America's Value Channel - America's Value Channel-ALERT!!!!!

Posted on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 at 10:55pm CDT by 79f7e352

Product: cut stones

Company: America's Value Channel

Location: LAWRENCEVILLE, GA, 27948, US

Category: Other

I puchased two stones from this company. The quality was not what I expected.The Company requires an RMA # to return the stones. The only problem is they don't answer their phones and don't return

phone calls. The invoice they send says that if you send the product back without an RMA you may no get credit.So you can't send it back without an RMA and they won't answer their phones to give you an RMA.Finally,Chase credit card got me an RMA. One day later on April 8, I mailed the package insured/confirmation delivery to their Lawrenceville, Ga. office. According to the post office they tried to deliver the package on April 10, to no avail. According to the post office it still had not been picked up on April 24. Again Chase credit services came to the rescue. Finally, Chase reported that I had received credit on May 25. Get this!

The America's Value Channel kept $15.00. Chase said they would help me get the $15 . I just want to warn consumers to steer clear of this company. They are on DirectTV.It took 5 months to get credit and they charged me $15.00.BEWARE OF AMERICA'S VALUE CHANNEL.


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cd40c662, 2008-06-22, 04:56AM CDT

You know what the real kicker is? They give you seven days to return merchandise. FIRST OF ALL YOU CAN'T GET THROUGH TO CUSTOMER SERVICE!! They don't answer the phone. When you finally get an RMA Number which normally has to be done with with assistance of your credit card company it can take up to 90 days for your credit card to be refunded. In the meantime they've already sold the item you sent back! They've been paid twice for the same item.

This shopping channel is going out of business soon! What a bunch of crooks! I think the FCC should be contacted. There must be laws against what these people are doing.

f8395a9d, 2008-06-22, 09:17PM CDT

You know what the real kicker is? These people give you seven days to return an item. THE PROBLEM IS-- CUSTOMER SERVICES IS NONEXISTENT! To get an RMA Number is nearly impossible to get done within those seven days, unless your credit card company steps in and helps out.

What gets me is they receive the returned merchandise, sell it right away and don't refund you for at least two months sometimes four to five! They are in fact selling an item twice and using your money as float. This gem shopping network is in serious financial trouble and probably won't be around much longer.

Be careful, especially if they have your credit card numbers. They could easily make fraudulent purchases on your card and then disappear. And believe me this is not the first gem shopping network to do this.

If you want to know what kind of people you're doing business contact Gem Shopping Network, GSN. They know this group very well. The owner taught them everything about network gem selling and they turned around and stabbed him in the back by starting a competing network. If you'll notice AVC copies everything GSN does. They look like two sister companies. Believe me GSN in nothing like AVC.

AVC needs to be reported the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


Have Had Enough of These Crooks

a2cdada1, 2008-06-23, 12:14AM CDT

This Company should be ashamed calling themselves AMERICA'S Value Channel! They're owned by foreigners from India. These people aren't here to give value to anyone, they're here to take whatever they can from the naive and unwary.

If you want to see more complaints about AVC go to You're going read some very valid complaints/information.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

79f7e352, 2008-06-27, 09:42AM CDT

I am reading the stories of other consumers that have been treated badly by AVC. WOW ! was I lucky to have the Chase Card people in my corner. It took alot of phone calls and persistance by Chase. I don't know what I would have done had I paid cash.I also called Direct TV to complain about their practices. Maybe if enough consumers call Direct TV they will take them off the air.I wonder if there is a lawyer that would take on a class action suit against them. The best way to teach someone a lesson is to cost them money. Any ideas?

de424b5c, 2008-06-29, 01:02AM CDT


Nice to have an ally. Have you read all the comments on RipOff about these jokers? Pretty bad stuff. I think these thieves are in serious trouble, if you've noticed they were on late on Wednesay and Saturday nights, until 1:00 am, now they're back to ending at ten.

They probably can't afford the additional airtime. The only stuff they're selling is the cheap, included garbage. I think the Gem Shopping Network (GSN) calls it aquarium gravel. Dont' get me wrong GSN is a pretty dishonest bunch of crooks too.

AVC won't be around much longer! It's just a matter of time before blind justice takes place.

8a5a115a, 2008-07-11, 05:13PM CDT

Gosh, I wish I had read this information before I ordered from this company!!! I ordered a gemstone parcel set and got a bad feeling about it from the start. The operator had me on hold just to get approval from her supervisor to sell me the merchandise at the price shown on the television. Then I was told that I would receive the merchandise in 5-7 business days, as of yesterday, the merchandise had not been shipped. I called my bank, they had approved the transaction, but it hadn't been through my account. Unfortunately, they told me that they could not cancel the transaction. I called customer service, no answer!!!! I got an answering machine! I left a message with no return call, of course. I finally resorted to calling back the ordering line, the man that answered the phone was RUDE! He tried to refer me to customer service, I told him they wouldn't talk to me and he said he would try to help me. Amazingly, when I stated that I wanted to cancel the order, he yelled that the item had already shipped. Then tried to comment about how beautiful the gemstones were. I guess I have learned my lesson. I will only buy from companies that are reputable and that I have previous done business with.

Do Not Buy From This Company!

2cfd5d97, 2008-09-10, 11:27PM CDT

They are notorious for being extremely slow in crediting ones account for returned items. They brag about their return policy yet you have to jump through hoops to reach them (no toll free number either)get an RMA number and send it back within 7 days of receipt of the item. Their gemstone are usually heavily included, the better ones are so expensive there are few that can afford them. Value my eye. Plus their website has been "under construction" for weeks. All in all, lousy company! You're better off buying elsewhere.

be9730c9, 2008-09-12, 04:47PM CDT

I too have had issues with AVC. After the first return took around 2 months to get refunded; not counting the time it took making several calls and emails I decided to purchase something else. Thinking I wouldn't need to return and if so they assured me when I finally did get refund they had corrected their problems. Well, they have had my current return over 30 days, guess what no refund, so I called last week and got someone who relayed I should give them til this Friday to see the refund as they would fild an 'urgent' request. Well, on Friday at 5:25EST I called to say 'no refund' and get a recorded message to call back between 10-6:30 EST or leave message....IT"S NOT 6:30 so they should be open. I leave faith I'll hear from that. I call the sales # and you bet....someone answers they are very rude, state their in another building and nothing they can do. I call back get same recording so I call back sales line again get a rude operator when they find I want to complain...and I'm rude back and state they should be able to let someone in THEIR company know noone is answering the line....but do you think that will happen. Once I get this refund...I WILL NEVER BUY FROM AMC know they can make pretty good sending out bad merchandise and using your money for 1-2 months. Imagine how much float this is creating for them...some folks probably get tired of trying and who knows if they ever get their money back. BUYER BEWARE!!

0e742f46, 2008-09-18, 07:23AM CDT

I used to work for the company. They are the most greedy people I've ever known. I bought a ring for my fiance but the quality was so poor that the ring broke. They told me they'd fix it and size it for free but made all the diamonds fall out and just screwed my ring. After the new jeweler tried to fix it, she said it's hard to fix something like the particular ring I purchased because of how it was made and told me they should have made it clear in the first place. Then, the owner comes in, looks at my shitty ass ring, and says, "It looks fine to me, just give it back to her." I should have take before and after pictures. NEVER BUY FROM AVC. THEY SUCK AT CALL BACKS TO CUSTOMERS AND ARE IN DEBT BECAUSE OF ALL THE RETURNS. THEY CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY DIRECT TV AND DISH, THAT'S WHY THEY CAN'T REIMBURSE ANY CREDIT BACK TO THEIR CUSTOMERS!

42741c6e, 2008-10-13, 10:48PM CDT

I ordered the so called 8x6, neon blue 3A tanzanites they'd been tauting for weeks and weeks. I ordered 5 of them. NONE of them were the size or color advertized. They were violet in color, not blue.. and every one of them was a 5x7...NOT an 8x6. Do they really think people buying their gems/jewelry are unable to tell they've been scammed when they receive their merchandise? Good grief! Needless to say, I sent the inappropriately advertised tanzanites back. I got my money back within a month of the time I sent them back.. along with the $2500 refund that they had owed me for over THREE MONTHS from the return of another gem stone I'd purchased! I will never do business with AVC again. Buyer beware. That outfit is as crooked as crooked can be.

5c7f8bab, 2008-11-07, 11:10AM CST

I am going through a similar situation. I returned an item on 9/22/08. Thirty days was 10/21/08. I have called a total of four times. I also filed a complaint with the Atlanta BBB. This is quite ridiculous. I can't believe this has happened. I'll never order from them again.

5c7f8bab, 2008-11-26, 06:35PM CST

Too bad I didn't check here before I purchased & had to return an item. I'm experiencing the same problem. I can't get a refund. A very valuable lesson learned. Unfortunately, I was taken in by the show hosts who were at another shopping channel. I have filed a complaint with the BBB with no response from AVC. I am now going through the Georgia State's Attorney General to file a complaint.

26807ff4, 2009-02-11, 11:08PM CST

Unfortunately, GSN does the same thing. I followed the rules and it took me over 2 months after contesting the charges with my CC company to get my credits for 2412.00 (and part of that was even their error).

Do not shop at either GSN or AVC.

74aa13b5, 2009-02-16, 02:02AM CST

For those people who are having difficulty getting refunds from AVC or GSN (Gem Shopping Network). You can contact the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs and file a complaint. I believe with the numerous complaints made against AVC, there are grounds to warrant an investigation.

531eaba6, 2009-06-15, 12:02PM CDT



e9affb78, 2009-07-11, 02:18PM CDT

I am soooo in if an attorney will take this case (class action). We should have plenty of participation. I am out $635.00.I know some are out thousands. I have read all the comments and all I can say for AVC is they are consistant. Consistantly crooked. We need to get this ball rolling. I called the consumer affairs office at the GA. gov's office, they were not too concerned about it. Neither was Atlanta BBB. I don't foresee any help from them. I guess they are paying their state taxes.

5874f9ca, 2010-01-12, 01:22PM CST

I had the same problem returning a Tanzanite to this company. The customer service dept never did answer the phone. I had to call the sales reps, and was hung up on twice. I asked to speak with a manager. He gave the RMA #. I never received the credit. USAA helpled me get my money back.. Will never buy from this company again.

2e89578b, 2010-06-16, 02:03AM CDT

They owe me $1000.00 for a cancellation within 30 minutues after I bought it. Then they send me two little stones that I did not order and charged me $185.00. I called them about this and told them I did not order the small stones and I wanted to return them and get my money back on my Credit Card. I have heard nothing at all after several calls.

Margaret Barnhill

266c15c0, 2011-01-22, 03:42PM CST

I also have had a difficult time reaching the customer service dept. They will not return my calls or return the garbage they sold me. Will contact my credit card immediately. Thanks for posting your story. They need to be removed from DirecTV. Is there a watch dog group who can remove them?

janet robinson, 2011-09-18, 07:11PM CDT

yes, lets start a class action suit

71c97a1c, 2011-11-19, 09:39PM CST

I ordered a pearl necklace and it came all distorted not as shown on tv. The pearls didn't match in color and the variations were a joke, now that was $500. The tag says "rock bottom price" but the one shown on /tv was perfectly proportioned and the pearls were round, not this oblong silly mess of discolored pearls. This is a criminal organization.

FYI they showed a 2.5 carat emerald valued at $92,0000 , oh but they were selling it cheap at only $42,000supposedly perfect columbian, well I have one (perfect columbian 2.5 carat emerald inherited from my wealthy grandmother and I can tell you emeralds have crashed in value. Mine was appraised along with a matching VS1 emerald shaped diamond at only $15K (when I was a little girl it was worth $60K and I always dreamed of owning it.... )I know there is no honesty in this theif company... don't buy jewelry off tv, just don't do it!!!

fbb4125e, 2012-01-28, 01:00AM CST

The Better Business Bureau placed this company, run by two Southeast Asians, for a long list of serious violations, on their watch list. The state of Georgia fined the owners a mere $36,000 which makes the state an accessory to the crimes. BBB gave the company an F, their lowest rating, yet the same crooks are on Direct TV peddling their over-priced and undervalued mechandise every night. Beware OF THIS BOGUS OPERATION.

3b1b6814, 2012-04-16, 11:40AM CDT

I was also ripped off. They charged me for a stone that was nowhere near the value of what I thought I purchased. The appraisal was from a student gemologist and it looked like something from a cruise ship. I tied to return the stone and the ring setting . The receptionist told me that the owner said he would not make a return. I contacted the better business bureau and Dish TV. Nothing has happened. What a rip off.

jo k., 2015-09-14, 09:25PM CDT

I had bought quite a lot of smaller items, jewelry, scarves et and they were fine but one day I bought two( supposed ) antique french side tables $1.000 ea. w/total of $2,000 they were well packaged/shipped carefully, arrived fast but were not as old as as the sales pitch said. I looked up similar tables online and they are french very ornate carved with inlays, they are upscale alright and the price I paid is what they would sell for new from a very nice french furniture store so the value is there but they are not antique not even as old as was suggested for heaven`s sake the drawers are made of a dense plywood, they are not what I thought they were. I did not return them because they are worth what I paid but they misrepresented them on tv so I will not be buying any more furniture nor anything expensive from them I could`t even watch the show for weeks afterward I felt abused. I`ve loved watching it before and learning from Sue about antiques , not so much anymore! I want to be open, I read your reviews and I`m glad I didn`t return them. They are lovely tables so I`ll use them and enjoy them for what they are.

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