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Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 7:04am CDT by 51498fa9

Company: Rainsoft

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Last night we had the free water test from Home Depot - Rainsoft. We thought it was going to be 45 minutes tops from what the woman told us in the store and then get a $20 gift card to HD.

The guy Don Donahue rambled on for an hour and a half before we said ok, enough. Tell us the price and get out. Then he had a hissy fit. He started packing up his suitcase of chemicals loudly and then told us that we should be more professional. I told him that he shouldn't waste people's time.



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62125e92, 2008-08-24, 03:32PM CDT

Had the same experience. These guys are jerks...it wouldn't matter if they had an excellent product at a fair price because they are total con jobs and I REFUSE to ever do business with people like this. Home Depot should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these guys in their stores. I thought I was the first or something but apparently, this has been going on for some time across the USA.

c8a9fefb, 2008-08-27, 11:52AM CDT

Thanks. That is what I figured when I reluctantly made the appointment. Where do I call to cancel?

ab631863, 2008-08-30, 07:22AM CDT

I think there are unprofessional people in every feild of a career.I do however believe that just b/c one seed is bad it doesn't make the "WHOLE" tree bad.

edf10792, 2008-09-05, 01:04PM CDT

We got the same call form Home Depot, we were offered aa free gas card for 100.00 dollars or a 20 gift card at home depot. We asked for the 100 dollar gas card and saked " are there any rules or is this a scam" We were told that we would recive 100 dollars in free gas no mater if we got the water system or not" We went through alsomst 2 hours of the "sales pitch" and in the end was given a price that we could have purchsed two system forr that price. We told him no and he gave us the card to send in for free gas. I sent the card out the same day. The next week or so I recived in the mail a nother card to send out or web site. The scam is you buy the gas and then for every 100 dollars you spend we send you a 25 dollar gas card, and you have to pay a 5 dollar fee to them and get it back when you compleate the program. This is a total scam, sham on home depot. This has me so mad I will not go to that store. I will go to Lowells from now on and if any one asked me about rain soft I would let them know they are a scam operation also. I will file a complant with the State att office.

8abf6b3e, 2008-10-14, 02:01PM CDT

I can tell you that this business is just like any other sales jobs. There are good sales people out there and there are bad ones. Call your local Better Business Bureau and check out the local RainSoft office before making a decision. Our local office is outstanding and their customer satisfaction rating is unmatched. Good luck to you.

252d7fab, 2009-01-03, 03:10PM CST

HOME DEPOT approached Rainsoft about 7 years ago now because they have the only TRUE lifetime warranty on all parts including electrical for as long as you own it. PERIOD.

Ive had cleaner ,healthier water for myself and my family for over 10 years now and we have moved and wouldn`t leave home without it.

I spent 4860.00 on my water then and have reaped every penny back in healthy benefits. It`s now almost doubled in price just like everything else. Some people have no idea what clean water is.

ALL of you people here are BUMBLING IDIOTS to complain about the water and how bad it really is and then be too damn CHEAP to do anything about it.

I would have hated to be Don Donahue in your house of rudeness,,you were the unprofessional ones "tell us the price and get out" typical for cheap skates who only wanted the little 20.00 gift card that you invited them out to give you.I would feel pretty "salty" if I were you.You didnt even let the poor guy do his job.

d340525c, 2009-02-10, 07:34PM CST

That's hallarious..I just had an experience with a rep too. Home Depot seems like too good a store to be tarnishing its image with these shady Rainsoft sales. Our lady went on and on for over an hour before I left and went to pick my son up from practice. While I was gone, she finished but would not tell my wife the price of the system, give a brochure, or a card because she said, "this is a joint decision and your husband needs to be here." I guess they expect you to throw down $5 or $7 grand on the kitchen counter when they're finished..what the hell?

823004db, 2009-02-11, 08:34PM CST

Yes, the Rainsoft guy was totally unprofessional. I just had a session with him. Not only was he late, he refused to gave us the $20 gift card because my wife had to leave during the presentation.

This is a shame to the good name of Home Depot.

9b69ccdd, 2009-02-14, 01:04AM CST

My rep seemed a little shady, but did his demo, and promptly left once we clearly stated we weren't currently interested.

He left a voucher for us to mail to RainSoft here in Grand Prairie, TX to receive our Home Depot gift card, and within four days of mailing it I received the card and went ahead and used it (and yes, it actually did work).

I was nervous at first, but in the end, everything panned out as promised.

5cdc443d, 2009-02-20, 12:37PM CST

Just cancel at the door! Do NOT let them into the door. I tell you this because I am a ex-"water tester"/salesman.

64d31972, 2009-06-12, 06:36PM CDT

The salesperson was ok but everytime we said no he had to call his manager and come up with a different reason for us to buy it. When I ask him how much the total cost would be if you add up the monthly payment he stated "no one has ever ask me that" of course the 5,000 system cost over 8,000 when you add up the payments. To top it off then he gave me the phone to talk to to his manager and we fussed about why I was not going to buy it.

Home Depot stated "we are not going to try to sell anything just test the water"

YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!

I guess they forget to tell the salesman who can to my house and stayed for the last 2 hours.

6efcc881, 2009-10-08, 04:13PM CDT

This last weekend, I had a Tech in Columbus, Ohio come in and test my water.

He was here doing the test for about 30 minutes, he was a few minutes early and we discussed options on how to address my water. After we were done, he handed me the Home Depot gift card and left. Total time in my house was about 38 minutes. I didn't commit to purchasing anything.

8367cf6b, 2009-10-20, 08:58PM CDT

Some sale person calls and claimed that I was the fourth runner up in a $500.00 Home Depot give away. He was not from Home Depot. It was a Rainsoft rep. He kept telling me that I was the fourth runner up in the drawing and finally he said I had won a $20.00 HD gift card and all I had to do was have my water tested. First of all in Florida the caller (by law) is required to tell you the true nature of the call within 30sec. I took him 3 min +. Secondly, I would not matter if you were the 1st or 100th runner up when the gift is the same your going to get the same thing, just get in line. He just used that to try and through me off balance. I told him I was not interested in a water softener. He stated it was not a water softener. I said I already had a filter system. He said it was not ready a filter system. Rainsoft only makes softener and filter systems. He also claimed he did not know what Rainsoft made. The guy was a liar the first moment he opened his mouth.

Home Depot has really messed up here and they gave out my phone. I'm going start shopping eleswhere first. Good by HD.

e6a62ef4, 2010-03-29, 11:51AM CDT

I was about to call Home Depot to have my water tested when I found this site and comments. Two years ago a rep from Home Depot came to my home to test our water to see if our water softener was working. (We were signed up for this free test when we were last in the store.) The rep tested the water & explained all he was doing. Turned out our water softener was working just fine. He left. Since he was straight forward and honest, in fact helpful, we thought to ask for this service again because our plumber wants us to replace our water softener saying it's not working because he can tell just from looking at the water coming out our sink faucet. I doubt that & think he just wants to make some money. i.e. he's not being honest. He also said we should replace a toilet soon but there's nothing wrong with it.

0cd44ada, 2010-06-21, 02:36PM CDT

We had our water test done and were impressed with the Rep and how knowledgeable he was. We knew he was going to try to sell us something, but surprisingly enough, when he was done testing our water, he started to pack up and leave. The test showed that our water was fine, we have well water, it just showed the water had some hardness. We had that feeling any way because we had been experiencing dry skin. So wanting to correct the problem, we inquired about the system, purchased it, and are very happy with it. I was skeptical of course at first but was cool with knowing I didn't Have to commit to anything. After learning about the product, and using it, I am satisfied with it. I have three kids and can't risk them drinking water w all kinds of stuff in it.

39ca20be, 2010-09-21, 10:28AM CDT

Yes, I will most likely start patronizing Lowes after Home Depot basically lied to us about the nature of the water test. We were approached, unsolicited, by a Home Depot employee while shopping for ceiling fans. He said there was no catch and the water test would be quick. It was not made clear at the time that this was a Rainsoft rep would be performing the test. We knew there would be some kind of sales pitch, but we thought it would be an interesting test. The Rainsoft sales guy did his test, then proceeded to sell us hard on the system. After 45 minutes, I finally had to ask "how much is this", which took him another 5 minutes to get to that. They try to throw in for "free" a myriad of cleaning products and soaps, which is of course factored in to the $7000+ cost that was quoted to us for the rainsoft system. The sales guy finally left the house over an hour later after he started the test, in a child-like tizzy saying something to the effect "it's a bummer when you do these tests and people don't buy the system." It's a bummer that he wasted my family's time for over an hour.

Home Depot was being secretive on purpose when they scheduled us for the water test. They don't want you researching Rainsoft before the salesman arrives. Their MO is to pressure you into something before you can do independent research, then quickly schedule an installation the next day before you can change your mind.

Rainsoft Sales Rep was Scott Morgan, in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. I suggest you do business with another company.

eb464062, 2010-11-15, 12:26PM CST

We had the guy come in the other day, and I felt mislead. I thought I was getting an independent water test, not a sales pitch. I don't really mind that he was selling a product, except for the following:

He stained our counter with dye, slammed drawers and knocked items out, used our dishes without permission, and made us smear crisco on the window to show how clean the purified water will get the glass. Then he dumped a giant amount of water on the window and soaked it up with the entire roll of paper towels. He said he would pay us back the dollar the roll costs. After an hour we told him to hurry because we had an appointment in an hour. "It won't take me near that long" he said. 45 minutes later we basically had to kick him out.

Poor time management, poor respect for our belongings and house.

9672ed8d, 2012-08-16, 07:08PM CDT

Good lord, you people sound so pathetic. If you people are stupid enough

to believe there's no sales pitch attached to this you deserve it. These people are just trying to make money like the rest of us, obviously home depot makes enough money off Rainsoft to not care what you people think. We all complain about the water quality are you just too cheap to do anything about it? If you dont want the product just say no like a normal person. Its a wonderful product if you actually give it a chance.

Robby W., 2013-03-09, 07:12AM CST

I messed up. Last week, I thought I was helping a kid out in Home Depot that was walking around taking a survey. I got a call from them yesterday. He said that he was calling from Home Depot Corporate and he said I'd get the $20 gift card. They asked me some invasive PII information. I called the number back later, it didn't go to a business line. I'm reporting the call to the FTC.

eb23401d, 2013-03-22, 04:38PM CDT

I know this post is old, but it was one of the first to pop up when I searched home depot water test....

So I thought I'd comment for any future searchers.

I spoke with these folks on the phone 4 times now and they've been nothing but cordial and informative. I had my test scheduled for today, then I read these reviews and got a little nervous. So I called them back and told them the truth and that I wanted to cancel my test.

the rep said she was frustrated that there are poor reviews like this, and most of them are from another division/ or company. She informed me that they background check all their testers, and that they will not be rude if we don't buy anything. I said I wood rather not. She said ok and that was it.

Though I have nothing to say for the test itself, the phone reps were very very professional, and definitely not pushy.


I am in southern California.

7fc7eff0, 2013-04-17, 06:40PM CDT

Do what I've done. Listen over the phone to the sales pitch. Thank them ask them to send the results of the test because you had just installed a reverse osmosis system and wanted to compair results. Still got them to send my 50.00 dinning card.

3b4vqlksfhgsd, 2013-05-15, 03:57PM CDT

Nightmare sales call. Not a complaint but my opinion. Something funny to share.

Should a person take your family's 3 hours till late in the night, children being late for school the next day because they won't leave easily, and you finally having to ask for them to leave in all accounts being a disrespect of your home and time? And yet they still won't leave without trying to establish you are somehow foolish for what you think? Maybe we do that from time to time in our own families, but this was beyond a sales call. Is this how sales works? You may say I asked for this in return for a small, "no obligation," water quality test and gift card. You may say it is obvious, but many of us find people who try to do this to us, especially when buying a car. Here it is about water treatment and falling for this twice not realizing it was the same company at first. Here they fun story begins (and it happened the almost the same way, the first time, a year back). . .

The recruiters who call back with your water quality result do not provide much information other than that you need treatment and that your water is quite hard. No results of lead, chlorine, etc. are provided other than a visit from a representative to further provide tests with no obligation to purchase a system. A complete disconnect from the door to door reps that leaves us feeling as if we are led into a trap nonetheless since they sign you up without regard that the sales rep is working hard for his efforts against their own commission perhaps.

Next, we find the sales representative visit providing a non-statistical result of our water quality. They will defend their test, but in reality, these aren't trained lab technicians and will not provide results of ppm of various compounds. They provide visual representations of marketable water quality differences between their system and your tap. They build a case of why a treatment system is necessary over providing any comparable University research level test.

Moving forward, avoiding any cost differential, they pose any proposed studies and cost evaluations of various households. They further offer to take the cost of your cleaning products away for 3 years with their branded "botanical, biodegradable" products thus later trying to show how it "would" save you money since you are only moving the money from your regular expenses to a committed, contracted amount per month which also is "magically" discounted from open purchasers by 20%. In addition, your concerns over effects on the environment are taken away as well. Costs of replacement filters, salt (and any health effects therefrom) or potassium, etc., are conveniently left out until you have a concern over it.

After that, they make a final case to relate you should have no reason not to purchase a system based on cost, water quality needs, beneficial research notes that could be slightly unrelated to their system. In addition, staying so long, scaring our children into believing they cannot really drink their household water (which they could also use as a case against not purchasing), to making you aware of any shortcomings in your ideals, thoughts, financial considerations, commitments, etc., they further mention top companies that use them. I dare say I don't believe a "so-and-so" company's engineers sat around researching water quality over sales people finding discounts and HR saying how they could save costs if they got a good bid to share their logo. I am unaware of that, but you may find it otherwise.

My last, and greatest issue found, is that when made aware that our decision not to purchase would result in a sales effort to find out where they may have been a failure at something they explained. They ask, "I must have failed somewhere. I cannot believe you would find anything not worthy of your dollar. I am saving you money, showing you good research, helping your health, etc., . . . Could you tell me what I wasn't able to clear up for my next family. Maybe I can do a better job." You then say what your concern is. Immediately the battle begins on how you must not realize that they covered that and it shouldn't be of concern at all. If you question their scientific methodology, they become offended as honest, hard working sales people. When you relate you would like to balance hidden variables (which any person in a basic statistics class would know), you are taken down a road of not worrying so much, and so on.

e5c09984, 2013-06-28, 11:50PM CDT

Had a similar experience with rainsoft but this time they were pretending to be from Lowes and offering a Lowe's gift card. When they called they never identified themselves as rainsoft but claimed to be part of a water purity study and were doing the free water test for their study. Then the rainsoft sales guy showed up with his kit full of dyes and tried a hard sell. Told him up front that I was not in the market for a water softner system but he kept trying to persuade me that it was totally unhealthy to drink water without their system. Found their "treated" water sample to be very salty and when I told him that my doctors had recommended against water softeners because I am hypertensive, he told me they didn't know what they were talking about. This experience left me with the feeling that rainsoft is not a company that I would ever want to do business with for any reason.

684a85c1, 2013-07-09, 09:30AM CDT

We bit on the free water test and have a rep scheduled to come out. The gals on the phone were fine -- but the 20something boy to whom they transferred me to finalize the appointment was a bit of an ass, informing me how "very important" it was for us to answer the phone when they call the day before to confirm the appointment, lest their precious sales reaper -- er, rep -- be sent on a fool's errand. I love it when the newbies think they've invented the game. In any case, we'll bite ... I have several up-to-date water reports from our utility, but will likely run my own test before the HD-related rep gets here. We notice an issue or two that certainly suggests harder-than-desirable water, and we've been considering an RO or filtration system. But by no means will be move on any unit without considerable research. And to those few likely shills who complain about the intellectual capacity of those who didn't realize the "free" water test had a sales pitch attached to it: Yes, everyone needs to make a living. Unfortunately, far too many contractors emphasize the CON and prey on people who simply haven't learned all the particulars of every system or component of their homes. To that end, I'd suggest a high-school course that focuses on the basics of home ownership (of course, what's more important to future generations??practical information or "cultural" studies?)

Will report back ...

From NJ

373f88d8, 2013-10-01, 09:43AM CDT

I am a water treatment professional in NJ. When we were looking for a water softener supplier a while back, we considered becoming a Rain Soft dealer. The Home Depot affiliation, the wonderful support, heck, even the name/branding seemed like a home run for us. We had their dealer rep come out to our office and speak with us, in the hopes this would become a great partnership.

All I can say is WHAT A NIGHTMARE. This company is nothing but a hard sales organization that happens to sell water treatment equipment. They would sell shoelaces if they could find a way to scare people into paying too much for them.

This dealer rep was absolutely exhausting to listen to. So full of cr*p I didn't think people like this existed anymore. He stayed for WAY too long and just went on and on and on. He shared with me the presentation that I would be making to the people that return the HD water tests to me, and holy cow, what a crock of wordplay and twisted facts. Funny thing is he comes off like I would be a fool if I didn't become a RainSoft dealer. What a phony. Reminds me of that Amway b.s. from years ago. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and I am shocked that Home Depot would be affiliated with them.

By the way, they encourage their dealers to have store fronts - not so they can sell water treatment equipment, but so they can recruit sales people! They told me that flat out, that's how much of a revolving door they have with sales people. I believe the quote was "Having a store front will help you hire more sales people because they will think you are a solid business". I can't make this stuff up.

I realize that because I am a dealer for another company it would seem I have an agenda here. But trust me, I don't. I WANTED to do business with RainSoft and was very excited for the appointment. But there is no way I could sleep at night treating people that way, and absolutely ripping them off.

There is no way a water softener and reverse osmosis system should cost a customer anywhere near 5 or 7 thousand dollars. I don't care what the claims are, what the warranties are, or what their water demonstrations (LOL) show. The actual installed price for both should be in the neighborhood of 2500 depending on size and any installation variables, and believe me there is more than a fair profit for the dealer in that number too. A good water softener installed will be 1500-2000, a good Reverse Osmosis unit installed will be 595-795. Anything less and you're getting an inferior system, anything more and you're getting ripped off.

I won't even try to post my name or what I deal now, because I don't want to taint my post. Trust me people, RainSoft is not a company you want to do business with. They have a very bad reputation in the water treatment industry (I go to the water conventions so I know). Absolutely shameful what they do.

9d8409cd, 2013-11-21, 06:18AM CST

I had a rainsoft guy out in columbus, ohio. From what he explained, their system isn't just a softner, but it removes chemicals too. He said they have the best warranty, not sure about that. When we told him we need to think about it, he made some tonight only offers. We refused, 20 minutes later he left. Didn't seem much different then when we did our fence. Some sales guys where cool, some not...

766dbe56, 2014-08-09, 10:24AM CDT

Awful people! Don't let them in your house. The guy was offensive as soon as he walked in. He said he would not talk to me because my husband was not there. Where are these people from that they can't speak to me as a human being because my husband isn't there? He said he wouldn't get a sale with out him there. Then he says it's not his fault he won't talk I me because the main office is supposed to make sure we both were there for the appointment. Well that lost any chance of a sale right there. We have terrible water and we are going to buy something but not from them!!

b7e34c65, 2014-09-19, 08:58AM CDT

I noticed this hasnt been updated in a while... The Home Depot in Highland Heights, OH has Home Depot Employees encouraging customers to sign up for this 'Free Test for $20.' As a Sales person, I had sympathy for her and was curious about the test itself.... and of course $20 made it worth my 'hour' of time.

Instead, it took TWO Full Hours, was a $5K+ Setup, and to add insult to injury, we got a measley $5 FIVE Dollar Credit Gift Card 2 weeks later. I feel like we've been conned and the only respite have is to steal $15 worth of stuff from Home Depot Now.

35ff903c, 2014-09-23, 09:06PM CDT

I would have to agree, a true waste of your time. An individual approached me and my family at the sore with the not unattractive offer of a free $20 gift card. We agreed to setup an appointment via a phone call that was to occur later that week. A gentleman called and we set up an appointment to have a representative come to our home. That is where the kind services ended. Initially friendly, the individual representing the company quickly got a rather poor attitude after I thankfully declined the offer of a full system installation. We already had a water softener and all test came back unsatisfactory since the softener is turned off during the testing. Strange, I asked the representative several times why we would test the well water untreated, knowing the results would not be too great. After about an hour and fifteen minutes the "Presentation", barely a child's chemistry set experiment, was finally over. We actually did not receive a gift card, but a voucher to log on to a questionable webpage, trying to yet again milk me for my personal information. I finally had enough and decided not to waste any more time for a gift card that is very much like a unicorn, you may just see one...

The bottom line for me is: If you see a middle aged man bitching out the scam artist in the Home Depot, it is likely me. Stay away, $20 is not worth losing your good credit score due to potential identity theft!

89a47b1e, 2014-09-24, 08:19PM CDT

Bought a refrigerator from Home Depot and a woman from this water company called. I was unable to take the call. She called back an hour later but didn't identify herself. I asked the name of her company and she wouldn't answer the question immediately. She kept saying she was with Home Depot. I kept asking and she finally gave me the name. Then she told me not to believe everything that I would see online. She also couldn't stop cursing. "My phone really sucks". "It sounds like you've got a lot of shit going on". The lady sounded tired and dehydrated. It was very awkward.

She insisted that me and my spouse had to be present for the water testing. I asked her why and she couldn't guarantee my sales person would be a woman. She explained that she wouldn't want my husband coming home wondering why some man was in my house.

While her judgement and professionalism were cynically comical, I'm a little upset that Home Depot gives these folks my contact information.

I'm going to write to Home Depot.

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