- Don't shop at The worst online store service ever.

Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2008 at 11:49pm CDT by ee0060ff

Product: Store pick-up service


Location: US


Category: Other is the most terrible online store. No doubt that they will be out of business soon.

1. They charged my credit card and gift card (over $1,000) instantly after placing the order no matter whether they have the item or not.

2. They advertise the Store pick-up option in 5 minutes. After 3 weeks, nothing happens. Nobody called me to pick up any thing.

3. I called online store. They did't have any clue and asked me to contact local store because it is a store-pick up option. Then, I called local store and they said it is online order, I have to contact online store. They were playing ping pong. Nobody wanted to take responsibility.

4. Basically, taking money from customer and doing nothing.

5. Then, I called online store again to cancel the order. They said they will leave a note for local store to cancel the order. Go to local store and they said it's not their job to cancel the online order. What?? Again, nobody wanted to take responsibility.

6. It's been 5 weeks now, no confirmation whatsoever from sears that they will refund me the money.



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ed3ea843, 2008-07-08, 01:09PM CDT

I agree! I wish I had consulted before ordering from Talking to their customer service personnel is like talking to a machine. Emailing them is no better. They are full of apologies but they do nothing to resolve the customer's issue. They make promises but do nothing. They take your money and give you NOTHING in return - - no expected delivery dates, no tracking numbers to check on your order. You cannot cancel an order that is in 'processing' status. Your only recourse is to refuse the merchandise if and when it is delivered. Filing this complaint is only the first of many complaints that I plan to file.

ea5d66ab, 2010-11-27, 09:01AM CST

gets' better. They advertised a Toshiba 46G300U for $899.00 sometime in late October - when I went to the store it was not available, I tried to order it on line and it was not available for pick up or delivery. A few weeks later the week before Thanksgiving it was advertised at $682.99 - still NOT available - then on Black friday it was advertised at $649.99 and guess what - NOT Available. The Customer service department told me "we don't give rain checks, Our advertisements are planned long before our sales are posted, we have no way of knowing how many televisions will sell, and we have sold out of alot of TV's this Holiday Season" I have been trying to buy this TV from them since long before the Holiday Season started or Black Friday basically I am guessing this was their Posted Bait and Switch TV - Cannot wonder how Toshiba would feel about that??

Alex Hudson, 2013-09-24, 05:57AM CDT

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Dolores G., 2015-04-08, 05:58PM CDT

I also got ripped off by They took my money, but I never got my order, and when I finally received a conformation email, that they got my order, and that It was being processed, with a bogus tracking number as well, on the very same day later on, I received another email stating that I requested a return on my order, of which NEVER happened, and when I called the 800 number provided, all I got was the run around, and lied to , and they insisted that I requested a return, and that they gave me back my money, of which NEVER happened. needs to be shut down all together !!!

9853e352, 2015-07-02, 08:19PM CDT

Sears is absolutely the worst company I've ever had to deal with. Not only did they miss several delivery deadlines for an appliance order, but the installation vendor Sears hired to hookup my washer and dryer caused a gas leak in my home on my wedding day! Forced my family visiting from overseas to evacuate the premises. Sears offered a $50 gift card to rectify the situation. Absolutely insulting given that they put my family at risk. Despite my 40+ calls, e-mails to Sears Headquarters, Sears Customer Relations, etc. - I was treated rudely throughout the process. No wonder the company's stock price continues to drop.

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