Tom Bush BMW - Atlantic Blvd. - Tom Bush BMW Service Horrendous

Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 1:53pm CDT by 57e29e61

Product: BMW 530i Seat Repair and CPO

Company: Tom Bush BMW - Atlantic Blvd.

Location: 9875 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL, US


Category: Other

I purchased a BMW from Tom Bush with a CPO for 100,000 miles. At the time of purchase it was clearly mentioned to me that the CPO covers "bumper-to-bumper" except for tires, batteries and lights.

I took the BMW to the service facility at the dealer I bought it from - Tom Bush BMW at Atlantic Blvd with a complaint that my driver's seat doesn't adjust, it works erratically. They came back and provided me an estimate that they will need to replace the seat trim and that the seat trim is not covered under warranty. I agreed and they went ahead replaced it and I paid the full price. Upon delivery I figured that the problem I brought in the car was NOT fixed. I immediately went back to the Service Advisor - Paul Leno and showed him the very same problem that I had brought in the car for. They made me wait for several minutes before the mechanic showed up and said that the problem needs to be repaired. The mechanic also pointed out that the passenger seat also had the same problem (a problem I had not noticed before). I mentioned it to Paul that BMW charged me for fixing nothing! And that the very fact that there was a mechanical working problem of the seat electrical adjustments it must be covered under the CPO. Paul said that he will check with the Service Manager Brian. Later, Paul called me and gave me the number to call Brian rather than solving the problem. I spoke with Brian and told him about the whole situation, Brian again told that CPO doesn't cover it - when it clearly to me is a mechanical working failure. I told Brian clearly that if I have to pay my own money to fix it, I will like to get the drivers seat repaired as it is a SAFETY issue for me driving the car. He said that he is going to credit 50% of the seat trim repair price to the repair. Next day, Paul called me and told that the car is ready, when I went to pick it up, I was given a bill for over $600. He told me that they were charging me for both the seats. I told Brian the exact same sentences that I had told him the day earlier. Brian was audacious enough to tell me that he didn't know that they were doing both the seats. Now, is it my problem that the service manager doesn't know what is going on in his department? Then he goes on to say that he doesn't need a customer like me and that he doesn't care about me taking my business elsewhere. This is the most horrible customer service experience that I have ever had in the USA. I need your help to make it clear to the managers at Tom Bush and BMW that this kind of service mentality and attitude is unacceptable. I know of several other folks who have similar horrible service experience at Tom Bush BMW - Atlantic Blvd.

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Nancy W., 2012-12-07, 09:03AM CST

Since this is an old complaint I am guessing things have improved at Tom Bush on Atlantic Ave. I have nothing but the highest praise for their service. My 2010 335I has had great routine service, no problems with the vehicle so maybe if there were I would have a different perspective. I have always been treated courteous and promptly.

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