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Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 8:07am CDT by a5a97049

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I am a user of reliance phone I have taken prepaid connection in Aug 2006. Since i had taken prepaid connection there were some signals problems where ever i go even then i have continued because i have purchased phone from them and it cannot be used for any other GSM phone. Although i had information that i should not go with reliance i have done a big mistake of taking connection which is the biggest mistake i have done.

But recently i have applied for convertion from prepaid to post paid on 26/04/2008 by paying 330/- and the bill number is 2349775225 and they said with in 2 days it will be converted into postpaid, with out any service distrubance, it took them 1 week to convert but in the process i am not getting any incomming calls and STD facility has not been given. This has continued till 14/05/2008 and i fought with reliance and took the back advance money and i requested them to convert back to prepaid once again. There is a confirmation mail from reliance saying that my phone has been converted in to prepaid but it is not converted.

I have taken specifically STD package to do STD calls but they have not activivated because of there internal problems and i got confirmation message from reliance on 29th May saying that STD is activated it took them excatly one month to do this service. In this process i have taken new connection from Vodafone and i have taken new mobile also by spending 6000/- in the mid may.

Now they have send me the bill of 621/- on 24th May due date is June 10th.

I wrote a mail to reliance saying that please take back my mobile since it is use less for me and it is not used for any other GSM connection and they are not replying to me.

What i have to do.Please guide me.



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b6e8a411, 2013-03-14, 06:17AM CDT

reliance gsm always fraud with me means my reliance gsm number i.e 8010207032 fraud in the sense of unwanted balance deduction, apply value added services with my consent, not return the balance of unwanted deduction, misbehaves from customer care representatives,not provide notification of services like data plans expire dates and apply 3g data charges, reliance communication not care about its customers.

I think that reliance communication has a lot of customers so that if any customer change its service provider through MNP its not affect the revenue of the company but when the customer use bad word against the company then the company lose its goodwill of little bit and also its revenue.

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