Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at 1:26pm CDT by 501ed36a

Product: PowerSportsMAX.com

Company: PowerSportsMAX

Location: CA, US

URL: http://www.PowerSportsMAX.com/

Category: Other

I placed an order for MC-D04B FIJI 150cc Moped Scooter with 13" Aluminum Rim, Big Rear Moped from PowersportsMax (626-329-0525) and it still has not shipped despite the website telling me, when I purchased it, that the order would be processed in 3 days and shipping to take 6-10 business days.

On 6/6/08 I placed a call to the above number asking about availability of the model I was interested in. They said that it was not in stock, but that a shipment was coming in on Monday. I said I would call on Monday and place my order if the item was in stock.

6/9/08 I called and the Moped was in stock. I placed the order for it at $949.95 + $199.95 for shipping. They said it would go to the warehouse and should be shipping that week. At that time, the shipping was going to take 3 days to process the order then put on the truck and take 6-10 days for delivery.

6/12/08 or 6/13/08 I looked online and my order was showing as Received and sent to Warehouse on 6/10/08. They said that due to the high volume, that shipping was delayed. They said that they expected it to ship out on 6/19/08. I noticed on their website that the price of the Moped had increased to $1099.95. Their shipping terms had also changed to show Average Delivery Time to be 15 days. My Debit card account had shown that the money for this purchase ($1149.90) had been withdrawn.

6/20/08 I called again as the status of my order did not change. It was showing as still Send To Warehouse. Their representative said that their system did not update and that it should be shipping on this day (Friday) and to check on Monday (6/23/08).

6/23/08 I called in the morning at 11:30am CDT and talked to Mike. He said that the system had not updated and that I should call back in a couple hours. I did and talked to Nancy at 1:30 CDT and was told that the Moped should be shipped this weekend! THAT IS IT! I asked to talk to the manager and was told that Ricardo had stepped out. I said that if he did not call me by 2:30pm CDT that I would place a complaint with the BBB, California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Federal Trade Commission. I did not receive a response, so I filed complaints and called them back to ask for a full refund. They agreed and said that it would show on 6/24.

6/24/08 The cancellation did not show, so I called. The cancellation did not go through. I told Josh that I did not think much of their business and he said they did not think much of me either. Nice.

I think this item should have been shipped per their original agreement. I should be receiving this Moped on or before 6/27/08. It seems to me that the price on the Moped had changed shortly after I ordered it and that every order they shipped that was placed after mine would net them $150 more than they get by shipping mine out.

I have filed complaints with the BBB, California Department of Consumer Affairs, and the FTC


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3675d9aa, 2008-07-15, 03:01PM CDT


Sorry to hear about all the trouble that you had go through. I am doing online search for scooters and found this post randomly. I was actually planning to buy from the same site, but having second or may be third thoughts now. I truly wish that there were more showrooms for scooters, mopeds etc. Anyway, good luck with the whole scenario.

4a8fd57c, 2008-07-16, 02:16PM CDT

I to have had a problem with this company. I believe everyone at this company has been taught how to lie about shipping, how to put you on hold and hang up and how to make a promise that they want keep. I purchased a go kart on 040308 and after 3 days the reverse cable broke. They promised to ship me a new one. After a month I was told I go get a full refund if part not received in 2 months. After part not received within 2 months the full refund turned into 30% restocking fee. As of 071608 no part and still getting run around. I wish there was a class action, I would join quick and in a hurry

d97601f0, 2012-10-08, 08:25PM CDT

Wow,sorry to both of you for having to deal with lowlife's that are living in our country like this. We've got enough problems to worry about without being taken advantage of by our own so called people in this time we live in. With the economy making it harder and harder for us to even pay our normal bills, we need these piece's of s**t trying to rip us off go live somewhere else and pull your scam's and leave us hard working american's alone. You should be ashamed of your selves as well as your worker's and crap company. A note to all other's stay far away know matter how cheap they say they'll sell you a item. Your company need's to be fined and shut down, your dispicable.

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