Pixelated World

Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 1:21pm CDT by 5c2ada43

Product: Web designer/brander

Company: Pixelated World

Location: 419 Lafayette Street
NY, NY, 10003, US

URL: http://pixelatedworld.com/

Category: Other

My company hired Philip Joseph Restine III of Pixelated World to rebrand and create a new website for my already established business. We hired him because he was a good artist, however had we known his work ethic we would never have worked him.

It was a nightmare from the start. He would not honor quotes. He would get frustrated when he could not get the pantone colors correct for our brand. After a year of our patience, he decided his work was done keeping the money and making excuses.

Additionally when working on our website, he had approved photos and then decided they should be redone by another photographer(at our expense).

He then asked for the text to be resubmitted in a different format wasting more time.

We agreed to reshoot; he knew the time it would take and agreed. He aprroved the new photos, then 5 days later he sent an email saying we were late and he would not honor his contract, as he was closing his company.

Now we understand the reason for all the resubmission request and for stalling.

He took the money and ran.


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