Worldwide Moving Systems, Inc. - Highly DO NOT recommend this moving comany!

Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 2:35pm CDT by bcc61017

Product: Moving Company

Company: Worldwide Moving Systems, Inc.

Location: 1419 NW 65 AVE
Plantation, Fl, 33313, US


Category: Other

Used this company in 2006.

Received furniture DAMAGED

Some furniture DID NOT receive at all.

They DID NOT use color coded method to prevent mixing up our furniture w/ other


Used UNPROFESSIONAL method of hiring local help to unload truck. These guys

were literally picked up a few blocks from my apartment.

Quote was originally $3000, ended up paying $4000 after threat of NOT unloading furniture.

After 2 years of ongoing process, HAVE NOT received any resolution from Worldwide

Moving Systmems, Inc., or insurance agency.

Have NOT received promissed credit in addition to insurance credit.

Company Rep named Aaron is person that have been dealing with and he has solved NOTHING!

Very rude, extremely dishonest, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY if you value your furniture.

If you need any further experience details, please contact me directly!

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bcc61017, 2008-07-27, 10:29PM CDT

Sorry to hear about your experience w/ that company.

To answer your question, no we have yet to receive any compensation from neither the company or insurance company.

It was a horrible experience.. but really couldn't keep on wasting my time after months and months of trying to get some type of resolution. We literally have never recieved a few of our belongings STILL. For the most part, our belongings made the trip but were damaged/broken.

I hope that your furniture makes it's final destination. From what I remember (it has been a 2 years).. they also had told us that they had 19 days or whatever to deliver even though before the move, it was promissed in 1 week. They ended up delivering a few days after the date that they had promissed but again, horrible experience when they did deliver.

We tried in every way possible to "fight back" against this injustice but to no avail.. I have posted several complaints online and hope that people don't use them. We went back and forth after the delivery for months and months with both the company and insurance company. They both prolong the case for months and even years. It's just a lost case. Sad part of it all, with they're formula to calculate the "worth" of your belongings, you end up fighting for a ridiculous amount. It's horrible all the way around.

Again, I hope you finally receive your belongings. Good luck..

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