Dell Computers - Dell Customer Service - an oxymoron

Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at 12:21pm CDT by b8b15c01

Product: Dell Inspiron Desktop w/20 Monitor

Company: Dell Computers

Location: One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX, 78682, US


Category: Other

I work for the Boeing Company who uses Dell computers and also has an employee purchase plan with Dell. Having had no problems with my laptop at work I decided to purchase my new computer with Dell. I decided on the Inspiron model and upgraded the video card to enable the use of two monitor simultaneously since I have one from my old computer. Problems started with trying to find out why I hadn't received a bill after 1 month from them since I applied under for their credit plan. I tried to call their financial section but their automated phone directing system required me to have my account number to get anywhere in the system. Problem is, no bill no account number.

After trying to understand how to get two monitors to work with my video card since it only has the one DVI output connector (5 emails to customer non-service) they finally understood that I needed a DVI splitter cable. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my emails when I provided the make, model and part number of the video card that I ordered and didn't understand enough english to comprehend all of this. After ordering a splitter cable from Dell and testing it, I still could not use two monitors with this video card. Now all I'm getting from their so called customer service is the suggestion that I call them. Absolutely friggin wonderfull!


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