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Posted on Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 11:03am CDT by Joe O.

Product: Tmobile Wireless Service

Company: T-Mobile

Location: 12920 SE 38th Street
Bellevue, WA, 98006, US

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I went through a year of having to replace a t-mobile Dash and had to have it replace every couple of months.

I finally got fed up and said that I wanted a new phone, so this week I talked to 16 people and finally got the phone replaced with a blackberry curve.

I recieved the blackberry curve only to find that it wouldn't charge when plugged into electricity. So theye sent me another one that took 4 days to get. I received the 2nd blackberry curve and the t-mobile box wasn't sealed and the battery was missing.

The customer service reps told me that if I went to UPS and shipped them back seperaetely and then called back with tracking numbers that they would send me a 3rd phone. I ran out and did that last night and now they are telling me that they have to wait until the phones show up in the UPS system...which will delay me getting a working phone even longer.

There is a rep at the corporate office Victoria Oritz who does everything she can to keep from replacing phones or actually helping the customer...when you ask for her manager she says she doesn't have one...when you ask for her supervisor she says that he is busy, but when I got a "manager" on the phone he was able to complete my request without ANY issues.

Well I called her today to figure out what is going on and try and get a hold of a manager and she is saying I can't talk to a manager...so now I am waiting for a manager JP or SETH to call me back so I can actually get a phone that works.

I'm tired of being lied to, and tired of finding out that things that were in my records (like having a phone replaced 6 times in a year) are suddenly just "not there". I'm tired of their corporate office telling me that NO COMPLAINTS ever reach Robert Dotson and that "THere is nothing else that can be done", but 15 minutes later they are giving me a full credit for a year old phone and giving me discounts on a new phone.

I just want a working phone. I would leave t-mobile in a heartbeat, but I have a dozen family members already paying for the mobile to mobile service so it doesn't make sense to leave. Of course they are all having similar issues and are "LOCKED IN" to a 2 year agreement.

If Anyone knows how to contact Robert Dotson Directly I would appreciate the information


Joe O., 2008-06-25, 12:41PM CDT

I'd also like to find out why my records were issing but was told they would not research this.

Does this indicate that there database had an intruder?? What should someone think when something like this happens. I hope my personal information at tmobile is secure

b7030c53, 2008-08-16, 06:24PM CDT

I am sorry to hear that, but I agree their good customer service is past tense. I am leaving them as soon as my contract is done even if my friends are with T-mobile! And this is my advise for anyone!

A change of financial responsibility form took them 2 MONTHS to process!!!! Each time I spoke with someone I had to explain my situation. I think too, they do not record anything, do not open a file for us, or nothing!

I am very upset about how they treat us, customers! This is how they make their billions, yet we are not good enough for them to take a good care of us!

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