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Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 7:46pm CDT by 91cad168

Product: service

Company: American Eagle Outfitters

Location: US


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I made an online purchase through I wanted to order two shirts that I really liked, and have it delivered to my friends house, before she came out to Central America to visit me. I placed the order one full week in advance, expecting that they would have my order ready and shipped, then. To my surprise, their free shipping method, takes up to 10 days to be received. Not only that, but their warehouse takes more than a week to ship 2 lousy shirts. I noticed less than 24 hours after placing my order, that I ran the risk of not recieving the shirts on time. My friend wont be back home, until the ends of august. Called the Customer Service Department, and was advised to call a different number and speak with somebody else. I kept getting a recording asking me my billing address. After my third call to the Customer Service Department, in less than a day, I was finally advised to provide the info to the IVR, and apparently, this would enable the agents to assist me further. I left my info, and called back; My surprise was, that they couldn't help me at all. All I Wanted was:

1-Upgrade my shipping method (and pay for it!)

2- If not possible, change my billing address, and pay a penalty.

or 3- If none of the above possible, paying a penalty fee for canceling.

Please note, that I had called in a 24 hour period after purchase. My request were not impossible. The items had NOT been shipped yet. Nevertheless, the AE customer representatives were totally unable to satisfy my demands. I requested a supervisor, to see if they could help out, and they refused to let me speak to one.

I spent about a total of 2 hours on the phone, calling from offshore, just to set the issue straight; I was unable to.

The package arrived my friends address, THREE weeks after purchase date. It took them a week to ship it, and 10 biz days to receive it. Right now, I have no idea about the status of the package, the items, or anything. I just hope that it is all the merchandise I asked for, and that there is no need to return it, because By the time I get to take a look at it (around September) it is going to be too late! has the most stupid policy about no changes or cancelation of items after online purchase. They should be flexible about it. Besides, their Customer Service Representatives are inept (I think, because of company policies) and there is no point in seeking their assistance. I would suggest you call early in the morning, because the night guys just want to end your call.


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40e42d49, 2009-01-31, 03:54PM CST

You're an idiot.. You should of made sure your shipping was what you wanted before clicking submit. You could of paid extra for quicker shipping. I have never had an issue with shipping. You're stupid.

e4ea19d8, 2009-08-05, 09:39PM CDT

Ordering from American Eagle online has been a nightmare for me. I have a vacation coming up on Aug 22. On July 31, I ordered a few things to take with me. Today is Aug 5 and the company has still not shipped me my order. Apparently, they have a "system of checks," that prevents them from releasing an order if the address or phone number differs at all from that address or phone number the credit card statement comes to. Ofcourse, when you call the customer service department they dont tell you whats wrong with the information and in my case, I made my order on a friday night, preventing me to call my credit card company until Monday morning.

To top it off, since calling my credit card company, I find out that there are NO differences in my information and nobody seems to know whats wrong or how to fix it to get me my order.

Cortney F., 2010-02-17, 09:24PM CST

I can only say your at fault here. If you needed the items within a week, you should have paid for 2 day shipping. I shop from them frequently and they do list how long it takes for each shipping method. Do your homework!

abfbec93, 2012-12-03, 11:35AM CST

I just recently ordered a jacket for my girlfriend at American Eagle online. They sent me the wrong item. I of course called and expected them to just send me the correct item and send be a return label at the same time. So I could send the wrong item back. I was told that they needed to send me the return label first. Then they would need to refund my money through paypal. Then I could re-order at that time. At this time my girlfriends birthday is gone and past. I didn't have enough money in my account to just order another jacket so I literally had to wait until the money was refunded before ordering again. Then I find out the jacket she wanted was sold out.

My largest complaint is this. What didn't they just send me the correct jacket and tell me to keep what they sent me. I read the tags on the wrong item to prove that is what they sent me. Instead of wait for me to return the wrong item they sent. They should of gave me the option to keep it or throw it in the garbage. Their mistake that is the least they could do is let me hold onto the rag they sent me and send me the correct item that I ordered and paid for.

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