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Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 10:13pm CDT by 5b8d7630

Product: Vogue Zenith

Company: Vogue/Zodiac Pools

Location: CA

Category: Other

In the spring of 2002 I purchased A Vogue Zenith 24ft round above ground pool. Every year I clean the outside of the wall, pulloff the winter cover and open it for the season, this year when cleaning I found a rusty area, that had already rusted thru in a couple spots.

The info that came with the pool said 25 year warranty,so I called the pool company that installed the pool and they told me they would look into it.I never heard back from them. I found the email address for the manufacturer online and wrote to them. I was told to email them copies of the receipts and warranty info, along with pics of the damage and they would make a decision within 10 days. Of course the decision was not a valid warranty claim, but they offered as a "gesture of goodwill" to send me the parts to repair the pool at 50% off plus shipping for a total of $987.10 and I have to pay to have installed. So the pool I paid $3000 for 6yrs ago will cost over $1000 to repair after only 5 years of use. I would think that a pool with a 25yr warranty would last at least 10yrs without a major problem.

I will NEVER purchase another Vogue/Zodiac product!!!!!!!!

I don't think they make a quality product and they won't stand behind their warranty.

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08119f83, 2012-05-29, 09:29PM CDT

We too bought a Vogue pool in 2005 and after six years it is rusting with the liner poking through the rust holes. I haven't had any luck with the warranty either and we paid $3,999 for our 24' round pool. I agree that these pools should last longer!

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