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Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 4:03pm CDT by 02038ff5

Company: tesco clubcard

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hi there , i have a problem with tesco as regards the clubcard i rang tesco on the 6th june as i had not received my vouchers. only to be told that the card was not mine , with my name on it ? i have sent several emails and made at least 4 phone calls (at my cost which was at least 40 minutes). i was told on the phone they couldnt talk about the account as it was in a womans name due to data protection. i was told that a customer service manager would contact me (email on 9th june ) still no contact.

i sent emails on the 17th 18th and now again today no reply only getting a message that tells me they received the email . help what can i do now?


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