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Posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 at 10:39am CDT by 0a1bd1f1

Product: Dental Office

Company: Crowns Now

Location: 4-B Cleveland Court.


Category: Health, Beauty

A co-worker referred me to a Greenville, South Carolina Dental Group who goes by the name Crowns Now. I was in need of a crown at the time and looked at their web site, because of their rates advertised. I called two of the several offices listed on the site. Crowns Now has ads out in on billboards,local newspapers advertising cowns for $499.00. I spoke to a person at each office, both the Woodruff and Cleveland Street offices. Both said they provided the same services except cleanings because one did not have a hygienist. I downloaded the new patient forms, filled them out and after talking to the two local offices chose one that was closest to my office which is their office on Cleveland St across from Greenville Technical College. I brought the new patient forms in with my dental ins. and an x ray that was taken a week before of the tooth needing the crown, a week before my appointment. My appointment was made for 1.5 hours at the request of the girl at the desk because that was the time needed to prep the crown. I went in for my appointment as scheduled. I removed my glasses and was laying back in chair for her to access the tooth. The dentist said I needed a crown and it was a simple crown and would not need any addition filling or post. The dentist asked if I would I like to do it. I told her that was why I was there. I knew I needed a crown. I asked if they could bring my chair up little and let them know I have vertigo and was feeling dizzy and they did. She said they would prep me for the crown. The dentist came back to my chair side with a piece of paper for me to sign. I could not see without my glasses and I was dizzy from being in a reclining position. I told her I couldn't see and needed to know where to sign and she pointed to the area and I signed the form. They prepped for the crown and took impressions. As I gathered myself to leave and put my glasses on I realized that they charged me a $100.00 office visit and over $900.00 for the crown. I told the girl at the front desk that I felt that I was misled by their advertisement and she said that everything was explained. I let her know the amount was never said in words and I could not see when I signed, which I believed was authorization to have the dentist start the work. I left feeling that I had been taken advantage of. I called back to share my experience and also to ask why they charged me more than what my regular dentist would have charged and why they charged me for an office visit of $100.00 when the appointment was clearly for a crown prep. Anne at the Cleveland Court location said she would see what she could do after I called her on the phone. A week and a half later she called and said the corporate office could not do anything. They billed my insurance company and have received about 50% of the charges. I later found out that this office does not do crowns at the advertised price. This was never explained to me. In fairness the dentist did say our other office does the Cerec Crowns.I did not know I was supposed to to I want the Cerec Crown if that's what your advertising. Cerec is a trade name for the crowns they do at the other office, evidently at the advertised price. Am I supposed to know what a Cerec Crown is! A crown is a crown and I do not feel it's fair to have to ask about a recommended treatment when it's their place to attend to a dental service and provide what is medically needed to save my tooth. They did with themselves in mind not me the patient. When I spoke to both offices on the phone they both said that they did the same types of treatment except for the hygienist. It is not true and it was not clearly explained at any point in my communications with them on the phone or in person. I have not paid for my portion of the crown as of this writing and they have not sent my impression to the lab to have the crown made. They have had the option to send me to the office that makes crowns for almost half the price but has refused. I have not been satisfied with my experience at Crowns Now on Cleveland Court. Crowns Now led me to believe after speaking with two different offices that they did the same services with the exception of a hygienist. Yes they both do crowns but not at their advertised prices of $399.00-$ least not in my case.


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65320913, 2009-02-03, 12:01PM CST

Praises for Crowns Now in Irmo!

I am posting this reply even though I am not from Crowns Now.

I read this complaint about Crowns NOw on Cleveland Court last night before I went to Crowns Now in Irmo, SC. It caused me to be concerned about being charged for every little thing. So, this morning I asked the receptionist what my fee would be. I explained that I had another dentist that I really liked that would do the crown for $925. If, in the end, my bill was going to add up to something close to that, then I would simply go back to my original dentist.

She asked me a few questions about the crown: which tooth, more than one tooth, etc. Then she said that my total bill would not be more than $450. I had brought my x-rays from my dentist, so they didn't need to take them.

When I got back to the dentistry room, the assistant took my blood pressure, etc. and then the dentist was with me immediately. I did not waiting around in either the waiting room or the dentistry room for more than 5 minutes.

After I explained my dental pain and he looked at my x-rays and my teeth, the dentist wasn't convinced of what was going on in my mouth. He said he needed to do an x-ray so he could zoom in to see what was up. Before I could get the question out of my mouth (how much for an x-ray?), I was told I would not be charged for the x-ray. I had brought a full set in, but the dentist just wanted to have a better look before he made a decision. I was grateful.

After seeing the new, close up x-ray, he said I didn't need a crown. I could simply get a filling. And since it was in the back of my mouth, I could have a silver filling for $171 dollars. And since I was not insured and I was paying in full today, I could have a 10% discount.

So, my $925 crown ended up being a $154 filling. I was out of there in less than an hour.

I highly recommend Crowns Now in Irmo.

19bc02c7, 2010-04-30, 10:01PM CDT

As a former employee at Crowns Now, I can tell you that unfortunately that is an all too common occurrence. I often complained that their ads were bait and switch. You're better off to stay with your current dentist. Most of their associate dentist are young and inexperienced and the two owner dentists only care about your money and how quickly they can get it from you and you out of their chair. Stay Away - for your own good.

3b8ccd61, 2010-04-30, 10:01PM CDT

As a former employee at Crowns Now, I can tell you that unfortunately that is an all too common occurrence. I often complained that their ads were bait and switch. You're better off to stay with your current dentist. Most of their associate dentist are young and inexperienced and the two owner dentists only care about your money and how quickly they can get it from you and you out of their chair. Stay Away - for your own good.

5541eee6, 2010-07-15, 10:36PM CDT

It is not up to the dentist or assistant to determine if you need glasses. It is your responsiblity to put on your glasses. If you have vertigo and you feel disoriented be careful. Who puts your shoes on in the morning? You need to take responsibility for your behavior. I hate people like you that pretend to have problems and then get the service or product for free. IT IS TIME TO PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND DEAL WITH LIFE.

a01a12f9, 2010-10-22, 05:43PM CDT

I am very sad that people who once worked in these offices state that that these dentist are only after money. I also work in the same offices and I see these dentist do everything in their power to save their patients money. I know that there have been several cases that have been done at a huge discount because the patient could not afford to have the needed treatment and the doctor wanted to improve their patients health. That may be few and far between but we do offer huge value for the wonderful dentistry our patients recieve. Just like any organization there are fees associated because it is a business and the employees, vendors and yes even the providers have to provide for their families.

f14eeff4, 2013-04-01, 09:36AM CDT

Crowns Now quoted me a price of $499 on the phone but after my visit I left with NO WORK DONE and an estimate for $3000!! They said I had to have an implant but that's BS because I've had other teeth capped that were in much worse shape!! There is nothing really wrong with this molar other than a broken corner which I still have...


Crowns Now is a CON!! Clearly... NO ONE GETS A CROWN FOR $499

a715dd44, 2013-09-03, 08:27AM CDT

Dr Wimpy is great. I agree with post stating grow up, ask questions. Clearly dental insurance sucks. Take it out on your employer or insurance company. These dentists have worked hard for what they have achieved. All good with Woodruff Rd. thanks Dr Wimpy and team.

Greenville G., 2014-08-05, 04:53PM CDT

I too felt very misled by Crowns Now. I doubt that they do any crowns for the advertised price. My $499 crown cost almost $1000 and it was not a complicated case. I would much rather they just be honest and upfront about the cost. I will say they are not as misleading as Aspen though. They were going to require 2 visits and their advertised price jumped to $1200 after I wasted almost 2 hours there.

greg b., 2015-12-28, 04:06AM CST

In defense of Crown Now and the few complaints in which I have none. My experience has been excellent with a very good dentist at the Cleveland St. office and her outstanding employees. I found my services to be affordable, very fair and couldn't ask for a better outcome to the extensive dental work they performed for me. Check around and you'll see that most dental visits require a second mortgage on your home or hocking your goods to pay for services, it's the nature of then business but Crown's now was very reasonable and provided me a painless experience and a great smile. Would highly recommend them......G Bradley

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