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Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2008 at 3:47pm CDT by 98ce710b

Product: Phone Report

Company: Intelius Inc.

Location: 500 108th Ave NE 25th Floor
Bellevue, WA, 98004, US


Category: Other

I purchased an online phone report from Intelius on 6/20/08 for a price of $4.96. When I received my receipt online, I was charged a total of $9.90. When I called Intelius customer service, I was told 3 times that the extra charge was an error of their online program. When I asked for my $4.94 back as it was Intelius's error, I was told that Intelius does not give refunds. I explained that if it was Intelius's error it would not be considered a refund. The customer service person repeated 3 more times that Intelius does not give refunds. I called Intelius back thinking I was dealing with an unhelpful person, but no, the second person repeated the same "no refund" line.


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3208ec7b, 2008-09-17, 03:42PM CDT

I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating this issue with Intelius. I am interested in talking to people and hearing about their experiences. Please contact me at [email protected] if youve had problems with Intelius or if you have any questions on this investigation. Thanks, Abigail.

df891cc2, 2008-12-26, 03:43PM CST

Gee, I thought I was reading something I might have written when I read this complaint.

The exact same thing happened to me. Now $19.95 per month is taken from my back account by Intelius. I am on my way to my bank to close the account as no emails or calls to Intelius have been returned.

30ffd0b5, 2009-01-01, 03:23PM CST

For more information on this topic, see:

a7fec37b, 2009-01-16, 08:23AM CST

Call them at 1-888-840-6301 during business hours. I had a total of nearly $180 debited at 19.95 monthly for several months before I noticed. The first customer rep closed my account and refunded the most recent 19.95 charge. I was then forwarded to a supervisor about having them return the remaining unwanted charges to me. At first she ran the "company line" that Intelius does not refund those charges, but once I mentioned that I would be filing grievances with my county's District Attorney and the Kansas Attorney General's office, she IMMEDIATELY stated those charges would be refunded to me. As of today, nearly $180 is back in my back account, and needless to say, I will be watching for any further charges from them.

e2165f23, 2009-01-18, 09:56PM CST

I am so glad you guys shared your experiences with intelius, cause instead of doing business with them, I shall flood them with complaint emails about their business ethics. Maybe I can waste some of their time. Sorry you guys had a bad biz deal with them.

04fc4974, 2009-02-08, 08:21PM CST

I have found I have been charge $19.95 recurring every 2-3 weeks for the one time use of the $4.96 background check.

5b208314, 2009-02-13, 11:16PM CST

Funny, I had the same thing happen to me..chraged $19.99 ever since getting a report on a telemarketer who was (golly gee) scamming. There was no fine print check box, no email confirmation of a 20 dollar a month subscription-- nothing.. I would not have realized it if not for getting their spam 5 months later telling me my status of the service which I did not sign up for.

What a surprise: Nothing on their site or FAQ about cancellation, no way to remove my card from their billing system -- nothing. I did not approve to store my credit card number with these shisters when I went in thinking it was a one time payment.

Dirty scum.

fa15e011, 2009-02-17, 07:08AM CST

On 5/16/08 I requested some info on someone we were thinking of hiring on our farm. I was charged 29.90, then beinning on the 26th of May I was charged 19.95, afte that I was charged the 19.95 until Oct. 2008, until I called them and never received a reasonable answer as to why these charges were made. Nina in Alabama

59e677a4, 2009-02-28, 10:42AM CST

I also used the service and clicked on

to a "one time special" that has no

other designation. The 2.99 fee in the

next box, did say that it was linked to

a trial of their "24 protect plus "

service. So I did NOT sign up for that

cheaper one. Nevertheless, I received

and email the next day saying that I

was now given a trial membership in

such service, unless I cancelled AFTER

7 days by calling 800-211-9749. As I

was going to be out of the country that

would not be possible. I called

and it was a time-consuming madness to

finally get a CSR. I mentioned our great

Attorney General Blumenthal and how he

just loves this kind of scam and they

were quick to end my so-called "trial

period"--the one I never signed up for.

If I get any more charges on my credit

card, I will contact the attorney listed

and become part of the class action.

9ddd83ef, 2009-03-02, 10:16AM CST

I have had the same experience as the others. I have been trying for three months to cancel my susbscription which I did not initiate and cannot get anyone to answer my emails or return my calls. I could not respond to your direct email because said you are allowed only 4 emails a day. So I am replying here.

08455e16, 2009-06-22, 02:42AM CDT

I also purchased an online report from Intelius. They charged my account; however, I have not received the information. After I gave my account number I received an email stating that they are still researching. This is a scam no doubt.

b5cbebbe, 2009-07-10, 09:08PM CDT

I just found out Intelius is charging me each month for something I did not purchase. I've called them numerous times and no response at all. I can't talk to anyone. I also cancelled online, but they have totally ignored my requests. I have stopped payment with my bank. I can't believe they can get away with dishonest busness tactics.

ba3766eb, 2009-07-15, 12:07PM CDT

Anyone using Intelius in the first place is an Idiot. Don't any of you people read consumers reports?? This is the single largest scam agencies inthe country!!! No matter who you ask a report on the info is generic, like a fortune cookie. They make the money by fools thinking they know something that you can't already get for free from county record search. OOPS, did I tell the secret? Shouldn't be a secret. Just use your head instead of your wallet. You can spend a little time on the internet searching county public records and find out more than the Intelius bums. And it wont cost you a cent.

To date Intelius has over 7000 lawsuits against bus practice and ethics. Selling bogus info and overcharging your credit cards is what they do best. Giving you wrong or NO info comes in second.

Don't let them double talk your case, sue them immediately. There nare class action suits going on where your case can ride in for free. Get busy!!

9d7cffe2, 2009-07-17, 10:50PM CDT

I bought the 1.95 search and was also charged 19.95. As everyone else called Intelius and was told they do not refund. Phone rep told me I had 3 chances on 3 pages to unsubscribe, the 3 pages were the order/payment wizard. I feel this is deceitful and possibly fraudulant. I have checked online and filed a complaint with my States Attorney General, hopefully you will all do the same. I'm asking for my money back and also a change to Intelius Website.

66fe17fc, 2009-07-18, 03:49AM CDT





340ee271, 2009-08-03, 12:55PM CDT

I was looking for an old friend and search the online white pages. I was taken to the Intelius site where I discovered I would need to pay about $6.00 to get her address. I am on Social Security Disability which is less than $1000 per month. That is all of my income! You can imagine that I must (MUST) budget every penny. I double checked the amount at checkout and MADE SURE I had unchecked the box for their ID Protect Service.

Well - son of a gun! (I really want to say something else). Today I was checking my account online to be sure my Social Security was deposited. Here is a charge by Intelius for $19.95 that I never authorized. I called the toll free number and of course there is no one to take my call. So I emailed them demanding that they cancel my so called order and I called my bank. I have to go in and complete a fraud package. Since I pay all my bills online, I cannot cancel my card until tomorrow or the following day. My bank is 45 minutes away. It will take up to three weeks to get another card. I have NO CREDIT CARDS - what will I do for money until then?

I will help you in any way possible to give these people the justice they richly deserve. I am getting older. I am not well. I am trying to reconnect with my friends who are also not getting any younger. They are preying upon lonely people!

8482fccc, 2009-08-27, 11:39AM CDT

I had the exact same problem as some of the others. Requested a 99 cent service and was then charged monthly for $19.95 ID monitoring which I did NOT sign up for. They claim I requested a 7 day free trial which roled over into an active account. They refused to credit my visa account. I have filed a dispute with my Visa company and with the Better Business Bureau. I encourage everyone to do the same!

737dc392, 2009-08-31, 12:34PM CDT

I also purchased online and i actualy read the tirms you will be charge a one time fee for 19.99 after your trial and after you will only be charge for what you need which in my case it was only 1.75. and no more charges after that. please read carefull.

f2423357, 2009-09-01, 12:55PM CDT


8482fccc, 2009-09-21, 09:02AM CDT

I disputed the charges with Visa and also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Within 3 days Visa crdited my account for the past charges. Fortunately I caught on to this scam after only two months of charges. I had to go to each online Visa statement and file the dispute individually for each month. All done easily online.

Good luck!

be68bf32, 2009-09-25, 01:23PM CDT

I was scammed also by multiple companies all associated with Intellius.

I was charged for two separate memberships all taking 7 to 10 days to be credited to my account. Potential Intelius customers beware! Do not use Intelius.

5b6a9b16, 2009-09-27, 09:13AM CDT

Yes the same thing happened to me and when I consulted my bank they told me they had many other customers. They even had the number to call. I think it is great we are letting people know about this BS.

2095428a, 2009-10-23, 01:03PM CDT

Our law firm is Plaintiffs' counsel in a class action lawsuit filed against Intelius and their partners in the Central District of California. If you have information you would like to share, or to assist in the prosecution of this case, you can contact me at:

William R. Restis, Esq.

Finkelstein & Krinsk LLP

501 West Broadway, Suite 1250

San Diego, CA 92101

Toll Free: (877) 493 5366

Fax: (619) 238 5425

email: [email protected]

a8905f47, 2009-10-27, 06:35PM CDT

Same thing, I received an e-mail confirming my membership in 24ProtectPlus...about a week after a purchase from Intelius,also a confirmation via snail mail, and a charge of $24.95 on my credit card. I closed my cc acct. and am getting a new #, my cc company is disputing the charge.

88e41889, 2009-11-03, 04:37PM CST

I would like to complain about this company also. I request one time service for $.95 cents and two days later, they debited my account for 19.95 stating that I applied for the ID Protect which is an out right lie. Something needs to be about these type companies that take advantage of people and then state they can't refund your money even you have't used their service. There is a part where it says your money will be refunded and now they are trying to offer me services which I never wanted anyway. It should be where they can never ever be online to take advantage of people. they go me for $19.95.

a766bd74, 2009-11-08, 01:12AM CST


WHY do you even look for people's

private info? Thats just wrong......

And Scary too.

Don't pay for it thats all.

b95b9f7b, 2009-11-10, 02:07PM CST

same same. purchased brief info for 95 cents and lo and behold, get the $19.95 charge!


I caught it within 10 days b/c I vigilantly check my CC weekly almost.

7daf6f55, 2009-11-11, 10:57AM CST

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My name is Michael Mclellan and I am an attorney with Finkelstein Thompson LLP. My law firm represents consumers who have been harmed by large corporations' unfair business practices. We are investigating allegations similar to those discussed in this thread -- that is, that Intelius, Inc. customers may have incurred unwanted charges subsequent to their purchases. If you have been affected by such activities, you may contact me to discuss your experience and your rights. I can be reached at (877) 337-1050 (toll free) or by email at [email protected]

Responding to this advertisement does not, by itself, create an attorney-client relationship between you and Finkelstein Thompson LLP.

50b4512c, 2009-11-28, 10:13AM CST

I bought a address report for $5.50 Even when they did not provide with the right address did n`t give me my money back.

Then a few days after they charge me $19.50 for identity protection.I don` ask for that. They took money without authorization from my debit card overcharging me with $ fees.

They can keep doing this as much as they want and no one can stop them!

38f56c66, 2010-06-15, 11:31AM CDT


0189884d, 2010-06-27, 02:56PM CDT

that is the link to go to and hit the cancel my subscription button

2b77825a, 2010-07-14, 10:11PM CDT

FILE A REPORT!!! I got taken, too.

726c184e, 2010-07-15, 12:36AM CDT

At some point several years in the past I had used through an AT&T phone number look up site. I remember using them only once. Then in May, 2010 I lost my job and began looking at my bank statement to see where I could cut back. I was shocked to see that Intelius had taken $19.95 from my bank account in June 2010 through my debit card I had used to make the original online transaction. I thought it was a yearly renewal only to find that the withdrawal had been made monthly for the last few years. I immediately called them up and demanded to cancel any further withdrawals. They were cooperative, but I have not seen my next months statement yet to see if they followed my instructions. Now to find that they are doing this to many many others all over the net seems to indicate this is a concise case of internet fraud.

57b5c64c, 2010-07-16, 10:22AM CDT

This exact same thing happened to me but I have yet to call the company. I send an e-mail through their "customer service" but I doubt it'll make a difference. I am filing a dispute with my credit card company.

f0547105, 2010-07-20, 11:21PM CDT

I just had the same thing happen to me tonight and this time they got me for 39.99 + 19.95. I will be at my bank when it opens in the morning.

cdc2888a, 2010-07-30, 06:44PM CDT

Intellius is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are now saying that a computer software glitch is prohibiting them to take a victim of harassment and stalking's number off their website. They are atrocious and the government needs to take action to shut the privacy encroachments of this company down. And they don't pay taxes by incorporating in WA. Unscrupulous and dishonest.

733581eb, 2010-08-18, 10:28PM CDT

Here is a very simple way to get refund from Intelius for services you never ordered:

Contact Washington Attorney General office. Follow the link ( and file a complain. It works...

8f26e6e3, 2010-10-11, 07:59PM CDT

some one has to report then to the Federal District Attorney. This is Wire Fraud. They just got my credit card on a 99C charge, they have been charging me $19.99 for the last 5 months. This is clearly a fraud. They need to be stopped. They are becoming Millionair on the unfortunate people trust.

8cda78e0, 2010-11-01, 03:57AM CDT

tHEY DID THE SAME THING TO ME. Report them to the FCC and they will contact them. I got a full refund after that.

I don't see how they can continue to do business with so many reporting their deceptive practices. too bad as they have a valuable service and should not have to resort to taking advantage of their customers.

6341d20d, 2010-11-02, 02:59PM CDT

How many of us are there? I spent $1.95 for a phone # and have been billed $19.95 for 12 months and $27.95 for 10 months. I am pretty dadgum mad. sleagle69 at yawhoo Steve J

3e777cfb, 2010-11-09, 10:16AM CST

This happened to me too. I was charged $19.95 for a one time $0.95 charge. I called the company, and was surprised that they were able to extend my "free enrollment" for another 30 days, eliminating the 19.95 charge, as long as I canceled within the 30 days. I guess they automatically sign you up for a free trial period when buying any type of "1 time charge" service, so if you dont cancel, they make you pay. I understand this, since it happens all the time. My only complaint is that I did not receive any type of warning that this was happening. It was probably in the fine print somewhere hard to find!

de46c3c4, 2010-11-15, 04:38PM CST

i paid 7.95 a few years back and got excellent results.i would recomend intelius anytime.

6527ad1e, 2010-11-17, 07:57AM CST

go to inellius/manage and cancel the thing if you aren't using it

110f284c, 2010-11-19, 09:08AM CST

this happened to me too! They bilked me out of $80 for a service I never authorized!

d6ad8eb3, 2010-12-28, 09:04AM CST

These crooks had been charging my Discover Card $19.95 since February 2010. Wife normaally pays the bills, never noticed the recurring charge. When I finally got this week off on vaction I reviewed my Cards, and found the $19.95 montly charge. I disputed it with Discover, then called and demanded a refund; explained that I never used nor received anything from them, neither had I been to their website since February. I asked for a supervisor who agreed to "deactivate" my membership.

This experience makes me very wary of buying anything online from anyone except AMAZON.

3cc3aa26, 2011-01-24, 03:24AM CST

I agree with you. Unfortunately, I did not read your posts prior to my purchase today. I was looking for a long lost friend in San Jose and was excited to see all the wonderful things that Intelius advertised on their site so I paid $19.95. I was able to view a generic list of names without phone numbers or current address - as they claimed! and you'd hope to find the person you're looking for. Anyway, I clicked on some links and had to pay an extra $7.95 for a PDF file (again hoping to find a fone no. and current address). I did not get it. Then I was a couple of names that are relatives to my friends I clicked on them and was charged $4.95 extra to view another generic PDF list. I was a bit careless when I typed so my email address is also incorrect. It seems that I won't be able to log in again to look for this friend as my email is incorrect + they cannot respond to me as I complained about the uselessness of the site and want my refund back.

b2a6423a, 2011-01-29, 04:39PM CST

I had the same experience described in many of the other comments. I used Intelius one time --- for a background check on behalf of a friend. The background check provided almost no information except to feed me back the same information I had already given. That one check was supposed to cost $14.95. I was led to believe that I was buying a one-time service and nothing more. But, from then on --- for four months, Intelius charged my credit card $19.95 per month for something they call "identity protection." I never received any service whatsoever from Intelius. No email, no mail, nothing. And I didn't know anything about any "identity protection." When I called Intelius today, I finally got through to some sort of customer service operator, and she explained that I had to go to Experian directly to get the "identity protection" service. That was just so much double-talk. I told her to cancel any account I had with Intelius and to stop charging any fees to my account. I complained that I had not received ANY services in return for the money Intelius had taken out of my account.

It's very difficult to use Intelius on-line account cancellation. You have to know your long-forgotten and long-unused "username and password," since you probably weren't even aware that you had an "account." The automated system asks for your credit card account numbers, and a lot of other personal info. I would NOT even try using that method.

Here's how I think I got the scam cancelled: I finally got through to Intelius by calling 877-974-1500 and staying on the line until someone answered. The operator said she would cancel the account and the credit-card withdrawals. She gave me a confirmation number. I asked what number to call to get back to the cancellation department, and she told me to call 1-888-445-2727. After about an hour, I did call that number to make sure the cancellation and the confirmation number had actually "taken." I'll believe it when

86dc7d58, 2011-02-21, 09:49AM CST

Ok guys there is a huge class action lawsuit going on against them I suggest you all get involved Im involved and the lawfirm is looking for everyone to come forward and present their evidence. The suit has already been filed in Minnesota

d9cd4e9d, 2011-03-10, 10:47PM CST

I purchased their .99 special that usually sells for 1.99. They never charged me .99 from the 'get-go". Then I went after info they said they had in their 45.00 pkg. Wrong! They not only charged me 45.00 that day but 45.00 this month too and I QUIT on day 1. Told them (Pay Pal) to get my 91.00 back. We'll see what happens.

d9cd4e9d, 2011-03-10, 10:49PM CST

I purchased their .99 special that usually sells for 1.99. They never charged me .99 but rather 1.99 from the 'get-go". Then I went after info they said they had in their 45.00 pkg. Wrong! They not only charged me 45.00 that day but 45.00 this month too and I QUIT on day 1. Told them (Pay Pal) to get my 91.00 back. We'll see what happens.

992d733e, 2011-04-07, 03:55PM CDT

I have also tried to have my information from the site and have not been successful. I do not know to to have my information removed. When I called they told me this comes from the local courthouse. I went to the local courthouse and they told me this was not true. Here is my email address if you know what my next steps can be: [email protected]

d10fea8f, 2011-04-07, 05:44PM CDT

I've got one better for you! I purchased a 4.95 phone report last week to identify a cell number that kept prank calling me. Read ALL of the fine print, UNchecked the identity protection plan...and TODAY I get home and log into my bank and see two additional charges for 49.95 and 1.95. I call them and they say that I requested more reports on names I've never heard!!! Then say someone must've been in my house, known my user password to my computer, my email password, the password to their site that I created for ONE TIME USE, and had my credit card info. All while I wasn't even home. Well, at least this random burglar was considerate enough to log back out of my computer and lock up on his way out! Odd that he'd have ALL of that info...and the only thing said burglar was interested in, was getting onto INTELIUS and running background checks with my info! Then their "customer service" said they'd send it to the "fraud department" and IF they found that it did NOT originate from my IP address, it would be refunded. BUT if they did determine that it was "friendly fraud" then I'd be out of luck. They OBVIOUSLY shared my credit card info and think they can get away with blaming it on me!!! Now I have to cancel that card and change passwords on my email because of THEM!!!! This is more than a "buyer beware" this is a RUN FOR THE HILLS from OBVIOUS scam artists!!!

a1315229, 2011-09-18, 04:23PM CDT

I to am having problems. I signed up once and then let them take $19.95 out every month.....until I realized what was happening. I told them I wanted to cancel my account with them. I was told I didnt have an account with them. But money is still coming out of my account!

curt, 2012-12-14, 10:34AM CST

Nice list going on here, and todays date 12/14/12, and its till happening to the consumers not to mention they duped me also plus had to change card to make sure they don't have my card info handy. When is the laws/class action suits going to stop this wrong type of business doing business, 50 years from now??

JT M., 2012-12-19, 07:53AM CST

I realized today that I have twice been charged $19.95 by Intelius for a service I never authorized. I did use their website to perform a search for $4.95. Another screen came up with an offer for $19.95 unlimited access. I di not agree to those terms & closed out the page. I called & spoke with a representative for Intelius. They agreed to refund me & said I would receive the refund in 5-7 business days. I later received an email from Intelius detailing a refund for $19.95 when the refund should be $39.90.

Sean S., 2013-03-28, 07:46PM CDT


I wish I saw this first - I got a threatening phone call- I usually type in phone number into google and find something but this time I wanted more like name and physical address, chose the $1.95 on time check fee - to find out it will take 2 days to get report - when report arrived (email) it was - Name: Rob N/A, only the county he lives in and nothing else. Big deal worthless probably made up ! I customer cared them and asked for refund.

Right after first getting report I canceled. Hope that's the end of this what a SCAM !!

Debra S., 2015-09-16, 02:56PM CDT

I was also scammed. They charged money to my credit card account when I never authorized it. I have been in Florida for several months and certainly was not around my computer. They said someone clicked on it. I know I never did.

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