Atmos Energy - Bad billing Practices of Atmos Enegery

Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 at 6:53pm CDT by f06b7ac7

Product: Natural Gas

Company: Atmos Energy

Location: Atmos Energy Corporation Attn: Customer Research P.O. Box 650205 Dallas, TX 75265-0205


Category: Other

Charging for service not rendered.

I set up natural gas service with Atmos Energy in April of 2008. I as kind a miffed that I had to use a "machine" to pay the deposit -- yet another stop instead of being able to pay at the local office, I had to go to a grocery story to use this computer that no where did it tell me that it would not give change so I now had a $49 credit -- machine charged a dollar to use it.

Well back to the main complaint. I received my April Bill and it had $34 charge called "Meter Set Fee" and no one that Atmos has told me what this charge and never informed me about this charge. I filled many complaints via the web site about this charge but the haven't told me what it is... most of the time the address something else completely.

My second issue is it seems that Atmos Energy gives in estimates of gas usage during May, July, and September. For the month of April my actually usage was 2 Cubic Feet (CF) so in May they estimated that I used 4 CF -- I actually used none as I only have Central heat on gas with electronic ignition. They state on the bill that corrections to the bill will be made in the month that actual readings are done. I get my new bill today and I am still be charged for the 4 CF of the estimate in May but I am not be charged in additional usage as there wasn't any with not using the heat.

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5e595594, 2010-07-13, 03:59PM CDT

I have the same problem with Atmos gas for their estimated practices. I have lived at my house for 15 years. I have a gas furnace and hot water heater. during the summer months my gas bill has been low for the last 14 years. Its averages between 20.00 and 24.00 dollars a month. because during the summer I only have the hot water heater in use. There is just me and my wife. For the month of June my bill was $19.50 and now for July I get a bill for $120.00 and they said they are training people and only use estimations. I don't understand how my bill can jump $100.00 and my usage did not change and they can only tell me its an estimation!!!!!!!!!!

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