Filippi's Pizza Grotto - Bad Service / Poor Management

Posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 at 1:01pm CDT by 4ab09798

Company: Filippi's Pizza Grotto

Location: 82 Broadway Chula Vista, CA
Chula Vista, CA, 91919, US


Category: Other

On the past 5 months there service is horrible. this are some of the things we experience at the chula Vista location. the waiter spill spaguetti on my brand new jacket, filippis refuse to pay for the damages. in one of our visits we place our order long before some of the other families place there order, those families were serve first then us. i complaint to the female manager & she did not care. then in our last visit, our food was serve COLD. again i complaint and management didnt care. we notice one thing if you are white you get great service but if you are any other color you are treated like garbage.


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7593823b, 2009-08-20, 12:47AM CDT

It's not because you're not white. It's because you don't speak English and you probably tipped horribly the first time you went there. The employees remembered you and didn't think you were worth their time because you won't tip them well.

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