sears and that I wasn't home to inform the tech that the washer didn't just suddenly break from abuse but had been showing signs of wear-and-tear for some time due to normal use and age.

Shortly I heard from "John" at AHS and he said the 2nd team corroborated the Sears report, adding that the unit was rusted from exposure to the elements. When I said it was in an enclosed utility room next to the furnace with a dehumidifier running constantly, it made no difference to him. He said he always tried to err on the side of the customer, but that he was obligated to go by the technicians' reports. He added some nonsense about the appliance being in proper working order, and I said emphatically it had worked for nine years! (Besides, if it was in working order, why would I call for repairs?) I told him I strongly disagreed with their assumptions and asked how to appeal. He gave me a number to Customer Relations/Disputes and a very curt man who gave no name told me bluntly there was no recourse. So I decided to call the customer service number listed on the AHS website and talked with a woman who seemed to be very empathetic. She agreed that the team from DirectTech couldn't have known for certain if I was running too heavy loads and that the location in an attached, enclosed laundry room should not have affected the decision to deny my claim. I expressed my concern that the same type of arbitrary decision could be made about the furnace if and when it broke. She said she'd look into and put me on hold (for 10 minutes!) and came back saying her supervisor said the claim denial had nothing to do with location, but was solely based on the abnormal wear-and-tear to the unit which my warranty did not cover. She also had nothing concrete to say about my furnace question. I told her I was very disappointed because I thought she was going to be more of an advocate. It was obvious she'd been put in her place by her boss and couldn't help if she wanted to. So I said I wanted to terminate my contract. She connected me to yet another department and a disinterested party closed out my account without even asking why.

So the hundreds of dollars I paid to AHS were wasted and now I have to buy a new washer myself. I wish I had taken these other peoples' stories more seriously back when my mortgage company (Regions Bank) first sent me a flier advertising AHS. This company and the vendors it contracts with seem to be in a conspiracy of fraud and deception. I will never do business with a company owned by ServiceMaster again. In fact, I called Terminix to cancel my policy simply because they, too, are owned by ServiceMaster. I may even confer with my attorney as I imagine a lawsuit would not be hard to win.

My advice is to pay close attention to boards like this one where consumers have taken time to post how they've been misled and robbed by unscrupulous companies like American Home Shield. I wish I had done so years ago.

f6bd1e70, 2009-09-02, 02:57PM CDT

On August 14,2009, American Home Shield sent a plumber to look at our hot water heaters that were making loud banging noises. The plumber said they needed to be replaced. AHS decided NOT to replace them. On September 1,2009 our hot water heater burst and our ceiling collapsed into our kitchen. AHS is not willing to pay for secondary damages even though AHS knew that there was a problem and decided not to address it until our ceiling fell into our kitchen. Now AHS is to only replace one of the heaters. I am filing a complaint with the Texas Real Estate Commission. I have been waiting for a call from customer relations and have not received one yet. This is unethical, and on some level consumer fraud. AHS knew that there was a problem before the heater burst and they chose not to replace the heater, now we have a big mess on our hands and they simply are refusing to pay for damages and even replace the 2nd heater until it burst and the ceiling falls again. This is

a problem and someone has got to hold them accountable.

Damage Resulting = A 4' x 4' section of insulation and sheetrock fell into our kitchen and there is water damage to our hardwood floors in the kitchen.

cc5abbf9, 2009-09-29, 05:40PM CDT

Atrocious. We had a pipe get clogged limiting the use of our dishwasher, washer, kitchen sink, garage sink. And American Home Shield said they had 4 hours after business started to contact a service provider, that service provider has up to 72 hours to set an appointment. I am distrustful of this organization. No where on its advertising does it list that they can take 72 hours to respond to a clogged pipe. When I complained they said I could pay the expedite fee. I asked why I was paying American Home Shield then. He did not answer. Probably no good answer.

c9624f8b, 2010-01-22, 04:35PM CST

Absolutely, could not agree more. This company does not tell you the truth, contracts with the bottom of the barrel when it comes to technicians, and has one thing in mind: charging you and not paying for anything that breaks or goes wrong, regardless of whether it is covered under your policy.

You will be sorry you wasted your money on this company. After 6 years of trying to deal with them I have had it and I will be looking elsewhere for home warranty coverage. For those of you who pay by credit card dispute the charges through your credit card company. My decision to post this comes after multiple first hand attempts at getting items fixed, everything from HVAC systems to water heaters to boilers. They are an insurance company and they DO NOT MAKE MONEY BY PAYING OUT CLAIMS. BUYERS BEWARE. YOU WILL BE SORRY.

0b29e234, 2010-01-31, 05:03PM CST

I wish I had seen this site 3 months ago. I had no idea what kind of delay tactics I was in for when i reported my dishwasher was leaking lots of water. I won't go into all the details but suffice to say they have mastered every stall tactic available. They could not find a appliance technician to service a Miele dishwasher and have strung me along to no end. i finally told them that i had the right to locate and use my own repairman and had to call for a Miele factory authorized person. When they heard what it was going to cost to repair it, they said it was cheaper to replace it and they offered me a GE Profile dishwasher brand new. Nothing against GE, but it is not Miele and sells for about a third of the price. They told me that the contract states that they only have to replace with an item with similar features. My kitchen has custom built-in appliances and the GE will not fit in the space that i have for the Miele. When i told them that it wouldn't fit, their response was "our contract states that we don't have to replace it with an item that fits!" Does anyone know if that is true? They did say they would give me the amount of the GE dishwasher toward a new dishwasher. $590.00 unfortunately, the new Miele is a lot more then than. This contract is worthless and we are canceling it. i got this policy to make my life easier, i could have taken care of this in a week if they hadn't kept promising me they were dealing with it.

c4956288, 2010-02-08, 03:56PM CST

American Home Shield is not a good company. I had a leak in my tub faucet. I called AHS. They sent a plumbing company to my house. The plumbers had to take a picture of the leaking faucet and then call AHS to see if it was covered. That was crazy because when I called AHS, I told them what the problem was and they said it was covered. The plumber then said he needed to check my water pressure to the house. He discovered it was very high. Then he said that for $635, they could replace some type of valve on my water line to bring it up to code. AHS called me and said that unless the plumbers that they sent replaced the valve, that they could not fix the leak in my bathtub faucet. I told them to leave. Then I called a plumber on my own. AHS is a rip-off. I had my faucet fixed for $90.00.

bf6eaf0d, 2010-02-18, 04:15PM CST

February 2010

My claim for leaky bathtub faucet valves because the knobs were not on when the "repairman" looked at it. I offered to replace the knobs and turn the knob for him so he could see that the problem was obvious but he practically ran out the door to call AHS. The leak had caused the tile to fall so we had cleaned it up to sell the house so he said that the site was not intact. Claim denied. They said that they would fix it for about $600.00 so I told them that when the warranty expired in two months I would not be renewing with them.

56b5fda5, 2010-03-31, 12:09PM CDT

This company is a front company for the Gangstalking, Surveillance and Harassment Network, run by your own government, that is, by the US's "security" agencies. Their job is to harass targets (God only knows how targets end up in their crosshairs) by "intensifying the annoyances of everyday life." Harass, harass aka neutralize in theirspeak. A Fascist state is on the rise in America and it uses "below the radar" and evade legal detection type tactics.

c7451d30, 2010-04-03, 05:45PM CDT

AHS is the worst warranty company ever, I would highly suggest to cancel with them as soon as possible if you are with them. They continue to charge your card without letting you know if you want to renew service with them. Another, is they don't cover everything and their service is absolutely ridculious, end up paying $500+ to fix a garage door which they don't cover practically anything, and still had to pay $50 bucks on top of that for calling them. I will file a report on this company as the worst ever service and I will continue to make waves.

02dd86b2, 2010-05-11, 03:34PM CDT

I received AHS coverage for 12 months when I bought my house. There seemed to be some kind of problem with the heat pump in that it cycled cold air into the house after 1, 2 or 3 heating cycles. It seemed like some kind of pressure valve either got stuck or wouldn't "unstick." AHS sent out two different of their 'technicians' of whom told me the system was improperly installed. The other told me it would cost ME around $2000 for a complete repair...even though AHS policy on my home covered the heat-exchanger. I called the original installer of the heat-exchanger (ARS) and they stated it was properly installed. One of the two AHS technicians replaced the heating coil unit located near the main system plenum located above the garage. One of the two AHS technicians wanted to sell me all new duct work as well.

To this date (3 years later) the heat pump continues to pump cold air cyclically during the cold winter months in Central Florida.

I, also, would NEVER trust AHS (American Home Shield) to again do anything connected with my home. And now, when I --in the future-- need to replace the heat exchanger, I will research locally and contact a well-regarded vendor.

52984a62, 2010-07-09, 10:29AM CDT

This is in reference to American Homeshield (AHS) and ARS Rescue Rooter (ARS) of Dallas. I have used AHS for years, and sadly, have become used to the delays, additional charges, etc. AHS uses ARS for plumbing and air conditioning, though according to the ARS website, they are not licensed to do AC work in my county. I am currently in the midst of an air conditioner problem that is now two weeks ongoing.

Called AHS on June 23, appt scheduled for June 26th before noon, showed up at 2:30 PM - no call to let us know. Had to get a part, scheduled another appt for June 30 AM.

June 30 AM - after waiting at home for 6 hrs, called ARS and was informed the part was not in. Rescheduled to July 2nd AM

July 2nd - we again had a morning appt (before noon). They finally showed up at 6:00 PM, (6 hours late) no call to let us know. replaced the coil (this is a major job), completed at 10:30 PM, but realized they needed another part, said someone would be her first thin in the morning. I called about 10:00 AM and they finally showed up about noon, replaced the part and we had AC.

Two days later, no AC. I looked at the work they did. Air leaks around the new coil, the duct plenum was warped, very shoddy taping around the ducts, overall D- work. Then I checked the compressor and found that the suction line was kinked in two places.

July 6th I called again to ARS, was told I had to call AHS to schedule a re-call. I did, and called ARS back the next day as I had not heard from them. They said they would work me in. At 6:40 I received a call that a tech was on the way. at 10:30 PM I went to bed,,, still no tech. I called ARS back that night also, but the after hours people had no useful information. I called back the next day (July 9th at 7:30 AM) and was told a tech would be here by 8:30. At 9:00 AM, I got a call from ARS saying the tech would be here at 9:30. He showed up at 10:00 and is working on my AC unit as I type this.

c5f8f2b0, 2010-08-05, 03:38PM CDT

Thank you for warning people about this. We also have had terrible experience with American Home Shield/ We've had 3 different contractors out for various things and 2 of those times we had to escalate issues because the contractor broke what he was there to fix. AHS has been of no help in these situations. DO NOT Sign up for this Service. You'll be sorry.

0c4eab8b, 2010-09-03, 07:57PM CDT

I've been without hot water heater for 24 days now

80e5d27f, 2011-01-24, 06:17AM CST

I also have AHS warranty and now as of today 1/24/11 we are 24hrs NO HEAT, we had the furnace replaced on 2/17/10, and we told them that the size furnace they put in was not adequate to heat entire home but they said it should be and now again it is not working, here we go again.Our furnace died yesterday or maybe , Sat night. When we called at 7:30am Sunday (1/23/11), we were told someone would call us within 2 hours and no call so we called back, and where told that they called 3 people and no one wanted to come out due to it being Sunday and playoffs for NFL. So therefore we had to go out and buy 2 more space heaters, to be able to deal with all this. Our home is 2400 sq.ft. and we had to close off 1/2 of it to be able to stand it being so cold. Then still no call or nothing so I called again to find out when someone would be coming out and was told abruptly that they sent an email and I should read it, and when I said why didn't they call and let us know what was going on they were very rude and said to check email. Believe me we are very upset and would like any help with this as to what can we do? They told us that they weren't going to reimburse us for the heaters and we spend about $600.yr for this service what service is this. Very upset in 24hr no heat SC.

jim o., 2012-09-28, 08:42PM CDT

It took them 3 days and me calling them for AHS to state, oh, your water heater is not covered because the failure began to occur prior to the contract.How can this happen?? We had just purchased the home 4 days prior. Mind you, the contractor that came out stated that it was covered. So, if you have an appliance that fails, chances are it started to fail before their contract so save your money!!!!!!!! they are a rip off!!!!check the BBB and see the complaints!!

In addition, the part that failed was the baffle that is located inside the water heater. AHS claims that is a piece of the vent system and not part of a water heater. Odd, as when I purchased a new water heater, it came with the baffle. I never went to a store and purchased a baffle off the have to order one... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! YOU WILL BE would be better to throw your money out the window...

fec0b252, 2014-06-25, 07:30PM CDT

Well folks, I wrote a lengthy email with all the details and then had it wiped out when my screen refreshed! I won't bother re- typing it. Instead, here are just the facts:

I've been paying AHS for about 8 yrs. today they are trying to deny a claim for a new AC condenser by lying to me and saying that the tech told them that the condenser failed due to lack of maintenance. I know for a fact that is not true, and the tech will confirm that.

I'm going to give AHS 3 days to fix my AC and then I'll be getting it fixed myself and filing a claim in Forsyth County Georgia small claims court. I don't know what the court docket looks like yet, but it's a fair assumption that the soonest a court date can be set will be in Aug or Sept 2014

If you are here in Atlanta and have reasonable proof of malfeasance from AHS, are an ex-AHS employee or contractor with a story to tell, I invite you to contact me before the end of Aug 2014. We're going to take a bite out of crime.

My email is [email protected] (temp address just for this post to avoid future spam. But I will be monitoring it for the next few months, so go ahead and email me).




Looks like their registered agent (CT Corporation System) is in Fulton County, so that's where the case will be heard. Thank you legalcohen for pointing that out.

ALFREDO R O., 2014-11-26, 10:49AM CST

I operate an appliance repair company. My advice: Find a reputable small (low overhead) company that you are comfortable with and simply call them WHEN something breaks. Yes, that means that you should understand how to operate a SAVINGS ACCOUNT for when things break. Take whatever you would pay into these criminal warranty companies wallets and put into this savings account. Thinking that you can pay $45 a month and your washer, dryer water heater etc will be replaced like magic is foolish thinking. The warranty company CAN NOT AFFORD to do this, and thus WILL NOT. So stop thinking like a 15 year old teenager and grow the fk up. Deal with repairs like an adult and stop hoping that some magical mommy warranty company will take care of you....BECAUSE THEY DON'T! They are ALL SCAMS. They don't pay us contractors and so the ones that actually take work from these criminals game the system too, guess who is on the bottom of the food chain...yep that's right...YOU.

Stephan R., 2015-03-06, 10:28AM CST

AHS is a bad company and is a waste of money. We have given them $50 a month for the past ten years on our new custom built home. After ten years pour water heater in the garage started leaking. We called AHS to get a contractor to replace it. After 48 hours we finally got called by the unlicensed plumber who arrived two days later. The technician exclaimed that because this was a LP Gas unit he could not touch it and called AHS to schedule another company. I called AHS again and was told they would send out another plumber. I asked them to verify the plumber had the proper license to work on LP (propane) gas units and they said they would. I got an email they notified yet another unlicensed contractor. So, I called AHS again and explained this was an emergency and they were paid to send a licensed plumber to do a proper job. They called another contractor and I got the email. I called them and same story that they were not licensed to do work on LP gas units. I called AHS again and each call is a different person and explained this should not be happening. They need to make sure the plumber they call is capable of working on the LP gas units. I gave the AHS three plumbers in my area that were recommended by our propane supplier. The AHS attempted to send yet another unlicensed plumber. I called them again and finally talked to a person with a brain! She said because it was over three plumbers called and that I had been waiting for five days to get hot water that AHS would waive the $75 fee. She called a plumber that was in fact licensed to do the work and he arrived that afternoon. He said that AHS seldom calls him but the bottom line is I needed a new water heater. He called AHS for authorization for the new Water heater and they gave it. He drove to one supply house about an hour away and they didn't have it, so he drove to one that was near our house and got one. He brought it back and I helped him unload it from his truck. We took the old unit out. I put in a new 24" drain pan and gave him two new hoses for the supply and return lines to use in the install. The plumber said he wasn't going to charge us for the removal of the old unit. I asked him what it normally cost to remove the old one and he said usually $85. While he was installing the unit AHS called me and told me that I would need to pay the plumber an additional $125 to remove the old unit and an additional $82 to bring the unit up to code. I asked the AHS if they had any involvement with this or is this something the plumber standing here would discuss and collect if needed. He explained that AHS was not involved after many additional questions. So I told him thank you for his advice and bid him goodbye! The plumber did a good job and said that AHS told him they waived the $75 dollar fee. He took the old water heater and did not charge me for it because of the lies and cheating which AHS caused. I will use them again and highly recommend youngs plumbing in Fort Worth. This work was completed on 2/16/2015. Today I got an invoice from AHS for the $75 for the service fee! I called AHS and they said I had to pay it. I filed complaints with the Texas Attorney general for deceptive trade practices used by AHS, I filed complaints with the BBB and consumer protection agencies of the federal government. and am filing a formal complaint with the texas Board of Insurance for the deceptive trade actions of AHS. I. Will send AHS the $75 they said they would waive so I can prove additional damages for their deception. My $50 per month for the past ten years is a waste of money. If I has put that into any growth fund it would more than pay for all repairs needed to all appliances, Water heaters, HVAC systems, etc. in our home. If you buy a new home save yourself the agrivation of dealing with AHS and put the same money into a special account for repairs and you will save time, heart beats, and a great deal of money. Sue them every time and complain to State agencies. In my opinion AHS is worthless and extremely difficult to do any business with as they are cheats, thieves, and worse.

henry a., 2015-03-06, 11:51AM CST

First of all, allow me to say "YOU STUPID PEOPLE" Home warranties are not money making machines for YOU, they make money for THEM. So if you FOOLISHLY think for one second that you are going to get more than you put in...or even think you will get back anything CLOSE to what you put in...YOU ARE A FOOL! I do HVAC and APPLIANCE repairs for these stupid warranty companies all the time. I can perform a BETTER REPAIR at about 1/2 or 1/3 the cost of the stupid contract plus repair 'fee' when you simply CALL ME when something breaks.. geez so tired of seeing stupid decisions!

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