incredimail - completely frustraited

Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 12:46pm CDT by 344410ed


Company: incredimail

Location: US

Category: Other

i purchased increimail premium several months ago, after installation, i went to download some more backgrounds, that where part of the gold section of choices, and all it did was redirect me to purchase the gold offer. so then i copied the registration # i was given at purchase, and pasted it into enter registration bar in help menu, and it gives me a website address- purchase@incredimail .com. but of course it is not a legitament address.

i am very dissappointed with this situation, i love the idea of the cool letter backgrounds, emotioacons, mail announcers, etc. it is ashame that it now seems oddvious to me that it is just a scam. if this product was a usable one, it would be my most favorite e-mail applications, an i would gladdly be a purchassing consumer, HINT, HINT, to anyone who might be creating or has created a simular app. that actualy works!!!!!!


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