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Posted on Thursday, June 26th, 2008 at 10:07pm CDT by a112941f

Product: Honda Civic

Company: American Honda

Location: American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Honda Automobile Customer Service 1919 Torrance Boulevard Mail Stop: 500 - 2N - 7D
Torrance, CA, 90501, US


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After a series of unfortunate events I ended up needing a new computer in my car.

Since no one but honda can put a new computer in a honda car I take it to my local dealership.

The honda mechanic says the computer will be fixed in 3 days. he's helpful, courteous, I think all is well. Then I get another call.

The dealer now needs a "mobilizer code" in order to start this new computer. But because the car was bought in germany, even though it's an American car, it is not entered into the "American honda warranty database," which means the dealer can??t access the car or it??s mobilizer code. I speak to a representative at the American honda company, who has no idea what I??m talking about, but I can fax my proof of ownership among other documents to their office and they??ll put me in the database. I fax documents, call to confirm receipt, I??m told it??s not possible to confirm receipt and they will get in touch with me.

The next day I AGAIN call to confirm receipt of fax and get a different representative. But this one knows how to confirm receipts. She tells me that they now have the paperwork and it will be sent to the warranty department who will take 3 to 5 business days to enter the information into their computer. Not hours, 3 to 5 DAYS.

From what I can see there are three issues with this process.

First of all, my car is 5 yrs old and no longer under warranty, so what difference does it make if it's in the "American honda warranty database"? I'll be paying $600 for this new computer on top of all the frustration.

Second, they say this mobilizer code is a security issue. Well they're successful in keeping my car secure from myself. Who tries to illegally install a $600 computer in a car anyway? Wouldn't you just go steal another car? Basically it's a code that makes sure honda has a monopoly on computer installation. Need a new computer in your car? No one but honda can do it.

Third, and most important, it should not take anyone or any computer on earth 5 days to enter data into anything. And when I call honda I??m basically given the constant run around by the customer service department, who repeats to me that they know nothing more than that my case should take 3 to 5 days. They have no clue if my paperwork was adequate or even what it said, they don??t know when the data entry will be complete. And they don??t seem to understand that I am completely without a car until they get around to entering data into a computer. I am told I cannot speak to the warranty department in charge of the data entry. I cannot speak to the ??team lead in charge of my case?? because she was either in a meeting or ??called out today.?? All I get is the same run around and an arrogant attitude that suggests they could care less when or even if this is ever resolved. Today is day 4 out of ??3 to 5?? and even if this does by some miracle get resolved tomorrow, I will never ever be purchasing a Honda again.


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ea1ce305, 2009-01-29, 05:05AM CST

Hondas are amazing and rarely break down. I own a 05 Element. I scraped a pole the other day and scratched my door and broke off my side mirror. I live in Los Angeles and decided to visit Honda in Hollywood for an estimate and a new mirror. I purchased the new mirror for 157 or something. I was in the service parts department. After I bought my mirror I asked a couple employees if I could borrow a tool or if they could help me change the mirror. I must say that all the whites working there were not friendly at all and did not want to help me at all. I was really shocked at there attitudes. I am a white man myself and would always help someone. Especially after they just spent money on a new mirror. The latinos workers were all very friendly and happy and two of them brought tools and changed my mirror for me. This really amazed me. One of the gentlemen was from the body shop across the street and was one of the rude white men. I went across the street and got an estimate from him at the body shop. He gave me an estimate which seemed quite high 1250. It might be correct but I would never fix my car there after I was treated like an alien across the street. I just wanted to share my experience with you. Your cars are amazing and I have always loved them. Sincerely Michael Salisbury

eccc14d2, 2010-07-05, 10:31PM CDT

my 06 Honda pilot just needed a whole new engine at 75,00 mi. called honda dealership where purchased and was told too bad they cant do anything but tell me that it's unheard of..A car salesman misrepresents himself on phone as being the G.M. and tells me they will take care of everything, I ask how and he then tries to sell me a new car.. Very dissapointed I have always bought Hondas and so has my family.. I have taken excellent care of my car and it's services done regularly.. I'm aingle mom on very small income and this repair cost me 5,000..I still owe on my loan!!

Richard T., 2012-09-14, 07:39PM CDT

I purchased a 2012 Honda Accord coupe 9 days ago. The seats are hard and very uncomfortable which causes severe back, neck, and leg pain. Can't drive car anymore. Traded in an 07 Toyota Yaris which I would rather have back because it was more comfortable. Thousands of seat complaints online but American Honda told me they never heard of the problem.I'm getting rid of this car Monday at a cost of thousand out of pocket.The 10 minute test drive was not enough time to notice how bad the seats were but 30 minutes did my back in.I love all of the car but the seats are junk.The older Accord seats were much more comfortable. Done with Honda.

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