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Posted on Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 4:04pm CDT by 0f06975e

Product: Simmons Mattress

Company: Macy's

Location: Vancouver, WA, US

Category: Other

I bought a queen mattress at Macy's 2.5 months ago. The middle has more than a 2" dip. The mattress inspector came to look at the mattress and told me I did not have enough support. I have a wood frame with 3 wood bars crosswise. Mind you my previous mattress was on the same frome for 12 years without an issue. Macy's will not stand behind the product. 2.5 months is far too short of a time for any mattress to fail under these circumstances. Macy's was rude and unhelpful. I am very disappointed.


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9f67cfee, 2008-12-19, 05:25PM CST

Thank you for your story.

I purchased a Sealy mattress from Macy's in Aug. 2007 which sagged within the first 4 weeks. I have gotten the complete run around from both Macy's and Sealy's. Long story short, I am now taking Macy's to Court and will sue them under the Consumer Fraud Act and ask the Judge for treble damages. I have a folder full of stories just like yours to show the Judge. It is horrible the manner in which Macy's treats it's customers. I can't wait for my day in Court!

974b00fd, 2009-12-02, 09:53PM CST

Did you ever have any resolution to this? We are having the same problem with them.

2d5f9f0d, 2010-03-14, 05:31PM CDT

I think your problem is the Simmon's mattress. We bought a Simmom's 6 years ago and have a 2 inch dip in it and it is on a Mattress Factory fame. Simmoms will not do anything about it even thou

it is Guaranteed for 10 years. WE hsd oour preivous mattress for over 20 +


d45bdac8, 2010-05-24, 05:52PM CDT

I had the same case just like yours. I bought a Serta queen mattress at Macy's 1 month ago. The inspector came and told me the mattress was damaged because I did not use the center piece of the frame.The middle had more than a 1.5" dip. Then they told me I cannot return the mattress. I am only 120 lbs and only used the mattress

two weeks. Is that possible? Now the inspector will come again tomorrow. What can I do? Continue to call Macy's? It made me so mad.

be77b213, 2011-01-25, 02:00PM CST

We purchased a king Sealy pillow top "Loring Park". After 90 days the mattress we started to notice big changes in comfort.After 6 months we could feel the springs all over our body. the bed sinks in so deep it feels like we are laying directly on the springs. We have turned the bed on a regular basis, with no improvement. Called Macy's. They sent a tecnician out who layed a ruler across the bed, and pushed down once with one hand. He said there was nothing wrong with our bed. Complained further to Macy's customer service and talked to the supervisior "Jessica" she said it sounds like we bought the wrong bed and that it was a comfort issue not a defect.

How do they justfy this way of judging the bed? We are unable to sleep on this bed. We spent $1450 on this horrible bed. What a huge dissapointment in Macy's beds and customer service.

3a672da4, 2011-01-28, 06:26PM CST

Same story here. We bought the top of the line Simmons ($2,888) and within 6 months it developed a dip in the center. Macy's sent their so-called independent pals out and sure enough...not enough dip to warrant a replacement. We have never been in a Macy's since then and never will.

Anonymous, 2011-02-07, 03:10PM CST

There is no resolution. Macy's simply does not care about you or your mattress.

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